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4,5 stars Why not 5 I know I m a greedy person I ask myself WHY FGS I HAVE NOT READ IT BEFORE The first book of the series, Hard Fallwas published 2009 and we have 2014 5 years full of despairing search for something like THIS, for something like HIM, like DEPUTY JOE I m not sure that I can order it under mystery, it is for sure not a typical mystery, or better to say, the mystery part is not the main focus of the book The main focus of the book is Joe.Joe is one of the Magnificent Seven deputies for the whole Garfield County, Utah, the area where your family has to be around at least three generation to be seen as local He doesn t drink, doesn t smoke, doesn t cuss He is Mormon, he is a religious man And he is gay Gay and Mormon don t cohabit very well. So, it is no wonder that he is deeeeeply in closet He could stay there maybe all his life long, pretending and managing to score a hand job in Vegas on some free weekends But fate has other plans with Joe It is why it sends Kabe, a city boy on probation after spending time in prison on a felony arrest I saw him and I wanted him I don t think anyone can imagine how bad. Soon it ll be very clearly, that they share not only passion for the wild nature, mountains, hiking and climbing Well, here I want to stop because I don t want to spoil you the pleasure of being in Joe s head From now on he belongs to my all time favourite MM characters And there arethan one reason for it But you have to find out for yourself My final verdict It is one of the best MM series.Joe is one of the best MM characters.The book has one of the best sex scenes I ve noticed that some readers referred them as BDSM I don t At least not in the first book Joe is a control freak but a good one It is not very unusual if he wants to be on top also by sex Well, it isabout exercise and give up control And it was goooooood sigh It is one of the best first person POVs I m a first person POV s junkie, I prefer this way of telling, and if it well done I m perfectly happy And I assure you I AM.A great romance HOT But not only A lot of good thoughts about our world and religion Joe, you are my hero A very good writing style vivid and flowing Witty and very real Highly highly recommended To the next instalment Good book, I quite enjoyed it I liked Joe, and I liked the build up before they finally get to have sex I start to get bored with pants dropping on page 1 5 in a novel Short stories might be different The crime part didn t really work all that well for me, though, so I read it very much as a love story with a crime plot attached rather than a crime thriller novel At times, Buchanan lost me when they explained all the climbing stuff probably painstakingly researched, but as a non native speaker of English, I really didn t get all the technical explanation. Written July 13, 20144 Stars In my taste, it got stuck in the heart Hard Fall, the first book about the Mormon Sheriff s Deputy, Joe Peterson in a small Utah town A book and a series Deupty Joe all my friends in the the crime MM romance girls gang, and sweet Sofia, are nagging about I just have to forgive this cheezy cover and start May it be good I wantgreat and romantic crime M M series to follow It was good kind or great I loved it From the blurbDeputy Joe Peterson is Mormon and in the closet Then ex con Kabe Varghese lands in town on parole When a tourist falls off the mountain, Joe finds he needs the help of this cliff climbing adrenaline junky to solve the case Will Kabe tear him apart or does Joe need to fall hard before he can start livingThe feeling is there, this was so intense and beautifully told It started alluring and slightly slow, but oh oh what it steamed about these guys I struggled a bit with the Utah dialect and their spoken language expressions in the beginning, but then it loosened up Possibly too many mountain climbs details but my heart was filled by Joe and I long to see him again To be a true and faithful Mormon, a country police and now also openly gay in a rather old fashioned and narrow minded society, is not easy I admire these guys , especially Joe s of course, courage and strength It ain t nothing but you and the heavens and they re so big and so bright that you realize just how little some things matter And then sometimes, you realize how much little things matter A big plus for a M M story that is told from view of thedominant partner in a male relationship Hard Fall is perhaps not about a traditional BDSM or D s relationship but on the journey Joe realizes that he really gets hot and hard to create a red and hot butt on Kabe He begins to fantasize about holding on, rope, tying, smack etc, and he calls Kabe boy.And they both just wantanda bit rougher stuff The way it was structured here didn t even do the often so terrified and nervous me especially anxious It become just sexy and nicely hot view spoiler I ought to whip your butt for that one I ought to beat his butt for near a thousands things he d done just today alone Then it hit me I ought to just whip that pretty boy ass just to see it go all red and him all hard and wanting hide spoiler Final series review here Mother f ing Spanking Hell That s where I m headed..with my cursing language skills of a non religious variety and my filthy carnal pleasures of a lust filled diversity Thank Hell I came across this Deputy Joe series to assist me on my sinful way Domineering sexy mofo Mormon Deputy Joe and his spank loving beefcake convict..Kabe Climbing rock, humping mountains, making lust filled, gut wrenching love with mother f ing nature Just the way I like it..with a little rough rope and a firm hand Simple endearing portrayal and reflection of a homo erotic variety..oh..yeah..and a man s religion The only