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Opening LineMatt Haight sat in his car, watching the entrance of the Stag Bar with butterflies in his stomach I don t even know how to put into words how much I loved this story and I m having trouble writing a review that will do it any form of justice I can tell you that author Tere Michaels has so hooked me with her unforgettable characters, heart wrenching love story and poignant writing that I m now looking into spending several hundred dollars on an e reader just so I can find out what happens next because for some reason the following two books aren t available in print form yet.I think what struck me most about FAITH AND FIDELITY was the fact that this is about two men is completely incidental to the story This is so muchthan just a gay romance and truthfully all the same sex issue does here is add another degree of difficulty to Matt and Evan s already complicated struggle to find happiness This could be the story of any couple that s taken a few hard knocks from life then along with their skeletons managed to find their soul mate I should warn you that if you re looking for graphic and gratuitous sex scenes every second page with a cheesy plotline to carry them along you ll be disappointed What you will find however is an emotional journey between two men that never expected to find love with anyone much less another man This story is heart wrenching, beautiful, funny, compassionate, intimate, sad, realistic, tender and ultimately unputdownable Honestly one of the best romances I ve ever read.As you can guess this isn t a light hearted read however I was immediately drawn in, starting with the tragic death of Evan s high school sweetheart wife Sherri s the only person Evan s ever loved or slept with and with her gone he s now somehow got to find the strength to get up each day, continue with his job as a New York City Vice Detective and raise four children Within the first chapter we re also introduced to Matt a 40 something former homicide detective and ladies man who s having a minor mid life crisis of his own Lonely and depressed Matt quickly becomes the perfect non judgemental drinking buddy for Evan, each finding a form of solace in the others despair.Matt and Evan s relationship starts out as honest friendship Somewhere along the way though the lines begin to blur and a mutual physically attraction takes hold, shocking confusing and exciting both men There are some very sweet scenes here as each tries to deal with these new feelings of desire and learns how to be with another man, because as much as they want each other neither of them knows how to scratch the itch The sex scenes here are explosive and sexy without being explicit and I enjoyed their path to discovery On some level I could even relate because we ve all faced the exciting and unknown at one time or another.Before long Matt and Evan have fallen in love and must face the reality of what effect their relationship is going to have on children, friends and coworkers, however its Evan s still palpable grief that causes the most damage during this time and brings in a third party Damn if this part of the book didn t read like a suspense and brought me to tears as events moved forward, backed off and went forward again All with this white knuckled reader saying no, no, no, don t do it I just didn t foresee this happening.I also just have to mention how awesome all the secondary characters are here, adding realistic levels of depth to an already incredible story that I can t recommend enough Cheers I m off to buy my e reader. FOUR SWEET STARS This sweet and romantic book tells us the story of Evan Evan lost his wife a year ago and was left with his four kids He is still missing her every single day of his life and he doesn t want to meet anyone.You grieve with every fiber of your being when the thing you love most is ripped out of your lifeEvan s colleagues, Helena Vic, try to keep him busy, they want him to have a normal life so he goes out with them one night and he meets Matt Matt is an ex cop and he is kinda lonely He doesn t have many friends so when he meets Evan he realizes they can have fun together nope, not that what you are thinking They are both straight or at least they think they are.But Matt can t stop thinking about Evan when they are not together even if he doesn t know what that means.Pretended that he wasn t thinking of Evan when his hand finished the job his dream had startedMatt meets Evan family and he falls in love with all his kids and the kids love him back They have fun together but Matt seriously can t hide his feelings any So the inevitable happens and they kiss.Evan doesn t want to hide what they have but is not easy for him He feels bad for his kids, his colleagues, his neighbours, everyone But first of all he needs to know what he really feels for Matt I want something I can t have that you want to give me I think MaybeThings getintense between them and Matt doesn t know how to handle the situation, he wanted ALL with Evan but he didn t want to scare him There s no way I m sleeping anytime soon with the feeling of him on my skin and, woo boy, in my mouth I ve never been so fucking scared in my whole entire life This is a man and I want him and I think maybe I lo Nope, not going there, and oh shit, what the hell am I supposed to do nowSex scenes were not very explicit, they were VERY HOT but not what I am used to read Anyway, I think this book wasabout accepting the homosexuality in your life and it was very good.They learned to love each other, to cope with life loving each other It was not easy but boy, it was worth it.They were funny yet hot together and Evan s kids were adorable.I think this is a great M M book for beginners and I would recommend it to everyone Don t give us someone else to love if they re going to leave.BR with my LOVELY Stella This is another really shitty book review Tedious Oh, the angsty, angsty, angsty men But some good bits if you can tolerate that kind of thing Seriously