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When Jack Meets Edward At A Traffic Stop, His World Is Rocked And Not For The Better Edward Is The Gayest Man He S Ever Seen, And Spring Lake Is A Small Town Just Getting Comfortable With Its Own New Gay Couple, Brian Russell And Rush Weston Unlike Edward, Rush And Brian Are Big, Strapping, Manly Men But Manly Isn T What Turns Jack On It S Edward Everything About The Younger Man Drives Jack Wild With Desire And The Need To Control Edward S Wild, Impetuous Spirit For Edward, His Attraction To Bad Boys Has Been His Romantic Downfall His Heart S Been Broken So Many Times He S Lost Count When He Meets Jack, Edward Falls For The All American By The Book Lawman, But Finds His Attempts Rebuffed And His Pride Severely Wounded Jack S Straight, Or At Least Says He Is, But Edward Knows That Look In Jack S Eyes, He S Seen It Before From Other Men How Can A Man So Right Be So Wrong Edward Tempts Jack Beyond Anyone He S Ever Met And His Desire For Edward Builds Each Time He Encounters The Younger Man, Until He Can No Longer Deny It Or Himself But Edward Doesn T Want Sex On The Side, He Wants Forever He Wants The Fairy Tale Can Jack Give Edward What He Wants Or Will Jack S Fear Of Being Ridiculed For His Choice Of A Partner Keep Them From Their Happily Ever After

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    Edward was such a great character and Jack s reaction was exciting to watch Edward is something of a flamboyant soul that attracts Jack s stoic and repressed heart like a super magnet The first scene is quite funny and I could picture it in my head perfectly as I read it Jack is not healthy though and thankfully, impetuous Edward has a gift that can help him with the problem Little do they realize that the health issue is bigger then just headaches and blurry vision Edward is on a mission to leave his broken heart behind in Atlanta His plan is to get reacquainted with his grandmother in a south Texas town he eventually affectionately calls Hooterville The time Edward spends with his Meemaw is touching Edwards love for his dog is astounding and Jack s helplessness to stand up against it is intriguing to watch Jack has his own issues with control and reputation After digging his way out and moving his way up from very humble beginnings, he is hypersensitive to what others think Being Police Chief is his identity and he has ruthlessly suppressed his need for companionship along the way to reach his goal Edward is everything he is attracted to personally but in such a small town he knows that relationship will garner everything he is scared of ridicule and gossip as well as the possible loss of his job and respect of his townsfolk What is important to Jack Edward will have nothing less than total commitment, no closets or secrets or hidden agendas Can Jack overcome his fear and reach out There is not a lot of sex in this book Jack and Edward don t hook up in that way until well past the middle of the book, but their imaginations fantasies are very good up to that point as well We meet back up with Mitchell and Sammi from book 1 and Rush and Brian from book 2 several times They all play a part in bringing Jack and Edward to the boiling point Sammi and Edward become quite good friends and the gang is all there for Edward as he faces some sad facts of life.It was a very good way to wrap up this trilogy but I would have loved to have seen a comprehensive epilogue I hated to part way with the three couples.

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    This book was exactly what I needed it kept me entertained and rooting for Jack and Edward until the end.Oh, I forgot about Winston I m so sorry, buddy You re the best

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    Its a toss up between 4.5 and 5 stars so Winston deserves that half star Enjoyed this story so much Jack, Edward and especially Winston the best matchmaker going around, he cracked me up with his first meet and greet with Jack, I couldn t stop laughing at the comedy of errors after that special introduction Adorable and a perfect pick me up

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    4.5 stars I m so glad that I read this one Just loved Edward and Jack, but my favorite was definitely Winston.

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    Funny thing, even if described as the gayest man ever seen , I never feel that Edward is that flamboyant At least, he doesn t end each of his conversation with darling , he doesn t feel flaming WAIT, am I stereotyping Sorry, not my intention.Anyway, I LOVE this book, even than Sammi and Mitchell s I think the main charm comes from both guys whereas in Soul Bonds, I only care for Sammi Both Jack and Edward have a hurtful past but they go along in life doing what they do best It s wonderful to read that these two lonely soul finally find each other.Winston, the dog, is a scene stealer I would like to think that he plays a better matchmaker than the other men who invite Jack and Edward for a game of poker I must say that Winston done a very goob of bringing them together.Small niggles when Sammi kisses Edward just to get Jack to react I m not comfortable with that I know it means nothing, it is definitely not cheating, but it s just not to my liking, okay AND at the end, with Jack s burst of anger, which I think is a bit weird Because I don t really get any hint from what Edward is saying to his mom, that he is planning to leave Jack It leaves me with a HUH, what the hell happened there It s a good story, emotional in some parts, with two likeable men.

