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Professor Seth Anderson Has Finally Found Sanctuary In Brier, Iowa Even Better, He S Found Raphael Rafe Dirisio, A Strong, Giant Of A Man Who Owns The Town Pool Hall, And Seth Has Never Felt So Comfortable, Safe, Or Close To Anyone When Seth Is Asked To Give A Series Of Lectures In Washington, DC, It Seems Only Natural That Rafe Come Along But In A Few Surreal Days, Seth S True Nature Is Exposed And He Brings Both Their Lives Crashing Down Around Them Because Seth Is Not Only A Werewolf, He S Also Something Much, Much Worse

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    I was disappointed in the book because of the characterization The MCs both have tons of potential, and I really liked aspects of them, but they weren t fully realised.Seth has a PhD in mathematics and lectures at university, as well as being extensively published So him whining Seth bad to Rafe like he was some kind of barely human shifter throwback completely pissed me off Seth hates being referred to as puppy, so why would he talk like one At the very beginning of the story Seth speaks normally he s quiet and shy and submissive, but normal 1 3 of the way in suddenly he starts talking like he s auditioning for Flowers for Algernon Now arguably this is because view spoiler he has now let the Ravager in him out, so his animal side is growing stronger But isn t the whole point of the book that the Ravager isn t some kind of mindless animal And Seth has spent his life keeping the Ravager controlled He only lets it out because Rafe is in danger hide spoiler

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    I loved this book For me it was perfect, but I do understand why others would have issues with the story I will warn people now, this book isn t exactly great if you want a straightforward, honest relationship It was understandable for me but I know others don t like that.So the story starts with Rafe and Seth They have bee together three months and there is a secret Seth is keeping from Rafe You see, the reason he keeps it is because he knows he won t be able to stay with Rafe, but he wants him so badly he keeps a secret A pretty huge secret at that And things are good Rafe protects Seth and loves him He sees them having a future together.After Rafe finds out the truth, the relationship changes He finds it hard to see Seth as the person he fell in love with Understandable, all of it I just love the way that was dealt with Nothing felt rushed or forced to me.The paranormal aspect in this book is really cool I m not talking about regular shifter stories This has a different style to them Especially Seth He s not your typical shifter which is part of the appeal for me I m a sucker for shifter vampire stories, don t get me wrong But when I can read something new, it s even better.Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to those who want to try a different shifter story.

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    I really enjoyed this take on shifters and other Nightkin I d love a sequel.

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    I have mixed feelings about this story The story had great potential and I really enjoyed the concept of the Nightkin and would have loved to have that explored a lot always love a good paranormal book The beginning of the story was good and Rafe and Seth seemed to be interesting characters Then things changed when we find out exactly who Seth is His character changed and it seemed like the author just completely forgot about how Seth was portrayed in the beginning and it started to become very frustrating reading Seth s mannerisms and speech began to come across very child like and honestly he became an annoyance to read It is a shame since this book had so much potential to be a new and different world I really wish the author had not changed the character so much.

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    Surprisingly good plot, but some elements that made me uneasyWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 8 10 PROS Two men who are vastly different and yet equally protective of each other Each uses his strengths to cover the other s weaknesses, and their devotion is touching Interesting subversion of the dominant submissive dichotomy This isn t BDSM there are no toys, no bondage, no whipping, etc But the werewolf stories I ve read in the past not that I ve read many, I admit have incorporated a fairly rigid idea of the sexual roles of the two characters Those roles are stretched and explored in this story, which I found compelling Additional, intriguing element to the typical werewolf human love story Again, I haven t read much fiction about changelings, so it could be that Seth s nature isn t really that unusual in werewolf stories, but I enjoyed it Lovely, entertaining interaction between the two main characters and Rafe s family when he takes Seth home for the first time I enjoyed that part of the story very much.CONS At times I felt that Seth s doglike nature was taken a bit far It s not a book ruiner, by any means, but a few too many simplistic, Tarzan like sentences example Rafe mad at Seth began to grate just a touch Sex scenes that didn t do much of anything for me except make me cringe when one of the guys asks the other to stop and it doesn t happen No, it s not rape, because the protests don t last long and the one who s being taken enjoys every minute of it, or so we re told, but yikes Quite a bit of jealousy and self loathing and despair and other angsty feelings that always make me a little uneasy.Overall comments This is a good book, as is evidenced by the fact that I read it in one day I found the plot interesting than most other books in this genre, if only because it contains some elements I haven t encountered in any other stories yet, anyway It isn t a sweet, light hearted, everything s coming up roses novel, though, so you might rethink this one if you re looking for romantic comedy.

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    Three words Beautiful, deep, and memorable Seth is just the kind of character I love submissive, caring, timid at times, but practically invincible inside No one wants to mess with him, and those that make the mistake of pushing him too far only do it once.Rafe is the perfect matching character Alpha, strong, loving, and willing to forgive, will to keep trying His flaws are human but his recovery from them is the major difference that defines a good man and a normal man in their simplest terms There is action but mostly REACTION The aftermath, the time when pieces must be picked up and somehow, someway, put back together when hearts must be mended and some sort of compromise found.There is angst but not in the flashy woe is me type Seth does not think badly of himself out of true guilt, but because he honestly BELIEVES himself to be flawed and unworthy Rafe comes to the point of possibly giving up on everything but not because he s weak, rather because with what he s faced with would bring anyone to their knees Again, it s the choices he makes that define who he is inside, same with Seth when he s able.The ending was beautiful and wrapped things up nicely Not in that tied with a bow type thing, just steady Hopeful Hinting at a work in progress and two souls willing to keep trying no matter what.Normally I wait until I read a novel at least two or three times before marking it as favorite I don t have to wait with this one, I know it will be with me for a long time.

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    I expect GR to start bombarding me with werewolf books recommendations now I don t like werewolves, I like Rowan McBride Because in his books there is always much than you think layers, questions This book started so cheap horror movie like But somehow it turned out surprising and deep and touching Okay, I must say I really liked Seth s dual nature I see from some reviews people hated it I think it was pretty clear when and why he reverted to childlike puppy like behavior I also liked how he s struggling with autistic traits of his character And Rafe was really great Well, not at once leaving Seth alone in a seedy bar to go for cigarettes was pretty stupid But later he was awesome, and human, and I liked how it was not easy for him to accept Seth but he still did it.

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    Man this book had me hooked from beginning to end I loved this book, I was it was a series because I would love to see of Rafe Seth Seth was a shifter I hadn t read about yet and I was awe d and wanted He was so sweet and cute, but when he lost it he was powerful and domineering Loved the Bad Seth, Good Seth aspect I wish we could have learned about Rafe s heritage and his supernatural abilities, I felt like if we did it would have been a 5 star read for me I really enjoyed this, still disappointed that I won t get a sequel, I feel like it shouldn t ended there.

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    this really was a great heartwarming story The other reveiws do it justice.

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    Giving 2 stars for its originality It s VERY original and I like it BUT.It s not for me, didn t enjoy this book And for PETER S SAKE before a book is release with Italian phrases LET A ITALIAN READ IT The Italian phrases are embarrassing wrong One is a nonsense about cooling the pain It CAN T BE SAID that way Google translator is not a good source, ok People, please, if you are thinking in be a writer better let a native speakers control if you decide to use phrases in other language, or it can be embarrassing, as it happen in this case OK