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Too anodyne for me I want a spark, something At least it transports you to the 1910s in no time.Too slow, too average, too bland I liked the shop, the music, the environment, the lifestyle, the after war theme But details and surroundings are nothing if there are not worthy and memorable characters to focus on.I think Tamara Allen is not for me. Audible I knew I knew I knew it Tamara Allen and I ARE TOTALLY COMPATIBLE.You can ask me HOW COULD I KNOW Whistling in the Dark was just my SECOND book by Tamara Allen, and the first one, Downtime, I rated with ONLY 3 stars Let me explain you something there are authors I read, rate with 3 stars and I know, I probably NEVER EVER read anything by these authors in my life again and there are authors I read, rate with 3 stars and I know I just NEED to readof their works Tamara Allen belongs to THOSE authors I think Tamara Allen writes what I expect like enjoy in MM Romance a slow building romance characters that make you FEEL CONNECT PLOT It is a story behind A real story SETTING historical aspect WRITING Of course I m going to read EVERYTHING this talented author wrote But I have to warn you Even if I rate some of her works with ONLY 3 starsconsider it just as a full moon problem Ask my hubby, he can explain it to you better In other words, a bad timing, not a proper mood, common trivialities.I love the story, I love the characters, oh and HOW I LOVE the ending..It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo romantic, beautiful, touching and emotional Some words about the audio book I have to add Meral Mathews to my fav narrators.He created a real great theater movie in my head I didn t have a feeling that it was just a SINGLE narrating person women, men, old, young, everything depending on sounded soooooo different Simply GREAT This was a wonderful book, that had the truth and flavor of a historical without any loss of immediacy and connection Sutton is sweet and honorable and a little lost, and will go straight to your heart Jack is wild and determined and wounded, and carries on with gallant courage behind the mask of not giving a damn There are moments of humor and moments that will break your heart I haven t read anything by this author yet that hasn t been beautifully written and emotionally satisfying Highly recommended. sigh I love Tamara Allen Her books feel like you re reading something special Every one feels like a treasure I don t often use the word delightful , but it works perfectly to describe Whistling in the Dark.Her cast of characters in this story, much like in every other story I ve read of hers, are like family And she brings you into the fold Accepted Cozy Sutton is a down and out son of a railroad mogul, who, rather than go home to where he s not accepted, he tries his luck living in NY When that luck runs out, his desperation and his breaking point are tangible I felt his hopelessness I ached with him when he almost gave up I was, frankly, depressed.Along comes Jack Jack is ALIVE and has ENERGY to spare He doesn t always make the best choices, but he doesn t do anything half assed either Jack has his own baggage and hurts, but he doesn t give up He s fearless And he makes me feel like I can do anything Jack takes Sutton in and finds that Sutton is quite the musician And so begins the story of the pianist and the radio tinker Sounds gripping, right Ha Ok, maybe not But it IS It s lovely And their friends to lovers story is written with such a gentle touch And there are some dun dun duuuuun moments that had me biting my nails.And remember that family I was telling you about I can t decide who I loveIs it Sutton and Jack Is it Henry Ox gah I heart Ox Is it Esther or Ida There are just so many great characters and Allen takes care with each of them None are an afterthought They all matter.Truthfully, some of the story is too tidy And there are a few parts that are almost too gentle like a lullaby Ha But, I was in the mood for that.for all of it Tamara Allen s style just works for me sigh Enjoyed it immensely. New York City, His Career As A Concert Pianist Ended By A War Injury, Sutton Albright Returns To College, Only To Be Expelled After A Scandalous Affair With A Teacher Unable To Face His Family, Sutton Heads To Manhattan With No Plans And Little Money In His Pocket But With A Desire To Call His Life His Own Jack Bailey Lost His Parents To Influenza And Now Hopes To Save The Family Novelty Shop By Advertising On The Radio, A Medium Barely Than A Novelty, Itself His Nights Are Spent In A Careless And Debauched Romp Through The Gayer Sections Of Manhattan When These Two Men Cross Paths, Despite A World Of Differences Separating Them, Their Attraction Cannot Be Denied Sutton Finds Himself Drawn To The Piano, Playing For Jack But Can His Music Heal Them Both, Or Will Sudden Prosperity