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    2.5 starsDear god, this was like a soap opera gone horribly wrong like wrong than usual There were so many misunderstandings, a completely unexplored psychic element, and whiplash inducing InstaLove The characters were completely flat the serious chief of police living his lonely, uncomplicated life and the rich, flamboyant party boy who s had his heart broken one too many times The two MCs, Jack and Edward, meet when Jack pulls over Edward for speeding Edward s bulldog bites Jack why is never explained for the rest of the book, the dog is mellow and sweet , and Jack arrests the dog and Edward, sort of He then agrees to doggysit said bulldog, even as he s waiting for proof of rabies shots Yeah, WTF is right Everything about this screamed slapstick The resolution Edward being scared to love Jack being scared to come out and lose the respect of the small Texas town is reached way too easily, and everything is neatly tied into a bow There are some totally irrelevant details about Edward s dad, about two homophobic mechanics, about Edward s gift thrown in, for interest, I suppose, but the topics were dropped and never really explored Even Edward s relationship with his grandma didn t work for me they don t see each other for almost 20 years, but immediately they re super close Nope, don t buy it There were cute moments, but only a couple steamy scenes This was a fast, cute read but utterly forgettable.

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    This is really an amazing story once again it s the characters i felt in love with in the first ten pages I can t say which one i prefer they are both so loveable.The story is really well written extremely funny moments i found myself laughting out loud lots of time and extremely sad too.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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    Edward Unconditionally by Lynn Lorenz What do I love best about this book, which is third in the Common Powers Series Edward, of course He has a relationship with his bulldog that s eerily reminiscent of the relationship one of my BFF s has with his Dachshund s Edward isn t afraid to speak his mind, and has a heart as big as Texas He is also not your typical straight acting, uber masculine gay man providing proof that nelly guys need love too Edward just is The book is sweet, funny, and determined in the best sense of the word In Edward, Lorenz created a character who half stumbles, half barrels through life, yet always pushes forward as if a force of nature all his own He can t help himself it s all he knows.From my post, The Inside Reader on Elisa Rolle s Reviews Ramblings

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    Lynn Lorenz did this story right Its a comfort read without being too fluffy She also made me cry by pushing one of my buttons but she couldnt have done that unless she totally sold me on the characters which she did, in spades She also made me laugh and cringe and want to smack the guys upside the head AND She totally made me want to lick Jack all over his furry chief of police body mmmm At one part in the book, I thought oh no This is where she is totally going to get it wrong but she didnt She made believable gay characters Thanks, Lynn

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    The Common Powers series by Lynn Lorenz it s probably the only series were the paranormal powers of some of its characters are less important than the story, so less important that sometime you even forget that they exist.Edward is a full flamboyant gay man from Atlanta From a wealthy family, that maybe could not approve his lifestyle , but would never let him live under their social status, Edward has never considered himself worthy of the love of a good man, and so he has always chosen the bad boys, but unfortunately not the good type of bad boys When the last in a string of profiteers, clears out his bank account, Edward s mother, the one who manages Edward s money till his 40 years, gives him only one option going in Texas and takes care of his ailing grandmother a woman he has not seen in 15 years , while the scandal fades away in Georgia.Edward takes his red sporty car, his Louis Vuitton matching suitcase set, his little bulldog named Winston who has a matching wardrobe with his daddy , and drives as fast as he can toward Spring Lake in Texas, obviously infringing the speed limit and being halted by Jack, the handsome chief of police of Spring Lake To 35 years old Edward, but with a behavior of a teenager, Jack appears as an unreachable man, handsome but too much older, and obviously straight To Jack instead Edward appears like a forbidden fruit, someone he can t never imagine to have for his own in the small town where he lives Maybe if Edward was mainly, able to face the hardness to live in such a context but no, Edward is lithe and gentle, screaming gay like a neon in the night.Jack is deeply in the closet, and at 45 years old he has almost reached that phase in live when almost doesn t matter He is not like so many other men, going in the city when the urge is too much, he has simply became comfortable with his quiet life and his loneliness But first Winston and then Edward make him realize that he is not at all content with his life and that he wants Edward, and also Winston Yes, since Winston is a very important character in the story, and I believe that the little dog recognized at first glance the right man for his daddy, and took the right move to be sure that the two got together.Even if the book is very much focused on Jack and Edward s relationship, the sex doesn t arrive soon And it s right like that, since it s not simple for Jack letting go years of conditioning and self deprivation Here maybe there is the only point of the book that made me wonder there is obviously some secret in Jack s past, something that pushed him, in a good and bad way, to become the man he is now, but this aspect is not fully developed, remain something vague that we see only through some blurry image of Jack s memories.On the other hand, Edward is fully developed, and I loved so much when he said that he wanted the fairy tale, for once in his life he wanted a man who loves him unconditionally, for who he is right now, without changing him it s not only a desire for a dream lover, it s also the desperate cry of a rejected child On the outside Edward seems sexy and funny, but he is for real a man with a desperate need of love And Jack has so much love hidden inside, that he is obviously the right match for Edward, when he will decide to let it go.The story is nice, it has obviously its funny moment, but it s mostly romantic and sweet than light, and less erotic than expected, even if the sex you find, it s really good.http www. dp 1607374129