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For a springtime treat Shigure arranges for Tohru and the gang to spend Golden Week at the Sohmas' vacation home On a rainy day as the holiday draws to a close who should make a surprise visit but Hatsuharu But what's that he's hiding in the bundle under his arm?

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    Tohru is so sweet and tender hearted No wonder so many people love her The poor Sohma family though It seems like they all have their personal troubles The highlights of this volume ”What better way to take advantage of this carefree leisure time than by catching up with your reading?”I still love the dynamic between Haa San and Gure San And I love Hatori San even for the fact that he’s a bookworm too XD ”We can’t go back to the way things were The feelings of guilt and shame won’t disappear They’d spread like cancer eating away at the light and the joy that Kana once brought me”Aww Hatori San I agree with Ayame you’re too kind and you deserve love and happiness too 333 ”I think when you hear someone say they like you for the first time then you can begin to like yourself I think when someone accepts you for the first time you feel like you can forgive yourself a little You can begin to face your fears”Oh Yuki This was exactly what Kisa San needed to hear Yuki’s past always breaks my heart no matter how often I read about it TT ”When you treasure someone it can be a little painful to see them find happiness with another and sometimes you may get lonely but it can also make you happy”Hana chan is the best She cares deeply about her friends and you just gotta love her for it Plus how cool is her talent to sense other people’s “waves”? XDVolume 6 I’ll get to you soon

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    This one felt a little like 'filler' story wise but it was nice to see Tohru being something other than super sickly positive all of the time I do love that about her but a little weakness made her feel a bit realistic Otherwise I'm not sure anything actually happened in this volume Good job I have the next one waiting for me ;

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    Another fun light hearted read Even though there's not usually much of a storyline in Fruits Basket I still find the series really enjoyable The only thing that bugs me is that the dialogue can be uite weird at timesI loved Tohru Kiyo Kisa and Momiji's characters — they were all so cute Kiyo was as adorably moody as ever It was sweet how worried he was about Tohru when she got a cold and I loved that he cooked for her and made sure she was resting I really want them to get together but that probably won't happen until one of the last volumes

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    55 starsI love this manga It makes me laugh it makes me sob it makes me smile it gives me the feels and overall it warms my heart up even in the darkest days Plus this is probably my favorite of the manga series till now for many reasons First of all my favorite character Hatori is psychoanalyzed a lot in thisSecond a character that means a lot to me appears This is Kisa the girl who is bullied and has stopped talking due to her depression Believe me I know exactly how this feels and the whole Kisa part was bringing me in tears in every page I just don't understand why our world is so cruel why kids receive such heartache and depression is such a young age because of bullying And as a victim of it for many years I have only one thing to shout STOP ITBack to our review I ship Kyo and Tohru so much xD This volume didn't explore the whole supernatural aspect of this story but if I guess well we are really close to a HUGE revealing of someone's story if the manga is following the anime's plotI am just so excited because I'll read MUCH manga this monthRecommended from the bottom of my heart 3Mary

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    🐷 This volume is Kagura 🐷During volume 5 of Fruits Basket we meet the young and sweet Kisa Sohma whose trauma from bullying has resulted in not only closing in on herself but also resorting to failure of speech Her fear of opening up is a mirror to Yuki of his childhood and makes him tackle the fact he has not changed head on The emotional trauma the Sohma's have experienced is something that connects them all and the light of positivitiy in Tohru helps open them all up to face their demons Seeing Tohru and Kisa interact could warm anyones heart I smile so much whenever they are together We learn that as long as you keep trying there is a light at the end of the tunnel 🐰 Next volume is Momiji 🐰

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    Today’s volume consists of heartbreak family bonds and support systems Volume 5 talks of how to deal with relationships and how to heal the pain you’ve experienced from it From here we’re given an idea that you don’t have to carry the burden all by yourself especially if you happen to have the support system you need to move on Heartbreaks may give someone a stinging pain from within that makes it seem impossible to overcome your story ending abruptly Even so that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to not get through it Surely each and every one of us must’ve experienced this at some point in your life yes? It’s likely we all resort to various measures to rid of the pain we’ve carried from the relationship and this shows that this doesn’t reuire a single method in doing so In fact just as long as it’s healthy for you and wouldn’t inflict pain to your loved ones you’re going on the right path Family bonds are important for us not to think we’re always alone with our own company especially on bad times I remember my childhood from hearing Kisa’s stories which are also memories I wish to forget Despite the fact that I’m not a fan of the saying how the importance of family can strengthen your relationship with yourself and others the scenes that follow gave me hope that maybe I could have an ending like theirs too

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    I'm so glad that I was finally able to get around to this book I haven't been able to get around to this book because my library has been closed and only reopened last month I absolutely loved this volume It was amazing as always I loved the storyline in this one and I can't wait to see where it goes I will definitely be continuing on with this series soon

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    I really liked this volume of fruits basket one of the best ones I have read so far I liked how the author Natsuki Takaya keeps adding new characters into the manga and I especially like the newest character Kisa I liked finding out her backstory throughout the book and why she hadn't want to talk throughout most of the book I also liked how Tohru was able to make Kisa open up and reveal how she really felt

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    I love how the narrator gets increasingly snarky I'm sure they're just fine They're not fineSTOP MANIPULATING HER Now they're being manipulatedSo much sass from you right now

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    55Amazing as always sigh