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Furry, gay for you, animal sex I was so in Looooong spiels on American football to the tune of 85% of the book, dilemma on coming out in sports, extreme minutiae Me being terribly bored I tried.DNF Chp 9 of 13Audible version Jeremey Sewell reads like a very new narrator Nice voice but needs somepractice. Out of Position is above all else, a very interesting book The story takes on anthropomorphism, which ascribes human characteristics to animals The world consists of animals living, working, loving, and acting like humans Beyond that, the story is a very classic romance between two opposite personalities as they struggle to come to grips with their sexuality, relationship, work, family, and their goals for the future Interspersed within the novel are drawings depicting the main characters in various pivotal scenes Although this is described as a gay furry romance, the themes and characters are familiar and likely to appeal to readers Just set in an alternate universe of animals instead of humans The story is about a tiger football player, Dev, who falls for an outgoing, activist fox named Lee Lee awakens Dev to his real sexuality but unfortunately there are no openly gay football players so Dev must remain closeted This in turns forces Lee to hide his relationship with Dev and there are a number of problems that result Dev goes on to become a decent pro player, but not fantastic and is in danger of being dropped if his sexuality is known Lee is struggling with a job he loves but not one he ever envisioned for himself while his former best friend continues to wage a bitter campaign against football players The problems are many and from all directions and only the strong connection between Dev and Lee will get them through it The setting is modern day but with animals instead of humans Here animals live, eat, drive cars, wear clothes, drink, have sex, play football and basically inhibit an identical world The same problems that exist in our world exist here including gay bashing, homophobia, and interspecies discrimination The setting is interesting and the book never lets you forget that these are animals There are numerous and constant references to tails, ears, muzzles, and paws Muzzles grin and tails flick while paws givepaw jobs The sexual aspect took me a bit to grasp as I kept wondering how a fox and a tiger would French kiss or how the fox can deep throat the tiger without biting his junk off Thankfully there were no problems and once I just gave up trying to figure out the mechanics and just went with the book, the plot becomes rather well known Dev is a decent but not fantastic football player He goes from being a big fish at a small division two school to being a low man in the professional totem pole His only serious relationship has been with Lee, his first gay lover Dev loves Lee but struggles with keeping his sexuality a secret from his friends, teammates, and family Dev is somewhat simplistic as he just wants to play football, have friends, and be left alone He loves Lee and depends on him quite a bitandthroughout the book Dev frequently needs Lee s advice and council on almost every aspect of his life and it is only at the very end of the book, Dev finally makes some choices of his own However, Dev offers Lee constant love and support Lee is thecomplex of the two characters even as the book is told mostly from Dev s point of view Lee struggles with his maturity from outgoing activist majoring in literature to a football scout for a local professional team and in a closeted relationship Lee tries to reconcile his feelings of failure with his love for his job and Dev The one constant Lee has in his life is his love for Dev Their relationship is strong and stands the test through distance and a great many trials, but not always easily In addition to the problems in professional football, Lee s former best friend causes quite a number of issues as well Brian was gay bashed by football players in college and his ensuing anger and bitterness cause problems in his friendship with Lee Lee is torn between the best friend he knew that he can t quite let go of and his relationship with Dev Neither Dev of Brian approve of Lee s association with the other and thus Lee is often thrust in the middle while trying to council both sides and deal with his own issues Dev observes most of this from afar and the story does suffer from the lack of Lee s point of view during some very pivotal times However, following Dev as he works hard to become better and move up in his team while keeping secrets gives a lot of depth and emotion The themes in the story are universal and will no doubt be familiar to readers This is a sweet coming of age for both men in an atmosphere where open gay sexuality isthan just discouraged blending romance, humor, tension, drama, and conflict wonderfully with delightful characters and in an unusual setting The furry aspect can be daunting to many readers and the reminders that wolves, bears, tigers, coyotes, rabbits, and even deer are thrown together in the world can be disconcerting but it makes for an eye opening and really fascinating world The solid world building combines with well developed characters in a classic story that makes this definitely worth reading. I enjoyed this book waythan I thought I would While in the beginning I was a bit weirded out by the furry aspect, and I certainly wasn t prepared for the graphic illustrations, as it progressed I grewcomfortable and was able to really enjoy the book I think there was WAY too much football in it, however Also, the book seemed neverending I felt like I was going to be