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King s second novel after the success of Carrie, this introduces the small town plagued by a supernatural element that becomes synonymous with he s writing.The main protagonist is writer Ben Mears, who returns to he s childhood town after 25 years.So many of King s stories focuses on a writer, it s such a great way to lead into the story.The book slowly increase the tension and the vampires are so creepy WHERE IS THE 6 STARS BUTTON If YOU have not read this book already Where have you been Me I ve been under a rock wasting away hours with the likes of That twilight lady and Lauren Kate WHY Because I m STUPID that s why.Stephen King I love you Forever and Always.Man, this guy is the best storyteller in America His plot is perfect, though I was able to guess who would most def become one of THEM But you know, I ve read to much horror to not be able to guess at least one part of a horror genre bookVery much so the modernized DRACULA Say with old timey accent The story takes place in Jerusalem s Lot A quiet small town where people begin disappearing and getting very sick after a young boy disappers Soon the whole town is going down and no one wants to admit what it is Soon everyone is sick, no one is unaffected by the rappings and dark shadows outside thier windows at night and people are literally dropping like flies Zombie flies, because for some reason the dead keep disappearing from the morgue Most creepilly, a little baby The story goes from life to life showing all the little and big sins of a small town Very good way to tell the story by the way Lovely plot and descriptions The Characters Were horribly real Sitting reading this, I kept cheering loudly in my mind for Ben Jonathan from Dracula , Mark the little boy, Matt VAN HELSING Oh, i loved that man and Dr Jimmy Cody who SERIOUS NOT A JOKE SPOILER view spoiler Dies a horrific death when falling from sawed off steps to be impaled on at least 12 kitchen knifes saves Mark s life by the way hide spoiler 3.5 StarsSomehow I expected to like thisthan I did I read the short story Jerusalem s Lot back in 2018 and loved the creepy atmosphere, which I missed in this book I still like the story and the way in which the vampires are displayed, I liked the characters but didn t love them and some parts were as creepy and spooky as I expected But for the most part I felt kind of neutral towards what was happening I think it s a solid horror story, but sadly it didn t feel special for me. It is one of the greatest vampire tales ever written since Dracula first came into publication in 1897 It is Stephen King s second novel, and is the book that he says, typed him as a horror writer So far, two movies have been based on Salem s Lot Many people dislike the 2004 version, but I enjoyed both adaptations equally Most of you die hard King and hardcore vampire fans know the story Ben Mears view spoiler moves back to the town of Jerusalem s Lot Salem s Lot as it is referred to by the natives to exorcise his own personal demons surrounding The Marsten House Only is he to discover that a real, literal demon, Kurt Barlow and his minion, R.T Strakerboth operating as antique dealershave purchased the dark house hide spoiler Finally finished..My second book by Stephen Kingstill not convinced if this is a writer for meAnd just like Carrie the books are older work so maybe his newer books aremy thing I dont knowAnyway I love vampires, I grew up with Anne Rice and I had a phase as a teenager where I loved all things dark and creepy Especially the romanticised vampires in Anne Rice her stories.I dont like how King fills his plots, so many pointless talk and boring details The horror aspect of it was great, and its not a bad thing necessarily that it takes long for the suspence to build and is stretched out But the way its filled here and thereugh XD its also funny in a way.how the vampires are portrayedlike the cheesy old school ones in moviesapparantly deriving from books like these I loved that so much They are spooky, scary and take control over you You dont get a chance if youre not prepared So thats cool.I cant say I really enjoyed it It started out okay, I didnt know what I was getting into So that made me curious and focussed And I enjoyed when the vampires became part of the plot and people died haha After all the excitement the book became flat Im still thinking of trying out The Shining but damn this one got me down again just like Carrie2.5 starts rounding up to 3. Ahh there s something cathartic about reading an old school vamp novel.Classic, day hating, blood sucking, savage vampires Exactly how I like them.King goes to great lengths to set the scene early so we learn all about the town and its inhabitants riiiight before evil runs rampant and everyone is picked off slowly What s the point of offing people we don t care for I love reading these old classic King novels because they really do demonstrate why he s so successful His stories suck you in and give real chills They make you part of what s happening and this particular