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My kid s grandma bought us a 12 book set of the original Beatrix Potter books I ll be reviewing them at random and out of order I thought I d start on a high point This is maybe the best of the bunch and has aged fairly well compared to the other books No children get beaten by their parents or lose their parents to the farmer or anything awful like that The two mice are fun and their adventure has an ok twist to it One of them has the forgettable name Tom Thumb but the other mouse is named Hunca Munca and she steals the show Potter still sneaks in some stifling values and really old school gender stuff But the mice end up happy and the illustrations are great So I guess if you re itching to read some classic animal stuff to your kids, this one is a solid enough pick. Celebrity Death Match Special The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch versus The Tale of Two Bad Mice You see them often asked Hunca Her tone was casual, but Tom immediately caught the edge in her voice Who do you mean he said, pretending not to understand It was a strategy that had worked before.Hunca moved a step closer to the layout The Chinese, she breathed, unable to contain her excitement any longer as she gazed at the doll s house Her ample breasts rose and fell under the thin synthasilk sweater I know you meet them all the time You must have some stuff Tom calculated rapidly none of the other colonists would be back for at least an hour That should be enough He reached into his pouch and pulled out the sticks of MAO Z Jesus Christ Hunca s eyes shone as she grabbed one of the sticks for herself You bastard Six whole units She avidly unwapped the foil and popped the stick into her mouth Tom did the same For a few seconds, they both said nothing, chewing as quickly as they could Then the change operated, and they were inside the layout.Tom looked at Hunca even in her rodent body, she was still very attractive He put a clawed hand on her haunch, but she pushed him away Food first, she said, her eyes fixed on the table It looks good, doesn t it Tom had to agree The sight of the glazed ham made his mouth water, and the lobsters were if anything even appetizing Why not They had plenty of time He seized a knife and started to carve the ham.The knife buckled in his hand the meat was rock hard Hunca stared at him, appalled Tom tried the lobsters, but he already knew what he would find They had also petrified Evidently, Palmer Eldritch s power now extended even into the layouts Oh no sobbed Hunca as mouse tears trickled down her cheeks, moving with exaggerated slowness in the Martian gravity What are we going to do DON PETER RABBIT Lucinda, we know each other for years, but this is the first time you come to me for help I don t remember the last time you invited me to your burrow for carrotsLUCINDA Don Peter, I ll give you anything you want I ask for Justice Make the two bad mice suffer as we suffer How much shall we pay you DON PETER So now you come to me and say Don Peter Rabbit, you must give me justice And you don t ask in respect or friendship And you don t think to call me Bunfather instead you come to my house on the day my 14 daughters are to be married and you ask me to get rid of these two bad micefor money But if you come to me with your friendship, your loyalty, then your enemies become my enemies, and then, believe me, they would fear youSlowly, Lucinda bows her head LUCINDA Be my friend Don PeterShe kisses Don Peter s paw DON PETER Good From me you ll get Justice.LUCINDA Bunfather. So I may be overdosing a bit on nostalgia tonight, but I m feeling oddly sentimental and wanted to share my thoughts.I had a really rough day today Christmastime is a time when we all think back on our lives for the past year What did 2015 bring us What is it that we remember as we reflect Good times, bad times, scary times, happy times We revel in the memories of friends and family, we sadden as we remember loss We laugh when we think back to times we did stupid things or embarrassing things, or jokes we ve made I ve always loved the holiday season A chill in the air, lights illuminating downtowns, big gorgeous trees strung up with ornaments and tinsel and bright lights Windows lit up for passing carolers Shoppers trying to find that one perfect gift Binge watching Home Alone, Elf, and A Christmas Story People being abnormally friendly to one another It s the spirit of the holiday season I look forward to every year than the day itself.This year is a little different Three people who were present at my holiday table last year are no longer with us My friend Eric passed last February My grandmother passed in March, and my uncle passed in May All three were relatively unexpected Never in a million years would I have guessed that last Christmas would be the last holiday I would spend with any of them But I m a tough broad I knew this holiday season would be a little rougher than most but I knew I could handle it Then a few weeks ago I received the news that my best friend and partner