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4.5 starsI absolutely loved this anthology My favorite story is probably the first one written by Astrid Amara , but I loved them all In all three stories the focus ison mystery crime solving than on the romantic aspect, which suited me just fine I m looking forward to reading the next one in the series Note The four star rating is not an average of the three stories ratings, but my opinion based on the anthology as a whole.I only started getting into anthologies ever since I read Irregulars, and thoroughly enjoyed the shared world anthology So it doesn t come to much of a surprise that I enjoyed Hell Cop, another shared world anthology featuring three of the four authors that contributed to Irregulars.Next of Kin is the lengthiest of the three stories 40% of the story by taking the time to construct this paranormal universe where multiple worlds are connected by portals The paranormal and mundane live in concert within Parmas City, where the hell cops are tasked with keeping order among the demons and sorcerers that run amok Next of Kin had a nice balance between the romance and mystery Featuring hell cop Jay Yervant and civilian Brian Day, Next of Kin is a nice introduction to the rest of the anthology Rating 4 stars.Red Sands is my least favorite of the three stories, featuring anthropologist and half demon Michael Gold with hell cop Argent I couldn t feel very invested with Michael, since the story had a lot of telling and not a lot of showing He also came off as selfish and the chemistry between him and Argent didn t make much sense to me The mystery also fell flat as well Overall, the story was alright, but nothing breathtaking Rating 3 stars.Touching Sparks is my favorite story It is also the only story that features a normal human character, James Sparks While the mystery in the story wasn t very interesting, the execution and thrill of action definitely made it a step above the other stories It was also nice to see how a normal human can persevere and stay strong in the face of the paranormal, compared to the characters in the previous stories that had some kind of special skill to aid them The end dragged a bit for me, since this was the romantic conclusion, but the overall story was still pretty good Rating 4 starsIt should also be noted that the stories should be read in order as well Some characters reappear in the later stories, which was a nice Anyways, I will have to check out the sequel with how well Hell Cop went for me Three authors, one world, three different pairings Overall the idea to let three authors loose in a shared world is great and the resulting stories definitely feel like they connect inthan one aspect The worldbuilding is interesting and exactly the kind of urban fantasy I personally like Just close enough to the real world to be recognizable and yet augmented with fun supernatural aspects.Unfortunately I didn t I didn t love all the stories equally Next of Kin by Astrid Amara 4 stars is the first and longest of the stories and set the scene perfectly I loved the pairing, there was steamy smut and the mystery was interesting When the story kept going I did wonder what the other stories were going to be like since there was only so much page count leftand my fears were came true with the next one Red Sands 3 Stars by Nicole Kimberling definitely suffers from being about 10K words too short Neither the mystery plot nor the romance has enough time for decent development Both suffer as a consequence and I ultimately could have done without the mystery aspect altogether forworld building and deeper characterization.The last story of was definitely the weakest in my book Touching Sparks 2 Stars by Ginn Hale had the pairing that interested me the least I stuck it out for the additional world building.Overall this is a great idea with uneven execution that was interesting enough to make me want to check out the next part for sure. An excellent collection of three fantasy stories about hell cops Cops with special powers who police both demons and humans I enjoyed each story and will be following up with book 2. Welcome To Parmas City, Where Demons And Sorcerers Live Among Ordinary People And A Few Tough Hell Cops Protect Them All Jay, Argent, And Ben Are Three Of Them, And They Ve Just Met The Men Of Their Hottest Dreams Next Of Kin By Astrid AmaraJay Yervant Is A Hell Cop So Powerful That His Bare Skin Incinerates Anyone He Contacts Isolated, He Is Tortured By Desire, Until He Meets Brian, A Sensual Young Man Who Touches Him With Impunity But Jay S Burgeoning Hope Is Threatened When A Malevolent Sorcerer Unleashes A Host Of Demonic Assassins Against Brian Keeping His Lover May Cost Jay His Life Red Sands By Nicole KimberlingAnthropologist Michael Gold S Got Problems His Apartment S Been Ransacked, His Dad S Missing, And He S Been Framed For Murder As A Half Demon He Expects Trouble From The City S Hell Cops Instead, He Gets Argent, A Man With Intimate Knowledge Of Michael And Whom Michael Can T Penetrate With His Psychic Powers So Does Argent Want To Clear Him Or Expose Him Touching Sparks By Ginn HaleWhen Photojournalist James Sparks Discovers An Underworld Of Sorcery, Blood Sports And Demonic Drug Traffic, He Turns To Detective Ben Moran, A Hard Bodied Hell Cop Whose Touch Sends James S Pulse Racing But When James Uncovers Evidence Of Police Corruption He Realizes That Moran May Be In As Much Danger As He Is Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Male Male Sexual Practices, Strong Violence A few things firstThe overall rating is not average, it s the one of the story I liked best I was so surprised that the story I expected to be most swept by wasnot the one I thought it would be Also this might contain spoilersNext of Kin by Astrid Amara 4 Starts Wow, what a surprise this one was I haven t read anything by the authorso didn t know what to expect I loved it Astrid Amara had the difficult task of building a relationshipbetween characters in a short story, that didn t know each other previouslyand I think she did great Great world and character building and I am sure to check out her otherseries My only remark would be I wish it was longer, however there s a book two, so I can t really complain, right Red Sands by Nicole Kimberling 2 StarsMy least favorite one Maybe because I was still recovering from Next of Kin s enjoyment, or because for some reason I didn t like Michael and Argent so much,I don t know They knew each other before the events in the story, and at the sametime I still didn t get why they even fell for each other in the first palceTouching