story will have you keeping away from windows at night and refusing to enter dark spaces.There s not really too much I can say that hasn t already been said except that I m preeeetty sure this story came into being before Star Wars so it was fun to read references to The Force And I m not even a Star Wars nerd My poison is LOTR, just FYI.I loved the way this terrified me, gave me shudders and shivers and made me think a lot about staying away from the windows I enjoyed the speed at which everything happened which seems weird for such a long book that spends so much time talking about the town and I loved that it felt like a super classy B Grade horror film only actually brilliantly done So A Grade, I guess The characters were a lot of fun I m not gonna get all feminist over it, it was written in the 70s, after all and I loved that Mark played such a big part because kids are too often underestimated but I think it was quite honest the way Mark believed the easiest Kids don t question They just believe view spoiler Also Callahan is the main reason I was driven to read this book because of his part in The Dark Tower series, beginning from Wolves of the Calla So I loved reading his part but I m also so grateful for having read that series first because Callahan s ending here is pretty abrupt so it s nice to kinda know what happened to him in the end Although now it s chronologically messed up for me so I feel like I gotta read that series again hide spoiler Follow me on the interwebs Blog Twitter Facebook InstagramAnd all around them, the bestiality of the night rises on tenebrous wings The vampire s time has come Nothing says I love youthan your boyfriend buying you a copy of this book because he knew you d love it, and you know what I did I absolutely loved it Cunning, relentless and spilling with bloodlust, King delivers an exceptional retelling and homage to Bram Stoker s Dracula Set in small town Maine, Ben Mears returns to his home town to write a book about the infamous Marsten House Only something seems a little amis with the new owners that s an understatement This is not the tale of a vampire you take to be a lover or a friend This is the chilling tale of a vampire and his army of the night that will destroy you from the inside out. 4.5 5 stars And all around them, the bestiality of the night rises on tenebrous wings The vampire s time has come Wow This has truly blown me away What started as a slow burn novel turned into a fully intense, action packed and thrilling tale about creatures of the night I have long fallen in love with Stephen King s writing but this book has made me admire him so muchThe characters were fantastically written and well constructed, as well as being immensely interesting to read about Even better were the relationships and the role that each character played in the small town which felt so real and so tangible to me And most importantly, this is by far the best vampire book that I ve read I was so captivated by the spread of evil and vampires through the town, so this book has renewed my love for vampires in literature.On the outside, Jerusalem s Lot is like any other small town It s gossipy, close knit and full of seemingly average people going about their day The only really notable thing about Jerusalem s Lot is the Marsten House that seems to look over the town The house has a lot of stories and mystery tied to it, which is why Ben Mears is back in town He wants to exorcise the demons of his past that relate to the dark and mystery surrounding the house But Ben Mears isn t the only new person in town, another mysterious stranger has come to town, and he s bought the Marsten House Just as there are strange stories tied to that house, strange things start to happen when it s reoccupied Ben and other open minded town folk believe that the people living in the Marsten house have everything to do with these dark happenings, but they uncover a lotthan they originally intended to while investigating it The town kept its secrets, and the Marsten House brooded over it like a ruined king I hate to say that this is just a vampire story, because that doesn t do justice to the book This is so muchthan the recent vampire novels that have come out There are no sexy, sparkly vampires in this book, these ones are a lot darker and unforgiving than pop culture would have us believe The vampire story in this book was so well thought out It was a slow build tale about evil spreading throughout a small town, and vampires were the way that happened I love how the circumstances in the book and the atmosphere of the story gradually got darker just as evil spread through the town Things got so muchexciting as the book progressed as the vampires gotconfident andrampant around the lot I don t know if I m making sense, but I just don t want to reveal too much but still want to show how much I loved the dark, gritty feel of the vampires in this novel.One thing that was absolutely phenomenally done was the setting and characters of the small town I grew up in a relatively small town myself, so I really