Hard Fall was this POS mullet haired cover..from hell Whoever comes up with this shit..I don t even know. So glad I finally got around to reading this book I just fell in love with Joe and Kabe and can t wait to continue on with the series Joe is a Sheriff s Deputy in Utah A mormon and a member of the LDS church, he is strong in his faith, but has also come to terms with the fact that he is gay While the church would not punish him for being gay, he will be punished for having sexual relationships That requires Joe to stay in the closet and take occasional trips to Las Vegas to get what he needs.Kabe is new in town, living with relatives while on probation after spending time in prison on a felony arrest When his family is out of town, they ask Joe to keep an eye on him to make sure nobody bothers him There is an instant attraction on Joe s part When a tourist falls to her death on Kabe s land, Joe needs Kabe s help at the accident site As the two work together, Joe finds that Kabe s obvious interest in him will make it difficult to resist Any relationship will mean trouble with the church, but that is only the tip of the iceberg once rumors start to fly about Joe and Kabe I am not a religious person and I don t like books with overly religious stories, but found this one had just the right balance Regardless of what the Church says, Joe s faith runs deep He accepts who he is and the problems it will cause, but never loses his faith in his beliefs and doesn t use it as an excuse in the relationship Kabe is a force of nature While outwardly he is the polar opposite of Joe, they fit together inways than one The mystery really takes a backseat to the story of the two men coming together There were some technical aspects of rock climbing that were a bit tough to get through since that is not something I have much interest in, but the author did a great job in setting out the thrill and beauty of it as well The sex was scorching hot and the two have some kinks that complement each other nicely There are so many obstacles ahead of these two, I can t wait to see how it all plays out. What bothered methe climbing lingo.I was relieved after reading reviews from friends who apparently had the same problem, even as native speakers I don t mind using a dictionary as a help me through, but it gets frustrating when I can t find a translation at all or a confusing translation.What I likedEverything else, especially the take on the BDSM theme No clubs, no safewords, not overthinking or questioning it It comes as naturally as every other basic need like eating, sleeping, breathing.On to the next book It can be difficult for me to write a review for a book that has as huge a religious aspect as this book does I will be the first to admit that I don t really get religion I ve never been particularly religious, in spite of my upbringing, and I have a hard time understanding what people really see in it, much less get out of it But at the end of the day, we all have to get through life the best we can, I suppose That said, when a gay man is a member of and a devout believer in a sect that is so hateful and oppressive of the LGBT community, I just really don t understand it How does he deal with the cognitive dissonance Joe is a Deputy Sheriff of a small town in Utah and gay and Mormon The Mormon faith is not exactly known for being gay friendly, but Joe sees God in all of nature and knows that God made him just the way he is He s learned to accept himself And, somehow, he has found a way to reconcile his faith with his sexuality He doesn t go out of his way to flaunt his sexuality, because that will get him excommunicated, but he doesn t deny who he is, either And as far as I can tell, unlike so many of the people in his community, Joe doesn t have a hateful bone in his body Up until he met Kabe, Joe kept his sexual encounters to trips to Vegas and never so close to home He still considers his community to be friends and neighbors, in spite of their views, and he can t see himself ever living anywhere else Kabe is new in town, but a relative of a couple native residents He s fresh out of prison for doing something incredibly stupid He owns it, though, and doesn t try to make excuses or dodge responsibility He s young, of mixed race and a bit of a firecracker He tends to speak his mind, especially when someone he cares about is getting abused, or harassed Kabe doesn t believe in God and, like me, doesn t understand at all how Joe could hold so tightly to a faith that shuns who he is.Though the suspense part of the plot didn t overshadow the romance, there is a death being investigated, of a German tourist that took a fatal fall It s during this investigation that Joe and Kabe act on their attraction and doing that gets Joe in a world of trouble with his employer, his church, and his community I thought Joe handled it all very well, though He didn t deny, he didn t repent and he didn t push Kabe away Instead, he spoke his mind and did his best to live and let live, not that certain members of his community would allow that I gave Hard Fall four stars, because, as much as I loathe the religious bigotry presented, Joe didn t wallow and repent and push Kabe away He s deeply religious, but has somehow reconciled his own faith and his sexuality I think Joe is making progress in his own spiritual journey and isn t just resigned to being a hell bound sinner If he d have wallowed, Hard Fall would have taken a different turn for me. Deputy Joe Peterson Is Mormon And In The Closet Then Ex Con Kabe Varghese Lands In Town On Parole When A Tourist Falls Off The Mountain, Joe Finds He Needs The Help Of This Cliff Climbing Adrenaline Junky To Solve The Case Will Kabe Tear Him Apart Or Does Joe Need To Fall Hard Before He Can Start Living