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When Craig Robertson S Religious Fanatic Father Disappears, Craig Is Forced To Return To The Home He Left Behind After An Underage Affair In Order To Look For Answers He Takes With Him His New Lover, Private Investigator Paul Maloney, Who Is Than Willing To Help Solve The MysteryThe Search Soon Becomes An Investigation Into Craig S Past, And, Because Of Distressing Gaps In His Memory, He S Terrified Of The Truths He Might Find As Craig S Obsession With Uncovering Clues Grows, His Fragile Relationship With Paul Begins To Disintegrate Haunted And Stalked, Craig Has To Face Down The Horror Of His Memories If He Wants To Have Any Hope Of A Future At AllThe Bones Of Summer Was Awarded Third Place In The InauguralRainbow Mystery Fiction Awards, And Was Also Commended In The Annual Writers Conference Novel Competition

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    This was a great read Told from the view point of a new character Craig Robertson it also features Paul Maloney the lead character in a previous book by Anne called Maloney s Law It is defintitely not necessary to have read Maloney s Law to enjoy this story though, this stands up completely on it s own as an independent tale but I m glad that I did Mainly because Paul felt like an old friend to me from the beginning, I felt like I knew him, in a way that Craig obviously couldn t as he d only just met him Also whenever Paul talked of his past, his friend or his ex I knew who, and what, he was refering to I knew what had brought Paul to this point in his lfe Although, as I ve said, it s not necessary to do so, as this story rips along at it s own fast pace I actually did imagine sometimes when I was reading that it would be equally nice to learn about Paul at the same time as Craig does so it s good either way Craig was a very endearing character and I loved his Gay Rules This is a good mystery AND a good love story I m just glad these two men found each other. I enjoyed this book very much.

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    This is a fascinating story about the choices and actions one person takes, both deliberately and unconsciously and the far reaching affects those have This is described as a quasi sequel to Maloney s Law, although The Bones of Summer can be read alone I haven t read the previous book and found this story easily stands on its own However, there is clearly information and context missing that will most likely create a complex and fulfilling story having read both books in order Bones is a captivating and engrossing story filled with passion, angst, turmoil, fear, and the range of human emotions as two men struggle to find clues to the past and the implications on their future.The story is told in third person from Craig s point of view Craig and Paul had met a few months ago in a club and exchanged a hot night of sex but until now, Craig hadn t heard from Paul again Now just as the two reconnect, Craig is informed that his ultra religious father has gone missing Paul s job as a private investigator comes into play reluctantly as Craig hesitantly delves into the problem of his missing father and the further mystery of Michael s missing whereabouts When Craig was a teenager he met and had a brief fling with a vacationing older man, Michael, and the results had Craig fleeing from his home and living in London Now, not only is Craig trying to discover what s going on with his father, but he realizes Michael never returned from that ill fated holiday seven years ago The dual mysteries have Craig delving deeply into his past than he is comfortable with while taking a helpful but cautious Paul for the ride.Craig is a compelling but inherently inconsistent narrator This is because his mind is full of holes, misinformation, memories, thoughts, and confusion Some of Craig s actions are inconsistent with his personality but fit with his confused demeanor and his tendency to ignore and hide from the truth However, when Craig chooses to confront the truth, he oddly takes the most ridiculous assumptions and believes in them wholeheartedly with nothing but the erroneous beliefs and delusions of a confused, hurting teenager Surprisingly, Craig refuses to actually follow steps dictated by logic, instead finding solace in confusion and mystery as long as he doesn t have to confront his fears and his past Craig goes to extreme lengths to avoid dealing with his father and the affects of his past, going so far as to believe wildly untrue things about himself Craig has taught himself to ignore his past and any clues that might make him re evaluate what he knows to be true Therefore, the clues unravel slowly in small pieces at the pace Craig is able to cope with the revealing truth This makes for a sympathetic yet occasionally frustrating character.At the same time, Craig is a witty, humorous, and above all, an optimistic man His firm desire to avoid the past but hope for positive outcomes is endearing He may be emotional and dramatic but he tempers this with a very British sense of humor and commentary His rules for Gay Men are funny and delightful as are his inner monologues on a variety of subjects For example Gay Rule Number Thirteen unlucky for some Don t let them see you re a complete psycho before they ve expressed some kind of commitment first.Aside from the great list of rules, Craig is coping in his way and leads a relatively happy life but has little control over it Within the space of the book, Craig slowly begins to take control of his life and his choices, ultimately creating a stronger character than when he started This hallmarks the character driven story where the men and their progression is perhaps important than the mystery itself, although the two stories parallel each other in multiple ways.Paul is an equally complex character and much mysterious As this is the sequel to Paul s story, much of his background and past is dealt with off page and little referenced in this story There are tangible holes where information is missing This isn t to the detriment of the story at all but it has a palpable empty air The deliberate pausing before comments and the flashes of pain in Paul s eyes and demeanor all speak of prior incidents that aren t divulged yet impact how Paul reacts and handles both Craig and the situation Paul exhibits a lot of anger towards Craig for his hiding and less than truthful behavior Craig is so afraid of his past that he often lies without thought or malice, but simply because facing his truth is too painful and frightening for Craig These lies frustrate Paul, who offers than his share of half truths and mysterious statements without explanation Yet, Paul offers a much needed support system to Craig and their relationship has a wealth of emotion amidst the tension.What is really wonderful about the book is that it depicts both the settings and characters in such a realistic, gripping way When Paul and Craig fight, it s painful and harsh with the kind of verbal dirty fighting rarely seen, but incredibly relatable The characters must deal with their jobs and lives independent of the sudden mystery The various settings are mundane and common, yet the tension and emotion ripples and hangs uneasy in the air The reader follows Craig and discovers information as he does, requiring patience and understanding The strength of the writing is in the connection between the men as Paul and Craig deal with their individual pasts and the secrets they need and want to keep hidden Moving beyond these lies and fears is essential to their budding relationship but may be too much at the start of a fragile connection and the careful dance is written incredibly well.The actual dual mysteries are interesting with clever clues but the ending resolution is not surprising However, the lack of surprise is than compensated by the gripping intensity and painful realism of the situation The complexity of religion and its possible overwhelming consequences are deftly handled with perhaps a heavy tread, but fitting with the concept of the story This is not necessarily an easy book to read due to the myriad of themes presented but wholly worthwhile and very well written The well crafted and paced story draws the reader in and doesn t let go until the very end, which in true style is left with a hint.For readers that crave wonderfully rich character driven stories with a solid mystery all wrapped up in a captivating story, I can easily recommend this book You won t be disappointed.