would be spending the holidays away from home As hard as I try to remain positive, cheery, and hopeful, knowing that I won t be spending my Christmas with the person I love most in this world is the eggnog my demons are toasting with in my honor Some days are better than others, and today has been the worst of all I came home trying really hard to be Tiny Tim on the outside, while Scrooge was taking over my heart.Trying to muster up even a scrap of Christmas spirit, I unpacked the ornaments and began decorating my yet undecorated tree The last ornament I found was a wooden likeness of Beatrix Potter s Hunca Munca, one of the titular two bad mice from this little tale There are few tales in this world that are absolutely perfect to me and this short story is one of them I can sit here and list every plot point, every character, every perfect illustration and describe them all in intricate detail, but I won t I love the story, the characters, and the illustrations, but above all I love this story so much because it reminds me of my grandmother She had first edition copies of all of Potter s stories and read them to us as kids, but the only one I ever wanted her to read was this one I loved Hunca Munca I loved her nature, her pretty purple dress, her sweet little white apron I heard this story tens of millions of times as a child and throughout my lifetime and I never tire of it It makes me think of my grandmother How she would read to me in bed while rubbing my arms with her fingertips magic tickles as she called them This story reminds me of blueberries and powdered sugar for breakfast, making cinnamon twists during the holidays, her letting my brother win at Monopoly all the time he was the sore loser of the family , and above all it made me think of Christmas which was also my grandmother s birthday Picking up that ornament to put on the tree flooded by mind with these memories, and ironically, it was the good that outweighed the painful I thought about Hunca Munca, the little mouse who tried so hard not to be so terribly bad any, and it added a much needed light to my evening.So this Christmas, I will be missing a lot of people Aching at their lack of presence, wishing things were different, but accepting that they aren t But crying about it won t bring my loved ones back, won t bring my best friend home, won t make me forget So to all my friends, during this holiday season, think about the things in your life, however small they may be, that give your spirit warmth Be kind Be giving Observe the beauty around you Remember the good times Show the people you love how much you love them Spread cheer Bake cookies Watch Home Alone ten thousand times Eat lots of chocolate Drink lots of eggnog And above all, remember to smile Smiling is the first step. I don t remember this from when I was young but I probably had it read to me I liked this quite a bit than I expected It s actually very funny, the mice are cute, the story is different, in a good way, and it works well from beginning to end I love dollhouses but the mice feel frustration when they find that the food in the dollhouse isn t real What happens makes for a good story that holds up well even though it was written over a century ago. So I m getting to know the Beatrix Potter stories Quite by accident, I found two booklets on my shelves quite unexpectedly This is my third one, still cute, but a little less cute than The tale of Samuel Whiskers or the Roly Poly pudding and The tale of the pie and the patty pan, which I found a bit sparkling and humorous Anyway cute, these Beatrix Potter books Tom Thumb and Hunca and Munca, the two bad mice, repaying for all they have stolen from the doll house. A scathing social commentary on the glossy veneer of consumer culture.Also, there is a cute mouse in a dress named Hunca Munca To Celebrate Peter S Birthday, Frederick Warne Is Publishing New Editions Of All Of Potter S Original Tales, Which Take The Very First Printings Of Potter S Works As Their Guide The Aim Of These Editions Is To Be As Close As Possible To Beatrix Potter S Intentions While Benefiting From Modern Printing And Design TechniquesThe Colors And Details Of The Watercolors In The Volumes Are Reproduced Accurately Than Ever Before, And It Has Now Been Possible To Disguise Damage That Has Affected The Artwork Over The Years Most Notably, The Tale Of Peter Rabbit Restores Six Of Potter S Original Illustrations Four Were Sacrificed In To Make Space For Illustrated Endpapers, And Two Have Never Been Used BeforeOf Course, Beatrix Potter Created Many Memorable Children S Characters, Including Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten, Jemima Puddle Duck And Jeremy Fisher But Whatever The Tale, Both Children And Adults Alike Can Be Delighted By The Artistry In Potter S Illustrations, While They Also Enjoy A Very Good Read Because They Have Always Been Completely True To A Child S Experience, Potter S Books Continue To Endure This is still as funny as when I read it as a boy, when just the name Hunca Munca could make me burst out laughing.