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, The Georgian Age Of Sail For His First Command, John Cavendish Is Given A Ship The HMS Meteor And A Crew, Both In Need Of Repair And Discipline He S Determined To Make A Success Of Their First Mission, And Hopes The Well Liked Lieutenant Aelfstan Donwell Will Stand By His Side As He Leads His New Crew Into Battle Stopping The Slave Trade Off The Coast Of AlgiersAlfie Knows Their Mission Is Futile, And That Their Superiors Back In England Will Use The Demise Of This Crew As Impetus For War With The Ottoman Empire But The Darker Secret He Keeps Is His Growing Attraction For His Commanding Officer A Secret Punishable By DeathWith The Arrival Of His Former Captain And Lover On The Scene Of The Disastrous Mission, Alfie Is Torn Between The Security Of His Past And The Uncertain Promise Of A Future With The Straight Laced JohnAgainst A Backdrop Of War, Intrigue, And Personal Betrayal, The High Seas Will Carry These Men Through Dangerous Waters From England To Africa To The West Indies In Search Of A Safe Harbor

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    harlequin blue a him and her book review special.her how is your little beecroft book, then him horseshither ha him bunch of historical detail on a harlequin coat hangerher do not belittle the harlequin those things got me through grade nine.him the heaving bosoms the trembling hands i want to kill myselfher men have bosoms.him well, they re all over the place in this one haven t seen so much heaving bosom since a perdue chicken truck overturned on the cross bronx expresswayher snort him trembling and shuddering every 4 pages when they re not being blown clean off by cannons to starboard and don t get me started on the quivering legs and the near fainting and the sighing and the stabbing of palms with one s own fingernails, because OMG THE FEELINGSher they wouldn t dare.him they would in this universe, photons are sentient enough to ooze obsequiously into a man s palm, and desire haz a flavor it tastes like copper obviously.her that sounds like horseshit.him OMG THAT S WHAT I SAIDher two minds one bosom.

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    First off, I have to say that I ve never read anything in this genre before And by this genre I mean age of sail historical fiction It s possible that this title isn t something that a novitiate to the genre should read, however, it s where I started.Just to get the facts straight though, this isn t romance There are romantic elements throughout the story but if you re looking for some hot sexy men getting it on, then look elsewhere Tacking on An M M Romance to the front cover is pure marketing at its best.I have to say that the first half of this book made my brain numb with all the nautical terms I don t think I m completely ignorant of these things, but there were full sentences where I had no idea what the words meant You d think you d at least be able to figure out what s going on from the context, but no, I was stumped most of the time, and I had to just read on and hope that I d understand eventually I suppose I could have looked up the words but I just didn t care enough You re basically thrown into the seafaring world headfirst and the author assumes you ll understand, and this was frustrating.In the middle of the book the two main characters tried to find just about every possible horrible situation they could get into that would keep them away from each other Whether it was one being captured and tortured, the other getting gravely wounded, then the other one being captured and tortured, both men finding sexual gratification with other men, the court martial of one of them for being gay, or when they somehow ended up on the Titanic That last bit is a joke, but only marginally so view spoiler Finally, to add insult to injury, the last few chapters of the book are spent with the two men being angry at each other because they both think the other one wronged them, when it s all just one big misunderstanding And then the last three pages of the book they finally have sex with each other That s where it ends.Sigh It s not as if I wanted them to jump in bed right from the get go And I understand that in those times being gay was an offense that could get you hanged, but waiting until the last chapter for them to finally be with each other was a bit much And it makes me wonder what they re going to do now that they ve had sex It s not as if they can live with each other happily ever after The author ends the book with sex even though the rest of the book is all about the trials and lives of the two men Now that they ve had sex everything is perfect, right, and all their previous troubles go away Who knows, since it s left to the reader to decide Maybe they get found out and hanged the next week hide spoiler

