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The Truth Begins With A Family Evacuated From Saigon During The Final Days Of The Viet Nam War Or Perhaps It Begins Later, With A Devoutly Catholic Child With The Voice Of An Angel Who Is Troubled By Visions Both Sacred And Profane Or Perhaps Later Still, With A Couple Drifting Apart Following A Tragedy Kelland Appears To Them All In The Guise Of A Small Boy, A Lover, A PriestKelland Is An Enigma, A Puzzle, And An Almost Imperceptible Presence Kelland Is Violence, Sorrow, And Joy Kelland Is The Common Thread Tying Five Disparate Strangers Together

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted Kelland definitely has the makings of a good horror story, but there is so much that prevents it from being lumped solidly into one genre There are elements of magical realism, family drama, suspense, and mystery The story also explores religious faith, breaches of trust, and forgiveness Kelland is the mystery that binds the lives of five very different individuals There is Minh and Toan, two brothers who left Vietnam to start a new life There is 9 year old George, with a strong religious faith and the awareness that he s different from other boys And there is Gareth and Melanie, whose marriage is deteriorating after they suffer a tragic loss The story bounces back and forth between the lives of each character and different stages in their lives It was a little disconcerting at first, but the characters are so vividly described and each section builds on their story, so there is never any confusion.Kelland is the force that helps each of these characters confront the evil that directly and indirectly affects their lives.This story shook me to the core and left me breathless It was dark and painful at times, but ultimately hopeful Just read it.

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    Kelland is an amazing book It s the gripping story of a group of disparate people who have in some way, either directly or indirectly, been touched by an unspeakable evil The book takes us on a journey through time beginning in Vietnam in 1975 and ending in the US in 1998, and back and forth again through the years as we follow the lives of brothers Minh and Toan, a young boy named George whose angelic singing voice and love of Christ set him apart from other children, teenager Lucas trying to deal with moving to a new home and leaving behind someone very important to him and Melanie and Gareth, a happily married couple who slowly begin to grow apart and lose each other after a devastating loss.This is not a M M romance although there are gay characters in the story as well as loving relationships Kelland is a story of evil hidden behind the guise of goodness and piety and of the effect it has on the lives of some of the people that come into contact with it Whether that effect is felt first hand or as the result of the damage done to these people it is nevertheless felt quite keenly throughout the book.As the book progresses we meet Kelland in various forms as a small boy, a gay man, a beautiful young woman and a priest Kelland in these different forms interacts with the characters of the book and ultimately helps to bring about the climactic ending but just who or what Kelland is will remain a mystery throughout the book The author leaves the answer to that question up to the reader to decide for themselves.I don t want to say much about what happens in the book as I don t want to spill any of the important parts of the book This is a story that needs to be read without knowing too much of the particulars of it In this way the author s wonderful vision can be best appreciated.Overall I found Kelland to be a very well written and thought provoking story Featuring a wonderful cast of characters and a plot that will keep you engrossed in the story from beginning to end Kelland shows us the pain and destruction that follows coming into contact with an evil that no one should ever have to deal with.There is much sorrow, hate and rage in this story but also love and hope Paul G Bens, Jr manages to balance all of the characters and emotions in this gripping debut novel so that even though the story is dark and very painful at times it never overwhelms the reader As I read this book I found myself wanting to keep reading straight to the end because the story just didn t want to let me go and at the same time I wanted to slow down so that it didn t end That s the same feeling I would get when reading some of my favorite Stephen King books and it had been quite a while since I had felt this way about a book.Kelland is definitely a 5 star keeper I loved this book and look forward to reading it again in the future I highly recommend it Buy Kelland and experience it for yourself, you won t be sorry.

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    2009 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

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    After the initial thought that I might have an idea of where this story is headed, I ended up very surprised This is a book I want to talk about but not give anything away The book s description is purposefully vague and that worked so well I originally listed this on my horror shelf but I no longer think that fits, though there were moments when I felt horrified, this is not what I consider horror, a genre that I tend to wrongly view as simplistic and predictable, two qualities which do not describe this book I ended up choosing fiction because even though there is magical realism present, especially in the last half of the book, it was the characters and setting descriptions which really transported me into the story I felt little connection to the characters in the beginning yet by the end that had changed I spent that first third searching for a way to relate, as I tend to dislike books I feel no personal connection to, and now I can not see how anyone could not feel a connection with this book I am not religious, though I was raised Catholic I am not a preteen boy and I hardly remember my youth, which is well represented in this book and something I try to avoid I probably underestimate most children, their ability to observe and understand the world around them, coping abilities and such, not that this book has convinced me I am wrong for doing so Without trying to include too much of what this book has made me think of, I can say that the first few pages alone made me teary eyed and the writing is beautiful The ending actually ended up being extremely personal for me for reasons I am than happy to discuss but I do not want to discourage people from reading this review by checking the spoiler box If you tend to agree with my ratings, just read this.