reading it forever But, the dialoguethan made up for the length and the endless football references and play by plays Their banter was very clever and well written.3.5 stars Furries MM Say what I m so down. After a rough and glitchy start this book settled into itself nicely Once the plot really got going I was sucked in and at times forgot I was reading my first anthropomorphic novel since reading Redwall by Brian Jacques when I was a kid Not that this is even remotely in that world A few too many naughty bits discussed for that Course, I m not complaining Dev loves football, loves the adrenaline, loves the game, and hey the adoring fans swishing their pretty little tails at him isn t objectionable either Heck maybe playing DII ball isn t a direct route to the big time but he s still getting to play and Forester University is as good a place as any He s a good cornerback, an unusual position for a tiger maybe, but he s quite content to bask in all the glory that playing brings him and not worry about whatcould be out there At least until he gets ensnared in a twitch of a little vixen s tail.Lee has a plan As an out and proud gay man, and gay activist it may even be his duty He s pretty enough to pass for female and he s got no problems throwing on the skirt and blouse to fool some dumb football jock So what if getting one of them to sleep with him may not be the smartest idea he s ever had for retribution, still it s something They re just big ignorant idiots anyway and it s their fault for beating up his best friend last year just because he was gay Sure Brian should have known better than to start something in that part of town when drunk, but he still didn t deserve what he got What he didn t expect was for the tiger to come back foror for himself to like it so much.First of let me just say I really liked Dev and Lee as characters Even if in the beginning of the book I found myself lostoften than not The jumping around in time for the first quarter did not work for me Nor did the rapid POV switching It was hard to figure out where in their story we were and frankly I almost put the book down and had a headdesk moment The hinted, I have a secret and what not just annoyed me since we all knew what the secret was Once Mr Gold settled into the story though and the timeline and POV s smoothed out into a linear progression I was hooked The story moved along admirably and I got to really enjoy Dev and Lee falling for each other and moving things from a friends acquaintances with benefits thing into a real relationship.There were a couple of moments in this book that didn t make a lot of sense for me character wise Most notably Dev not completely freaking the f k out when he first figures out Lee s not a girl I would have much rather he stormed out the door the minute he figured it out and yet still not been able to get the attraction out of his head Felt a little forced the other way shrug Personal preference I guess But all in all I felt like I understood where these two were coming from in trying to figure out their lives and what they wanted This story really does allow both guys to start to grow up Now, evil grin I LOVE the football aspect of this novel It s my favorite sport under the sun and I m a maniac when my Seahawks are playing I thoroughly enjoyed how much of the actual sport there was in the novel and the way it dealt with the issue of being gay in professional sports This was one of the places I got the most kick out of the anthropomorphic element as well The descriptions of the types of animals and why they tended to play certain positions was such fun I think my biggest disappoint in this aspect was that at roughly the half way point, when we switched POV s from Lee s to Dev s for the second half of the book I no longer got to enjoy Lee s budding career in scouting I really enjoyed his take on things and what a good eye he had I liked that it was his influence that really stepped up Dev s game I would love to know how he s doing professionally withdetail than just that he still has the job While I appreciated the simplicity of the first half second half POV switch once things settled, I think I would have enjoyed seeing inside both Dev and Lee s head throughout the story Would have requiredPOV switches, but I believe could have been laid out in a clear manner that wouldn t have had me as lost as the first part of the book did Still as much as I wanted to knowabout what the other was doing thinking feeling I really enjoyed the POV I was in I struggled right along with Dev and Lee as they tried to figure out the best way to handle things I liked that despite being out himself Lee really understood what it meant for Dev and he wanted what was best for his boyfriend There were a lot of emotional complexities to their relationship and while I didn t always like the choices they made, I understood them and accepted the path they were choosing Of course I get all growly and grumbly about the semi abrupt ending to this book, softened only by the knowledge that the sequel picks up right where this one leaves off I m sure I will be back to read the rest of this series I m very curious to see where this world goes with the idea of gays in professional sports I love the premise and like my MC s so add oneto the TBR 4.5 Stars in the end. I d like to say first, that Out of Position is the first anthropomorphic novel that I have ever read For those of you who are not familiar, the literal meaning of anthropomorphism is the attribution of human qualities and characteristics onto animals or any non living object In M M romance, this translates to the animation of animals in a human way animals that