Jeopardize Their Chance At Love Ho hum, I tried I really really did I wasn t bad by any means, it just wasn t fantabulous for me either It wasa beautiful tale of two men falling in love despite the world telling them they shouldn tor couldn t .It wasa first class cast of adorable and sweet characters.It wassad, made me a little mad, and finally a lot glad.It wasslow and smooth, but perhaps too slow at timesIt wasm m that I would love for my mom to read seriously, I think she would love this It wasworth pushing myself to finish. This was a great tale of romance at it s best that also happens to be a m m story The story was fully engaging and both the heroes were likeable and relatable Set just after WWI and about 4 months prior to prohibition, both heroes are back from the war with their own demons, dreams and desires Relating to each other on different levels in almost every way, slowly they find that two different people can become one perfect couple My only issue with this book is the almost too accepted homosexual atmosphere portrayed Maybe it was like that in 1918 and clubs and open behavior was acceptable to that degree in NY and maybe families did accept it pretty well back then, but somehow I think that was just a bit too rosy in some regards It does not detract from the book or the romance but it did make me think about that era afterward and question the research This is a true old fashioned romance There is little to no gratuitous sex There is kissing and cuddling but everything else pretty much happens with a cut away to the next morning s 4.75I m becoming such a big fan of this author Tamara Allen brings the early 20th century alive in a way that makes you believe you can actually smell, taste, hear, and see it The increasing popularity of jazz, of the radio, the traumatic experiences of young men having served in the first world war, this all gets a stage here, becomes a part of this beautiful story of two young men trying to survive in New York City, where the neighbourhood can be as hostile and dangerous as it can birth true friendship when you re lucky Sutton and Jack are a bit of an unlikely pair, with different backgrounds, different attitudes to life, and, in principle, different potentials for the future But circumstances bring them together and despite all these differences, they find in each other what they had missed in their own lives Sutton finds a new way of enjoying life and rediscovers his love for the piano, and Jack finds quiet and content in a way he didn t think he could There is a healing magic in music and both of them are in dire need for it.There are quite a few struggles these two have to fight and obstacles they have to overcome, not least of all their own fears and insecurities that in an act of irony always try to rip apart what one cannot bear to lose Sutton and Jack are not ones to give up all that easily, though, and they are made out of stronger material than one might guess.This was a near perfect read for me I acknowledge that I don t know much about New York in the late 1910s, but the world seemed authentic and rich to me, full of little details that allow a reader to really dive in and enjoy and I don t believe this is such an easy feat to accomplish There were a few passages when the story could have been shortened a little but the delight I felt reading it wasn t diminished by that, so I m rounding up to five full stars. 4.5 stars I m going to start by explaining why this book has been on my TBR pile since June 2012 The thing is, I ve read other works by Tamara Allen and I ve LOVED THEM To pieces With immense and overflowing joy that makes me want to go outside and sing badly to my poor neighbors and to the caf downstairs and to the overworked clerks at the drug store across the street There she goes againreading Tamara Allen, they ll say as I serenade in the paper towel section to the handsome Brawny mascot about Allen s rich prose and witty dialogue.I loved The Only Gold and Downtime they are awesome historicals, so having an Allen in my pocket as it were with Whistling in the Dark was like having one last piece of chocolate that you were saving for a rainy day, or a bad day, or the last day on earth Something to treasure and hold on to, because at only a handful of books, Allen s backlist isn t huge, and I wanted to hold on as long as possible to a book of hers I haven t read yet.But it s Spring Cleaning Week at Boys in Our Books, so I picked it up, ready to move forward.So, after all that, how did it go I loved it.Allen is refreshingly consistent with her writing and characters they are solid and real and sympathetic She has this ability to drop the reader back in time, so everything from Jack s cluttered Emporium, filled with novelties and exotic treasures, to his messy apartment upstairs with his bare larder, to the jolting New York subway all