That s all I wrote.Helpful, right You should probably flag this. 2.5 starsWounded widower and depressed ex cop meet angst guaranteed Evan Cerelli had lost his wife in a car accident, and had been left alone with four children It s been a year, and he is still in deep grief, suffering in pain and misery, living only for his kids Matt Haight is a former cop, a casual sex no commitment type of guy But he is tired of the one night stands, depressed and lonely, and he hates his job.When Evan and Matt meet, they recognize something familiar in each other Over the din of conversation Evan caught Matt s eye and shrugged at his friends nonsense, smiled again He wasn t exactly sure why he was reaching out to this man maybe force of habit You see someone sitting that far down in the gutter, you lend him a hand. Matt Haight let the conversational buzz and beer settle into his bones it d been a long time since he d been drinking with anyone else around And Evan Cerelli well, there was something in his expression that Matt recognized Neither one of them was entirely comfortable here, but, in the same breath, where else were they supposed to be So Matt smiled back. They find unexpected acceptance and open up for each other The weekly meetings for a beer quickly turn into a deep friendship It was the highlight of his week, sitting in the near dark, just talking, listening, drinking They created a little cocoon of their misery, a safe haven in which to feel like a piece of garbage To be tired and bitter and a failure, with no apologies How exactly that moved to daily shoot the shit phone calls, he couldn t exactly say. And though both of them were heterosexual in all their lives, they start to have romantic and erotic feelings for each other He couldn t pinpoint when he d started noticing the little things, like the odd silver blue color of Evan s eyes, or the way he moved in control He tried not to spend too much time dwelling on any of it, because it posed a much larger question than Matt was willing to ponder Of course the not pondering didn t help the situation once the dreams began. The story is told from both of the main characters point of view and from a couple of , but later about that Evan is broken what happened to him is tragic, of course, and it is also very recent IMO BUT this time span is given, so let s get over it If the author made him capable of developing romantic feelings for someone else other than his wife, I think he is ready to move on Still, he behaves like he is not, and he still punishes himself for Sherri s death Evan sighed I would have made a fantastic martyr right Jesus would ve given you a medal himselfThen it turns out that it is all because that the other person is a man Evan s fear of possible homophobic reactions takes over, and he view spoiler ends things with Matt without telling him why He doesn t share his concerns and worries with him, the man he is allegedly in love with It scared the hell out of him, feeling this out of control With a man A man he craved and wanted with all his heart, and that was terrifying And maybe deep down he was afraid it was wrong Wrong for a man who had been married for seventeen years, wrong for a father What if the neighbors heard he was sleeping with Matt What if the children found out Shaking a little, Evan put his hands up to his head, as if to stop the tremors He couldn t even fathom their reactions They might be ridiculed, ostracized It terrified him And suddenly, a wave of panic swamped over him He saw spots explode in front of his eyes What if they rejected himhide spoiler This was a heartbreakingly beautiful love story I could feel the anguish of Evan throughout the whole story, the guilt, the guilt, the guilt But seriously, how could something so beautiful be so wrong Evan loses his wife he is straight, he has four great kids, some fairly shitty in laws but hey, I suppose I should give them a bit of slack as they did also lose their daughter He meets Matt, sweet, sweet Matt, who is also straight. or so they think They strike up a great friendship and then their feelings becomeclouded as they begin to have sexual feelings for each other It was a very well written story I don t often read too many M M books as sometimes they are a little too graphic for lil ol me but this was beautifully written and all I could feel was the love and devotion between these 2 guys It finishes sort of at the beginning of their proper relationship and it will be interesting to see how it all pans out Thought the secondary characters were great also, Evan s work partner, Helena hope she gets her HEA and Vic, his boss A truly wonderful, tender love story. Always and forever 5 s BLOODY AWESOMENESS What can I say about this book, it has everything I love about M M lovin Guys with no previous experience about all that is man love, real men no wet behind the ears young boys, plus it has heart and leaves you with a tear in your eye, then makes you smile because its that bloody good.THE RUNDOWN Evan just lost his wife and he is feeling the pain The book begins with him getting ready for the funeral and its so heartbreaking instantly leads you to tear up His pain and anguish is so real you instantly want good things for him. What then follows is Evan s descent into depression and the fake smile he has permanently glued to his face What does one do when they have literally lost the live of their lives and you have four kids to raise all by your lonesome His friends are treating him like glass and he just wants the pain to end What he never expected is his saviour to come in the form of Matt Haight Matt has known his fair share of pain, and he is like the lone man always from the outside looking in A frienship sparks new ideas and it also starts to heal.EVAN He is just so believable in his pain, he was a loving husband and a so so father Now with his wife gone he just feels like a failure, and he blames himself for her death As a cop he knows about protection and he failed the one person he swore before god and man to