walk, talk, act and have a society like humans, depending on the variance of the story Many readers of M M romance often read shapeshifter stories, but this is very different In essence, these characters are always animals, yet they have human qualities I think this is a largely unexplored area in M M romance, and I was intrigued by Out of Position by Kyell Gold and the beautiful illustrations by Blotch within its pages some of which you can see here, on the Sofawolf website and I thought I should give this a try I was elated to find a wonderful story with extremely real characters, and evensurprised to find that this story showed me a new way to understand American Football and its players a sport, which I must admit, has often baffled me and only ever given me the pleasure of watching hunky men with tight butts ram each other in testosterone overload In honor of tomorrow s Superbowl, I have moved this review up a few days, so that those of you who are football fans can make a weekend out of this, and those of you who do not understand football, might just gain some insight about the game from reading this novel, just as I did.Out of Position tells the story of two males Dev the tiger, a football player and all around jock at Forester University, and Lee the fox, a queer activist who has a score to settle with the football team They are both juniors though most of their time in college takes place as seniors and while Dev is skating through school picking up a new vixen every week at the local bar after the game with his buddies and floating on the small amount of fame he gets at their small, liberal college, Lee is still reeling from the gay bashing and beating of his best friend Brian the previous year Brian and Lee were almost too much alike, feeding off of each others ideals of queer activism and leading their local chapter of FLAG, the queer activist group on campus Then, one night, under circumstances that are still not completely known, Brian gets cornered after a verbal altercation with a few member of the football team, then beaten Now Lee is all alone, Brian having moved away, and his anger at those football players has spread to all of the jocks, who he knows are one and the same He comes up with a plan he will dress in drag, as he makes a very convincing vixen, go out and bag a football player Then, when they get back to his place, he will show one of them how they d been attracted to another male that they are at least a little bit queer themselves What he doesn t expect when he bags Dev and brings him home, is that after he convinces him to sleep with him that Dev will want to stay and get to know him This is how their secret affair begins, already leading to an uneasy relationship between a tiger who has never felt this way for another male and cannot come out lest he ruin his reputation and playing career, and a fox who never expected this tryst to become a relationship, much less one that forces him back into the closet and completely turns his life in a new direction However, those are not the only problems These problems are compounded by Lee s insitance that Dev has the talent to make the pros, and if that becomes a reality, if they will ever be able to have an open relationship Even , Brian has his own revenge to make, and his activist spirit has become maddeningly fueled by his renewed hatred of football players No matter the collateral damage, even to his friend Lee, Brian will do anything to show the world that one out player will make it easier for gay sports players everywhere to come out But can an out player even have a career in football, or will he become lost in the bureaucracy of pro football One of the most incredible things about this novel is its portrayal of the sport We know that Dev is a player, but Lee is a very big fan also So we get to see the sport from two, often very different, perspectives The story shows us the art of football, how graceful and intelligent of a sport it can be It also does this in a way that someone completely ignorant of the sport can understand I knew only a small bit about how the game is played and though a large portion of the book deals with the sport and the games in which Dev plays, I never felt left behind in the action Here is how Lee describes the sport in his small chapter Lee s Guide to Football Even though I was still at that age where I wanted to be like my dad, I didn t have much interest in football But with the championship coming up, he thought it was the perfect time to get me started Whatever else he s done in his life and I ve run through the listthan once he got me into football So if you re one of those kids who likes chess and books, listen up, because reading this story you re in the middle of is like growing up in Nicholas Dempsey Middle School You don t have to like football to get through it, as my dad told me, but it helps.See, what I always hated about football was that I was bad at it I d only played one football game up to then, at camp I didn t understand the rules To me, it was just a stupid excuse for big kids to beat up little kids What my dad told me is that football is actually like a chess game.What Lee said is exactly true about this story You don t have to like football to get through it but it helps Football fans will certainly love this story, but there is so muchhere than the sport especially the navigation through the bureaucracy of the league later in the novel and the evolution of Dev and Lee s relationship throughout their difficult journey to an HFN that this story is not only for sports fans For the full review, please visit Reviews by Jessewave. I listened to this as an audiobook This is the