feel vibrant and realized, like you re sitting across from the characters, watching them slowly and cautiously reach out beyond their battle scars to find each other.And find each other they do Two war torn souls impetuous Jack who is juggling his struggling shop, his loan shark shadows, and the night terrors that sometimes take over his body during the day, and Sutton, once richly privileged but scandal, loss, and memories from battle have pushed him to try his luck alone in the wilds of New York And one bad night, when things look most dire for young, beaten Sutton, Jack s kindred soul finds him, and takes him home, like onestrange, stray treasure found in the back shelves of his shop.But it s not just Jack who finds Sutton dreams once thought lost are found as Sutton s musical talent breathes back to life, and he and Jack quickly find that even their little grimy corner of the city can bring joy and light and song to citizens ravaged by war, illness, and loss.Reading Whistling in the Dark is like watching an awesome old black and white movie The dialogue feels placed in that time, with great tempo and funny lines Especially when saucy Gert comes on the scene She s a riot And speaking of Gert, it s once again evident that Allen is very skilled at developing and juggling multiple characters and giving them distinct voices and lives, from protective Harry, to flamboyant Theo, to grouchy, suspicious Ida, to lovelorn Ox And Sutton and Jack s relationship is a nice slow build, and very representative of Allen s style of having two very different characters meet like Jonah and Reid in The Only Gold and Ezra and Morgan in Downtime , not exactly hit it off, but gradually and sometimes begrudgingly circle around their commonalities, until finally they realize how fiercely important this once agitating presence has become to them.If I had one downside for this volume, it would be that I felt the pacing slip a bit during the last 20% or so, and it felt a little bogged down during character emo time I m never a fan when the I m not good enough for you conflict swings in But the rest of the work is such an overflowing joy, that it is still very easy to love this book, just like the others.And I can write love letters to Allen and sing inappropriately in the drug store all day about how much I enjoy her writing For those who haven t read her yet, I highly recommend her work, especially if you like historicals, slow burns, enemies to lovers, thoughtful and rich characterization, and a strong sense of place and time.I think Allen is one of the best and very underrated authors in the m m genre For those who enjoy historicals, her work is a true treasure.Reviewed first for Boys In Our Books. This is true Tamara Allen sweetness here a quiet little story full of hope in a bleak time.Sutton and Jack are WWI veterans trying to figure out how to get back into civilian life after the war Jack runs an emporium which is struggling because of the economic times He s also suffering from PTSD, unable to sleep most nights Sutton suffered a hand injury that has prevented him from getting back to playing the piano, and he s running out of ways to make it on his own in NYC I really liked the way Ms Allen took her time with this story and building up these characters and their relationship, so that while this is another one month romance, it didn t feel rushed at all, and it actually felt like a lottime had passed She really pays attention to the details, like the treatments for PTSD and the health advice for influenza, and makes sure the characters feel like they re from the time period Normally, when this many side characters are tolerable of Jack and Sutton s relationship, I d bemoan gay okay revisionist history in M M, but Ms Allen never loses sight of the consequences, not just of the general public but of the law as well, if the wrong people find out or decide to spread the word Plus, it s New York, where almost anything goes There s also a variety of different ways that the characters react to it when they find out, so they re not exactly 100% on the Rainbow Train even when their responses are mostly positive I also liked that Sutton wasn t the wide eyed country boy, and that Jack wasn t the corrupting influence his friends teased him as being Though they d both served in the army, they didn t come out of it tough as nails warriors like you see so much of in contemporary stories You can see the weariness on them both, and Jack especially had a hard time forgetting the things he saw or the people who died so he could do his work They were tired of fighting and eager to put it behind them.The narrator, Meral Mathews, has a nice old timey quality to his voice that suits the story I do wish he d madeof a distinction between the various voices, but I was still always able to keep track of who was speaking and which POV we were in.