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    My first gay historical romance Are they always this good Probably not, darn it While this is indeed a romance in part, there s also lots of adventure and a fine cast of characters that surround the story s couple There are gritty period details aplenty, along with a gloomy and deadly pall that hangs over men who dared to love the wrong gender.John Cavendish is the son of a carousing dad and a strict Quaker woman Because he senses he s not normal, he shuns all sexuality and devotes himself to his naval career He s stalwart and dependable, traits which give him a mission from the Admiralty to be sitting ducks against the Corsairs in order to provide martyrs and the moral high ground to retaliate However, his lieutenant, Alfie Donwell, gets captured by the Corsairs and John s feelings for him cause Cavendish to go all out to get him back It s only what any responsible captain would do for his officers, John tells himself The result Corsair ass gets kicked but good is quite against the Admiralty s expectations, and Cavendish finds himself a tolerated embarrassment within the Navy He goes about restoring his standing in the priggish and upright way he only knows, but with the added irritation of the impulsive and handsome Alfie under his skin.The two men are separated for quite a bit of the book, but are rarely out of each others thoughts, whether out of anger or longing Alfie has prodded into the light impulses within John that he has striven for years to smother, and John seemed like the one to Alfie, who is tired of settling for demeaning substitutes for the love he longs for John s revulsion and Alfie s anger at John and himself for wanting what society will not allow him to have provide the tension throughout the story until the end when they get a hopeful, but by no means certain, HEA In an era when sodomy would get you hanged, these two naval officers have no guarantee of a permanent HEA and there is no indication that either of them wishes to leave their careers behind, because the sea is as much a part of them as their love for each other.I LOVED this book The author assails the reader with nautical terminology, but I didn t find it all that onerous to read through I don t know the difference between a topgallant and a staysail, but I didn t care The action rips along at a good clip, the danger comes at all sides from pirates, Corsairs, the French, and the Arctic elements, and the drama aboard ship and on land than compensates for the daze of terminology.There is no real villain of the piece The back of the book implies that it s a man from Alfie s past, but he is a very sympathetic character in his own way His defiant and exhibitionist conduct, combined with self hatred and selfishness, is what propels Alfie through the still and stormy waters of his relationship with Cavendish This trio of characters display all the murky, damaged and, quite frankly, heartbreaking contortions gay men went through Options are limited, so they go through a struggle to settle for what you can get at the cost of your honor and wellbeing, or aspire for the perfect The villain of the story is really Homophobia and the Code of Conduct in His Majesty s Fleet or whatever it was called With such a monolith as an enemy, it would have been easy for the tone to get super preachy Amazingly, it didn t.It s not a pretty book by any means It s not a fluffy, feel good read where our heroes defy all of society s laws and do it in the open and convert haters into supporters The scene in the Molly club where John decides to give in to his lust with a rotten toothed roughneck made me cringe, but only because I d already come to care for the guy and hated to see him head down that path John and Alfie were characters I could get behind and root for, and every agony they went through made that final scene all the sweet They hurt each other with their attraction, with spite and regret, as they try to hammer out what it is they want, expect, and need Apart from emotional agony, they both go through some excruciating physical tortures Yikes Reminder to self don t ever get captured by Corsairs or pirates Because there s going to be lots of blood and mangling.Normally I can t abide Big Misunderstandings and the last half of this book hinges on them While it irritated me at first, I had to remind myself that the relationship in this story wasn t the usual hetero one where society put no restraints on men and women acknowledging such feelings for one another This was a whole different setup, with men acting out of pride, honor, and fear over a very dangerous matter The lack of communication, exacerbated by separations, seemed right in the end.If you re willing to try a different kind of romance, and love period detail, then I highly recommend this one.

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    This is my second Alex Beecroft book, the first being Blessed Isle Both books are historical maritime nautical or Age of Sail I had not heard of that as a genre before Alex Beecroft No matter what the label, False Colors is a wonderful book The writing is BeautifulBrutalHistoric and factual I want realistic writing Not creative licence taken so that it would be akin to some contemporary gay romp on the Georgian high seas I don t want BS instead of real LGBT period writing Thank you to Ms Beecroft for being honest in her writing It is Action packedWell researchedGut wrenchingly sad at timesRomantic Frustratingly real, these are men of their times Yes, there was a lack of communication for multiple reason, including who was involved and what the consequences could be hanging is none to pleasant to face Who do you trust implicitly They were actually out in small ships doing amazing things, fighting for honour, country and for the love of the sea and their career The main protagonists suffered torture and abuse, unbelievable elements and politics They also had to deal with what today would be PTSDMulti layered Even the title is amazing in this regard for the tactic and for the heartIn depth review at On Top Down Under Book Reviews