protect Evan is like an eggshell he is one crack away from spilling his yolk Life has no meaning and the ache in his heart is eating at him slowly.MATT Is the epidemy of lonely, he gets his kicks from one night stands and putting himself in the category of a ladies man Ostracized from the police force because he nailed some crooked cops, he leaves and moves on to personal security.All this changes when a frienship leads him to some truths about himself and he realizes how very alone he has been.PLOT Its very simple in all its complexity, two men with no previous desire for men start falling in love Let me tell you its no easy road, Evan has a whole lot to overcome such as telling his children, and coming to terms with the fact, that he might be happy without his wife It s an emotional rollercoaster for both men, where one is willing to put his all, and the other is scared of losing everything.FEELINGS Loved it, so sweet and genuine It s a slow moving grind that makes it so authentic Evan has real issues that makes the story line all that better Matt is bloody awesome and sexy, the things he says just blows my mind Evan is sweet, almost childish in his discovery of a new love Together they are explosive, I had a girl boner through the entire book There is no actual sex in the book, but the foreplay is all sex on the beach, and lust like teenage necking, a new discovery in feelings and a feirce passion So good y all, Evan and Matt don t disappoint. After hanging around on my TBR list for quite some timethis one finally got read PI liked the premise of the story, though I was a bit worried about the whole dead spouse thing Now as much as I enjoyed this one, there were also a lot of things I didn t The POV for one I was so confused as to who s pov I was reading at the time They just kept jumping back and forth like a flash and whenpov s were introduced it got, it got even worse It was a bit messy, to be honest.Evan wasn t my most favorite person and even though I loved Matt, I hated the fact that he jumped into the first available pants he saw when things got hard lol The fact that it was another guy made it that much worse for meI guess I will give the second book a go, though I have got to say that I am not all that interested in reading James story It not that I didn t like the dude, I am sure he is a cool guy, but the James in this book, kind of took me out of the story and I resent him a bit for that P So we will see Full review to comeat some point I m gonna be the odd one out Again Because even though most of my GR friends love this story, it was just meh for me So Evan and Matt They re both heteros At a certain point, they realise they are attracted to each other Then they realise they love each other OK I can buy that provided it s done well But I didn t buy it here Not really I got the emotional bonding part both men needed someone to lean onto, someone to count on They became good friends through their commiseration Fair enough Friends is one thing Lovers though Errrr not so much The romantic part lacked depth it felt inadequate and rushed Where was the spark The built up Plus, I had so little info on Evan s romantic feelings I seriously thought he would blow Matt off Then I learned he reciprocated, but only because I was told I didn t feel it Also, maybe it was due to the prologue, or due to Evan s grief over his wife s death which was there throughout the book and often overshadowed his feelings for Matt , but it feltlike Evan s story than Evan and Matt s story.Then there was that other guy, James view spoiler I understand the author needed to pave the way for the next story in the series but, honestly, the whole scene with Matt and James sharing their stories of heartbreak in a bar, and then heading over to James hotel and having sex Again, if I weren t told the blowjob Matt shared with James meant nothing, that James and Matt were just in the process of becoming friends, I would expect them to ride off into the sunset and become each other s HEA Evan and Matt s ostensible feelings toward him be damned hide spoiler New York City Vice Detective Evan Cerelli Has Lost His Wife, The Only Person He Ever Loved And Slept With He S Trying To Get On With His Life, Build A Life For His Children Former Homicide Detective Matt Haight Is A Ladies Man, All Sex No Commitment He S Depressed, Having A Midlife Crisis, And Not Sure Where His Life Is HeadedThe Two Find Friendship In The Bottom Of A Shared Bottle When The Friendship Turns To Love, It Shakes Two Straight Men To The Core And Flips Their Lives Inside Out Kids, Families, Careers That Are Not Gay Friendly Can All The Love In The World Overcome The Obstacles To Faith And Fidelity 2.5 starsI have a love hate relationship with this book I really, really like the MC s As broken and lost and hurting as they are, Evan and Matt are good men who deserve happiness and each other I liked how we got to see them meet, befriend each other, and eventually realize their attraction and love for one another That s enough to make me feel ok about having read the book.But, there were a few things that absolutely drove me bonkers and irritated the CRAP out of me and made me want to literally scream view spoiler 1 I did, initially have a problem with the GFY angle not that they fell in love, but that they so quickly and easily fell in physical lust The author didn t explore enough their transition into M M sexual encounters and the aftermath both psychologically and emotionally.2 Matt was so aggressive in the beginning It felt like he was pushing Evan into the direction he wanted him to go Evan who was clearly hurting, lonely, broken A slight bit of discomfort there was it manipulation 3 Evan was such a coward fine, be that way But, to let months and months go along and then let your KIDS be the ones to invite Matt back into your life SERIOUSLY And Matt letting the KIDS make the move and not expecting a HUGE, groveling apology from Evan I was SO put off by this, I skimmed the last 10 pages of the book FURY hide spoiler