Sparks by Ginn Hale 3 Stars Ahh.Honestly, I picked up the book because of Gin HaleI love her She createst some of the most complicated and badass male characters ever Relentless even if you like.And Moran was one of those, granted I was soo looking forward to his story and learning about him..However, his relationship with James didn t really keep me guessing where everything is going, or on edge It started off great, and at some point it was borderline boringEnough with the characters Now, as you can see from the blurb, each story is featuring different characters, but they re all connected, so it was real fun seeing characters from one story showing up in the other one.The paranormal plotline was great and original in all three and I am definitely reading Hell Cop 2. Definitely one of the best anthologies I read this year I picked this one because of Astrid Amara, and I found out that ALL of the stories here are well written I love the fantasy story about Demonic Cop Unit dealing with demon activity I can t even decide which story is my favorite because I basically love them allNext of Kin Astrid Amara 4 5Red Sands Nicole Kimberling 4 5Touching Sparks Ginn Hale 4 5Definitely will check Hell Cop 2 4 StarsDefinitely going to be reading the second one I love this verse the authors have created. 3.0 StarsIn Parmas City, demons and sorcerers live among ordinary people Hell Cops serve as the city s law enforcement unit They rid the populace of illegally ported demons and rogue sorcerers Jay, Argent, and Ben are three Hell Cops charged with helping to maintain the peace and order in the city.Next of Kin by Astrid AmaraJay Yervant is a very powerful Hell Cop whose bare skin can incinerate anyone he comes into contact with Brian Day sees Jay while working his shift in the hospital and is drawn to him To Jay s surprise, Brian is able to touch him with impunity Jay and Brian begin a sweet romance but must first overcome a malevolent sorcerer who unleashes a host of demonic assassins against Brian I felt so sorry for Jay I can t imagine how lonely one would feel without any physical contact whatsoever Although his flaming skin was an incredibly effective and lethal weapon in a fight, it truly was the bane of his existence Isolated from his family and friends because of his power, I was so happy when Jay struck up a relationship with Brian But, oh the pressure Not only is Brian the person Jay loves, he is also the only person he can physically touch This story was entertaining and had the most world building Although I liked both MCs, I felt this story was a little slow moving at times.Red Sands by Nicole KimberlingMichael Gold is a half demon half human anthropologist returning from a trip to another world During portal transport, he collides with the corpse of his estranged cousin When he gets home, he finds his apartment ransacked, his dad missing, and himself at the top of law enforcement s suspect list for murder Someone is out to frame him but Michael has no idea who or why He doubts that he will receive fair treatment from the city s Hell Cops but is pleasantly surprised and very attracted to Argent the detective assigned to his case Argent and Michael had one prior intimate encounter that neither has forgotten As they work together to solve the mystery surrounding Michael s woes, they fall for each other.I liked the mystery aspect of this story I also liked both MCs This one moved faster than the first story but the ending felt a little rushed Touching Sparks by Ginn HaleJames Sparks is a photojournalist working undercover to obtain evidence about a dangerous underworld of sorcery, blood sports, and demonic drug traffic Detective Ben Moran is the hard bodied Hell Cop determined to take down the criminal king pin Moran has known James since he was a teen Despite his determination to make the bust, he worries for James safety The tragic and traumatic loss of his previous lover has left Moran scared to love again James has been attracted to Moran forever and hopes beyond hope that one day Moran will see him as the man he is and not the boy he was Moran is secretly attracted to James but is hesitant to get involved and wonders if he should given their age difference When James uncovers evidence of police corruption, however, their fight to be together becomes a fight for their lives.This was my favorite story of the three I loved both MCs and found the mystery riveting The story was fast paced and very entertaining I m a fan of May December romances but am wary when the timeline goes back to childhood Happily, there was no ick factor here James was all man no boy and adorable while Moran was hotness squared Yum Bottom line a nice anthology set in an interesting world I would note, however, that Parmas City is a dark place inhabited by dark beings It s not a happy happy joy joy place and the people and demons are capable of doing pretty horrendous things Another consideration is that all of the stories had an HFN ending Perhaps this is because there is a sequel and all three stories are continued there I hope so The problem for me is that I m not sure I m invested enough to read it. I can t say enough in praise of the way this anthology has been put together instead of throwing together a collection of tales loosely or barely connected by a theme, the three authors have closely collaborated on a detailed paranormal world, with characters and plot points that cross over into the other stories I found this a much better reading experience, enabling me to engage farfully with the world, with the added interest of seeing how three talented but distinct authors approached the material As to this specific collection, it s a great set up the paranormal elements are very detailed and interesting, especially the role of sorcery and corporations The hell cop focus enables the authors to balance the familiar and mostly reliable law n order plot structure with clever and original developments involving such things as demons and illegal magical substances I probably liked Ginn Hale s story the best, but I thought all three were solid On the downside, though all three of these authors are terrific fantasy writers and I d go so far as to call Ginn Hale one of the major writers in the genre none of them are my first choices when I m looking for hot sex The romances here were satisfying, but the sex scenes and general relationship dynamics were not especially memorable or original Bottom line I really like the way this collection was structured, and it made for a far better reading experience than the usual anthology I hopeauthors publishers follow their example.