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    I picked up a copy of Alex Beecroft s False Colors last night at my local Barnes and Noble, just so I could buy it in that crucial first week even though I didn t plan to read it until I had a little time on my hands This book got a straight A from Dear Author and if you read them, you know how stingy they are with the A grades.I glanced at the first page Gosh And then the second, and the third Before I knew it, I had stayed up to finish the whole thing It was that good It was truly brilliant.This is a book set in the Age of Sail The writing is exquisite the romance is lovely the research is meticulous and the action is nonstop It breaks your heart and then keeps going on This book does not shy from any of the harsh realities of life at sea in 1762 nor does it dance around the heart of the problem that the protagonists have In 1762, their love is forbidden, because both characters are male.I have not read much m m romance and this is romance, not erotica or even erotic romance, and can I say how much I hate that gay gets conflated with erotica the sex scenes are tasteful and far less explicit than you d find in a corresponding historical, including mine , but it turns out, I really do read romances just to see characters fall in love I absolutely adored this book This is one of the best books that I read in 2009.

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    As my first foray into gay historical romance I wasn t entirely sure what to expect, but was not disappointed by False Colours The novel is beautifully written and well researched, with a wealth of authentic historical detail that just leaps off the page At times this is very gritty and downright disturbing think kissing someone with a mouthful of rotten teeth , but it really adds to the texture of the novel.The two main characters are both flawed but lovable, and I was rooting for them right from the beginning It s a long and difficult journey for them, though, so if you re expecting a novel riddled with explicit erotic encounters you ll be sorely disappointed That s not to say that the sex, when it appears, isn t beautifully written, but it s very much there to serve the plot rather than the plot having been thrown together around a bunch of sex scenes which seems to be the case with some m m romances.In short, I read this book in two days, finding it really hard to put down and at the same time as enjoying a well crafted romance, I also learned a lot about the age of sail Highly recommended for the discerning m m romance reader

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    Even though I read this three years ago, it s still my favorite in the Age of Sail genre.Great life like characters struggling with their feelings and identity in a world where a same sex relation was punished by death I totally recommend this one And since I am having troubles recalling the details of the plot, I think I need to re read this at some point 5 stars

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    Age of sail historical fiction is specific genre of literature and when woman write if for other women it is something, which I missed long time ago as huge fan of this genre The action is there no sex dears, yes there is some but it would go easily without it and that big it is after lot of tension and finding each other feelings and the way how to make it out and be safe Yes, there is nearly one man hanging because of some accusation Naval action is so thick and steamy with lot of swashbuckling and cannon firing The torturing of main characters seemed to be great hobby of the author, however all was somehow fitting in the plot 1760s was not happy time for gay men in navy Alfie was handsome and utterly in to the men with broken heart who found man of his heart yet again, but the huge obstacle was there like man of his heart was shocked to the death when he found out about Alfie Bad move However John Cavendish soon found out that his so called moral purity and lack of interest in women was somehow intention and Alfie Donwell was chance of his life The chance was almost tortured to the death, fucked by former superior to the mattress, nearly hanged for sodomy, nearly froze to the death Love is not simple However the main is an adventure and romance is spice of it.

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    What a fantastic book this was False Colors is an historical nautical wartime adventure set during the 1700 s with a forbidden romance love story It was sometimes brutal, there was torture and a fair bit of gore as you would expect of the times, but it was also heartbreaking John and Alfie feared to show their emotions for one another due to the dire consequences if they were caught There isn t a lot of MM sex, it s of a slow burner, but well worth a read if you like an epic adventure I would have given it 5 stars but felt the ending was a bit rushed, I could have done with a little bit

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    I enjoyed this a lot The storyline was exactly the kind of thing I like, set in the military, forbidden love, a long slow build up to them actually managing to get together Sometimes getting close to it, and yet something stops them taking the next step, whether that something is from inside or outside.I found the central characters both interesting and sympathetic, and the supporting characters were interesting too There s no obvious single black hearted villain in the piece Even those who are antagonistic to the heroes aren t moustache twirling bad guys, they ve all got shades of grey and complex motivations That s good as I think the central conflict is of the man against society type John and Alfie can t be together because of the culture they live in They risk disgrace, even death if exposed And the story doesn t shy away from showing us the consequences of that, for them and others The feel for the times is very good There s obviously a lot of research behind it, giving the story a denseness and rich texture And it doesn t pull any punches in depicting the grim and gruesome aspects of the era, especially for men in military service In that aspect it reminds me of Bernard Cornwell s Sharpe series where the background has the same texture and authenticity.A dramatic, sometimes dark and always engrossing story.