first time I ve been able to put up with 1st POV in present tense I usually run away from it in horror I m not sure if I was able to endure this style of POV because of the writing, the likable character or because of the person who read the book He is a good performer and he used a variety of agreeable voices for the various characters I particularly liked the voices for Dev and Lee.I would really like to know why the author chose to use animals for the various characters This story could just as easily been told with human characters.Also, this book was longer than I would have liked, but not a bad book, considering the animal characters. What a fantastic novel It s unusual, for sure I didn t even know there was such a thing as furry erotica , but I personally found the anthropomorphic worldview to be refreshingly endearing The characters may be animals, but they are engaging and well rounded, and their lives and feelings are just as heart breakingly human as anyone else s But what makes this novel great isn t that it s unusual it s great because the characters and relationships portrayed are so universally relatable Everyone wants to fall in love, and everyone who does will struggle through good times and bad We may not all be able to relate to a fox and tiger in a gay relationship, or to a closeted football player struggling to define himself but most people can understand the challenges and sacrifices inherent to a romantic relationship, the joy and wonder at finding someone to love, the personal pressures we feel from family, the struggle and desire to define oneself and find acceptance in the world, and the prejudices and betrayals that can make all this so difficult Kyell Gold takes a couple of unusual characters a football playing tiger and a proud to be Out, cross dressing fox and makes them into very real and utterly compelling individuals Out of Position is one of those rare m m romances with real depth, and with an author whose excellent writing skills can bring it all to life.Bottom Line One of the most enjoyable books I ve read in a long time Great writing, compelling characters, and beautiful artwork make this an extra special treat Sequel to come, Jan 2011. Let s face it Any guy who s a member of the goodreads.com male male romance discussion group has NEVER scored a touchdown I defy anyone to contradict me.There s a definite guy ness to this book Everything about it reeks of the masculine monosyllabic all purpose grunts, incomplete sentences, high school frat boy colloquialisms, rank smelling locker rooms, jockstraps and testosterone Not only is the author himself male, it s also refreshingly evident that he s also intimately familiar with the world of male athletes and hyper competitive team sports, a province that is often beyond the reach of the vast majority of gay men This book was my entree into the puzzling, baffling and ultimately endearing world of furry erotica I had no idea there was even a name for it.To the end, I don t think I ever really got my mind around the idea of animals behaving like humans, especially when it came to getting together and falling in love The idea was particularly startling for me in the sex scenes where I would find msyelf alternately distracted, annoyed or making a conscious mental effort to accommodate descriptions of various states of undress, animal body parts and cross species gay copulation To say this genre stretched me would be a colossal understatement As the song goes, Love moves in Mysterious Ways , and in this instance, triumphs Well, almost In any case, by the time the story is halfway over, the protagonists, in all their humanity , have so endeared themselves to you that quite unexpectedly you find yourself rooting for them all the way You really, really want these guys to make it Because of the author s extensive knowledge of football, and his success in capturing the alpha male, jock mindset, there s an unforced, dank authenticity to the story telling that I sometimes find lacking in the slicker, slightly over produced offerings of the many m m romance novels I ve read The jaggedness in the dialogue, the general lack of self reflection, the unwillingness to broach difficult subjects are all typically male attributes Not once did I find myself saying, oh, a guy would never say that , or a real guy would never do that All these guys, as the author has written them, are Guy Guys They think, act, walk and talk like typical, real guys, albeit of a limited subset aspiring competitive team sports athlete, with all the appeal, connotations and limitations that that type of proto typical American Male would imply.It took a little doing, and some measure of assiduousness on my part, but I m glad I stuck it out beyond the first few pages of this book By the first third of it, the two boys had excited my interest, by the end, they had captured my heart. Dev Is A Football Player At Forester University, A Small Liberal Arts College Where Football Isn T A Big Deal He And His Teammates Still Get To Strut Around And Have Their Pick Of The Girls On Friday Nights At The Local Meat Market That S All He Wants Until He Meets Lee, A Fox With An Agenda And An Attractive BodyProblem Is, Lee S Not A Girl He S A Gay Fox Who Never Thought He D Fall For A Football Player, Until He Met Dev Their Secret Romance Is Hard Enough For Them To Handle, But That S Only The Beginning Of Their Problems, As Their Friends, Family, And Co Workers Keep Mounting The Pressure To Find Out What S Going On If They Re Exposed, They Could Lose The Careers They Ve Fought So Hard ForGoing It Alone Would Make Everything Easier If Only They Could Stop Fighting Long Enough To Break Up