I had an extremely difficult time getting into this book, mainly because of the hick style speech of the main character And since it was in first person, there was no getting away from it I also had a few issues with some of the main character s behaviors I didn t really think they rang true for who he supposedly was.Normally I would have given up and said this book was not for me, but I just couldn t do that this time because of the Mormon thing I was sooo curious to see how it would be handled, I couldn t just let this go And I m glad I soldiered on because it did actually get good.I was eventually able to slip inside this guy s head, at which point his hick talk became much easier to handle But I wasn t sold until those first few issues I had got addressed.So you may have surmised by now that I am Mormon I m not exactly active in the church right now and haven t been for a few years, but otherwise I m as Mormon as you get Born and raised in the church, as were my parents and their parents before them In fact, my great great grandfather actually performed the very first plural marriage ceremony when Joseph Smith was married to his second wife I m oh so proud And even though I don t really go to church any, my whole family is still active, and I live in Utah right in the heart of Mormon country It s impossible to avoid I say all this to establish my Mormon cred so when I address the Mormon issues of this book you know I know what I m talking about.At first this book made me a little uncomfortable The fact that this was supposedly a member in good standing with the church but he was going off to Vegas to get hand jobs Uh uh That s what bugged me immediately it just doesn t work that way But later on when he explained that he had stopped taking the sacrament, I felt a lot better about that Although he also probably also shouldn t have been wearing garments and definitely shouldn t have had a temple recommend, which he mentioned being taken away later, but whatever The scene that really sold me, though, was that first meeting with his bishop The conversation they had was pretty darn accurate, and I found myself really relating to Joe I actually feel the same way he does I personally still believe in the church, but I have a lot of issues with the people and the organization, the gay thing being a big one of those Mormonism is kind of an all or nothing thing It s not a Sunday religion, it s a 24 7 religion and you can t pick and choose which parts of it to believe Joe was trying to straddle the line, which I ve also been doing for quite some time, but it doesn t really work that way So it was this that made me really start to like him.By the end of the book, I actually felt that Buchanan handled the Mormon angle extremely well It was very accurate and handled with respect, which I appreciated I certainly recognize the flaws of my religion, but it was still how I was raised and I still believe a lot of it so I couldn t have enjoyed this book if it had completely torn the Church down The only thing that kind of bugged me was the behavior of the bishop at the diner near the end That wasof a small town thing than a Mormon thing, I think For one, Mormons don t really believe in hell as such, so it s hard to imagine a Mormon bishop telling someone they were going to burn there Not saying this was an inaccurate portrayal of the way that particular character would have behaved, just that this wouldn t be typical of most Mormon bishops.Overall this was a really good book with likeable characters I was nervous about how it would be portrayed and was ready to point out any inaccuracies but in the end I didn t really find any Any concerns I had near the beginning were adequately addressed later on I would definitely recommend it. Joe Peterson is a Deputy Sheriff, a Mormon and a gay man He loves his job and his life in a small Utah town and is very strong in his faith Over time he has come to terms with his sexuality although he is totally in the closet There s just no reason to be out as far as he is concerned, when he needs some sexual release he simple goes to Las Vegas and takes care of it He is not looking for love and really doesn t think to ever have a long term relationship.All of that starts to change when he meets Kabe Varghese Kabe is a young man just recently out of prison who has come to the area to stay with relatives while he finishes his parole When Joe first sees Kabe his reaction is that he s a prime slab of twenty something pretty boy in tight jeans Joe keeps an eye on Kabe and tries to convince himself it s as a Deputy Sheriff but he soon has to admit to himself that Kabe fascinates him.When a woman dies in a fall on a nearby mountain both Joe and Kabe, as experienced climbers, are needed to get her body out The mystery of her death will require them to work together and this will start a chain of events that will ultimately change both Joe and Kabe s life.I must say I think this is some of James Buchanan s best writing I loved this book Both Joe and Kabe are very well written, Joe especially, and it seemed as if I knew him myself Kabe is a young man who made a wrong choice for love and paid for it He is dealing with his mistake as best he can when he meets and falls for Joe The secondary characters in the book are also well written and some of them will come to play a big part in Joe and Kabe s life, some for good and some bad.When Joe and Kabe take their relationship to the next level they embark on a journey of discovery that is both highly erotic and full of deep emotions In the end there will be repercussions, especially for Joe, from their being together But Joe ultimately comes to the realization that sometimes falling hard, with someone there to catch you, can be just what a person needs.