related to all the characters that we were introduced to There were so many characters in this novel who were all interesting and unique, but still epitomised that small town environment I think the small town setting was really well developed in this book I could see people sitting at the diner, the old women gossiping over the phone and the small trailer park homes I wasn t just a casual bystander, I felt as if I was completely apart of the community, meaning I was so enveloped in the story The smaller town atmosphere also worked amazingly well with the vampire story The in depth development of the close knit characters and setting really meant that the vampires could spread like the plague It was as if I was watching evil jump from person to person, even if they didn t know it, and I could do absolutely nothing to stop it The basis of all human fears, he thought A closed door, slightly ajar I don t know how to describe what I m about to say other than saying this book was just so well plotted The story felt so fluid and natural, I was so easily swept up into the world of the novel and taken along for the ride It was definitely a slow build, which I was worried about at the start because I tend to get bored easily if there aren t a lot of things happening But soon I just let myself be taken along at the pace of the story and I found myself completely addicted to the plot and the characters As it was quite slow at the beginning, everything seemed so muchvivid in my mind It also built a heap of tension and suspense as small mysterious events eventually grew into full blown excitement When I say things picked up speed as the novel progressed, I really mean it At the beginning I was focusing on the development of the town and characters, but before I knew it was all about the action and excitement of the novel From about the middle of the novel onwards, my heart was racing and I couldn t put the book down.There are so many characters in this book that all add to the story, but we really got to know the main characters very well Ben, Matt, Mark, Susan and even Father Callahan really grew on me until I was completely invested in their lives They were all such well developed, interesting and charming characters, I couldn t help but to love them They formed this kind of team in trying to save the town, which, for some reason, made me insanely happy I think I just really love team efforts and good old crime solving, so they definitely appealed to that part of me Being so invested in certain characters also made me evenaddicted to the story, because I was worried for their safety and whether they were going to survive. At three in the morning the blood runs slow and thick, and slumber is heavy The soul either sleeps in blessed ignorance of such an hour or gazes about itself in utter despair There is no middle ground Once again, I am left speechless by King I am without speech I think that when a period of times passes by wherein you haven t read much classic King, you kinda forget what he is capable of Rereading The Shining and Salem s Lot these past two months has really reinforced for me why King is the goddamn Master.No one writes a small town like King The way he carefully crafts and builds a town and all its residents is incredible, and Salem s Lot is one of his best To learn about and to become part of this small town, only to watch it disintegrate and fall victim to a dominant evil force, is one of the most addictive reading experiences It s a slow burner, but it really needs to be in order for King to gradually increase the dread and terror.October is the optimal time to read Salem s Lot, as it means you ll pretty much be reading it in real time The descriptions of autumn are some of my favourite pieces of King s writing He just nails it He honestly just nails this entire book in my opinion.Prior to my reread I often thought of Ben and Susan in a negative light, like oh Salem s Lot is awesome, shame about some of the characters. but this time around, I appreciate themSusan may be quite one dimensional but I really admired the way she stood up to her mother at times As for Ben, he isn t the most exciting either, but he doesn t shy away when the horrors unfold, he s pretty badass.And Mark Petrie Still one of my favourite King child characters He goes through so much, some of his sections really bring me the feels And shout out to Father Callahan, as well And Jimmy and Matt the whole crew basically I also had forgotten how chilling this book could be Matt hearing someone upstairs the childish giggle the visitor at the window the knives I loved how spooked I felt at times Truly a favourite King of mine 5 stars. Stephen King S Second Novel, The Vampire Bestseller Salem S Lot, Tells The Story Of Evil In Small Town America For The First Time In A Major Trade Edition, This Terrifying Novel Is Accompanied By Previously Unpublished Material From King S Archive, Two Short Stories, And Eerie Photographs That Bring King S Fictional Darkness And Evil To Vivid Life Front Flap Also Contains One For The Road, Jerusalem S Lot