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    KellandAuthor Paul G Bens Jr Publisher Casperian Books Publication Date September 1, 2009I was told this was a dark novel Even the blurb and press releases hint at horror This was not the typical horror type, in terms of your classic Halloween or scary monster horror story, but the horror contained in the darker aspects of humanity and truly horrific events in terms of loss of child innocence, abuse and relationships between family members, friends, neighbors, religious community.I couldn t help but think of it in terms of a seventh degree of Kelland domino effect At first I was wondering why Paul G Bens Jr wrote Kelland in the format of jumping from character place time event from one chapter to another I also was wondering if I was going to have to take notes for the cast of characters Which is something I haven t done in a long time though I am known to highlight favorite passages for future reference Turns out, I couldn t really imagine the format written any other way I was soon enveloped in the world of Toan and his brother Minh, angelic George wait were we ever so very innocent and loving , the lipstick Lesbian Tracey, Lucas, and Melanie and Gareth Paul adds so much realism to the story and brings the characters to life with the Vietnamese family, dialogue and interactions, Ma Ba, Toan s singing, guitar playing, song composing, the pomp and pageantry of the Catholic Mass, and the gremlins that potentially hide beneath the most innocent of exteriors The cover art at first had no real meaning for me, and I didn t really see , but if you read Kelland and truly look at the cover you will be bowled over the enormity of the art and the story I am not sure I have been as moved by either a story or the cover art as I was by Kelland I didn t laugh out loud or cry so much as I pondered if that makes sense Don t get me wrong, I was terribly moved with joy and sorrow throughout the book.This book is one I would love to have in a group discussion or a book club to get other readers opinions and discuss ramifications in current events of today often over looked and passed over, deemed not important How can a life altering experience not be important So, yes, this was not one of my typical light hearted romance erotica, sci fi, paranormal novels but a full bodied mystery of human relations and the divineness that can be found in all of us And Kelland Make your own decision, but read Kelland.

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    Kelland gets under your skin The tension increases slowly as one follows the progression of scenes that tell the story of very diverse characters who are all connected in some way to Kelland, this angel, demon, ghost, spirit, changeling, who appears to each person in a different guise As the story of two brothers from Vietnam, a couple who loses a son and a young boy who wants to become a priest unfold, the novel shows us glimpses into these characters lives, their struggles and hardships, their search for peace Kelland illustrates in an exceptional way how interconnected people can be, how relationships come together in ways that go beyond the ordinary It is a novel about the haunting of suffering that must be released through the extraordinary creature that is Kelland For me, the element of predictability in the book did not hinder it, in a way it increased the steady climb towards resolution and made the small mundane moments of reality in the characters lives all the poignant.

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    It s always so wonderful to discover a voice as fresh as this Paul G Bens, Jr is a revelation Kelland proves to be a remarkably complex, adult novel, and a brilliantly crafted one Make no mistake this is a sophisticated literary work Though it may have one foot in Horror, comparing it to the usual genre effort is like comparing Don DeLillo to Mickey Spillane I was completely engrossed by the layers of texture and meaning, the vivid characters and the utterly original plot You don t want to miss this one.

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    2nd Edition of Kelland is available at , now

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    Can t bring myself to list this under horror it s so much Highly recommend.2018 Every bit as good as the first reading.

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    4.5 stars rounded upKelland proves that Paul G Bens is an exceptional author After reading his collection of short stories, I knew I wanted to read Kelland and it doesn t disappoint While well written and technically easy to read, the topics broached are anything but light The characters suffer, deeply, but this isn t a depressing book Instead it s compelling, interesting, and dynamic on several levels You can t put the book down and don t want it to end yet you know what s coming isn t necessarily good.The story is a psychological thriller that connects the seemingly independent lives of five characters with one big secret The story weaves these disparate elements together bit by bit with a non linear timeline Jumping forward and backward from childhood to the present time of 1997, the characters reveal their lives in pieces Their lives are all touched by the same secret but that knowledge is withheld until the climax scene at the end when the various threads meld to one narrative The catalyst for the truth is always a being named Kelland, someone who can be everything and anything including good and evil depending on the situation.The six characters are all fascinating in their own right From two young refugees from VietNam, Minh and Toan, we learn the complexities of brotherhood and the pain of betrayal Minh builds his life based on routine and regimented time schedules while constantly cheating on a wife he adores and loves completely For Minh, Kelland is a beautiful woman, seducing him from his efforts to be good Minh s younger brother Toan is one of the sympathetic and heart breaking members of the cast as his journey to the truth is painful and violent For Toan, Kelland is an abusive lover, forcing Toan to remember events he would rather forget.Young proud George is just a child but already wanting to devote his life to God His belief, faith, and strength are the catalyst for the most change He, alone, is perhaps the strongest of the group and will survive the events the best His strength, insight, and faith are offset against the emotionally troubled characters Lucas is markedly different as a young man struggling to find himself amid his problems His parents, Melanie and Gareth, have no idea what their son is going through and the journey to that truth is heart wrenching.The writing is very clean and crisp with no wasted scenes or descriptions There is a lot of emotion and intensity packed into the pages with well crafted prose and a good pace The big evil secret is not difficult to figure out, there are so many clues the story almost wants you to understand the pain and heart break well before the final resolution Instead the mystery of who Kelland is and how this being hurts, loves, protects, ravages, and forces each and every one of the characters to face the truth is compelling This being is simultaneously good and evil, meting out the treatment deemed necessary for the truth to be revealed This utter devotion to the truth eventually helps all the characters to one degree or another but that help is neither cheap nor easy.One important point to make is that none of the extremes offered in the story are sensational They fit with the theme and purpose of the story every time There is always compassion tempered by force and love mingled with pain This duality keeps you on edge while reading, wanting to hurry yet also wanting to linger, absorbed in the characters and their lives There are numerous almost repetitive scenes where the characters do little but live their lives Often fighting knowledge, they want to ignore their truth The story teases this out bit by bit so for those that already know the secret, this may cause some impatience Yet the pace is important to teasing out reality in the proper pace These scenes offer a way to identify with average people with a secret that isn t so uncommon.Beyond being a well written, incredibly well crafted story, Kelland is a tale that will haunt you This is a story that clings to your mind and forces you to think about it long after you ve stopped reading Easily a must read, keeper shelf story that I can t recommend enough.