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    I m confused about how I feel about this book On one hand I enjoyed it but on the other it annoyed me I read it straight after finishing Maloney s Law and was surprised and not pleasantly that it was told in Craig s PoV It took me a chapter or two to get used to that I enjoyed the intrigue and the who dunnit aspect although it doesn t hold a candle to the mystery of the first book and it was very obvious from early on who did what but found the relationship between Paul and Craig irritating I got frustrated with Craig and Paul and their inability, or unwillingness to talk to each other One of them would demand the truth from the other, but refused to give the whole truth himself This happened over and over again They constantly lie, and lie by omission, to each other However, I liked how their arguments were portrayed They deliberately hurt each other, saying the one thing they know will hit the spot This is something we all do but it s rarely depicted this well in books I still liked Paul in this book, in fact I think I liked him than I did in the first book, Maloney s Law He s just as complex and mysterious but we see a softer, gentler side to him here, however I missed being party to his methodical approach to life I really liked Craig, he s cute and awkward and sweet and humerus.It s dark and gritty, sad and disturbing but very, very well written The ending was slightly disappointing I would have preferred a solid resolution rather than a promise of things to come.

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    I wanted to like it 2,5 stars It was well written But it was nowhere near the first installment Which I loved.Maybe the reason was, that it was told from Craig s PoV I just didn t warm to him much.I found him annoying sometimes and stupid and difficult.And yes, his tragic past explained a lot But it didn t make me like him I also disliked the gay rules in this book They didn t make much sense and didn t further the plot or the character development in my opinion The crime thriller part was well thought out and worked quite well Although it was a bit over dramatic But it was gripping The book seemed too long to me overall I skimmed some parts, especially in the last third, as I just wanted it to be concluded the culprit was clear from the beginning, so the way to Craig and Paul getting there seemd a tad tedious.

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    In some ways 3 stars is not enough but although the writing is good very British in style , and the psychology behind the characters seems to be realistic for the most part, I can t say I really enjoyed it It s a fairly bleak novel at times and of a mystery thriller novel rather than a romance Both of the main characters have a lot of baggage, stemming from their past, and it the past is a major stumbling block for their relationship In many ways, the bleakness and the style of writing is reminiscent of P.D James and Minette Walters rather than that of a M M romance author At the of the novel, the final resolution is implied rather than clearly stated which I found to be less than satisfactory A difficult novel to define and or recommend

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    This one worked a little better for me, although the same niggles still applied.I really liked Craig and I loved watching him and Paul together.The mystery was pretty much what I assumed and the climatic ending kept me eager to read each page.But again no epilogue While a good place to finish off, and I at least get my hope for a HEA, I would of loved just a glimpse a year or so down the line Overall a good story, interesting with a slight love story woven in.

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    Bones was wonderful Sad and disturbing but wonderful I love Paul, love Craig Paul has grown so much since Maloney s Law but he still has work to do My only complaint is that there is so much to their story and the wait isn t going to be easy.

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    2.5 3 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com The first thing I noticed about this book which totally disappointed me was the fact that it s written from Craig s perspective It s Craig s story In Maloney s Law we met him at the end of the book and we got a very nice impression about him The easy going sexy as hell model was bound to bring new air and adventures to Paul s hard so far life But in all honesty I was disappointed My main love, Paul, was lost in this book I missed his peculiar mind and his melancholic thoughts I missed the mystery that always followed him, I missed Paul himself Yes, surely he was in the story as he did pursue a relationship with Craig and helped him through this mystery , but in no way was Craig a match for Paul when it came down to interesting characters I could not help but compare the two of them, I could not help but compare the two books and the results are not good.As I said Craig as we met him is an easy going, always happy go lucky guy It s a fa ade, it s a persona he puts out to escape his ugly past and a heavily disturbing childhood The moment Paul steps in his life, the same moment his past choses to reach him again His inability to recall facts and memories from disturbing events that happened with his first lover and his father is what makes him decide to get Paul involved in some sort of search and find, for a missing ex, for a missing father, and for missing memories.I don t know if this story could be better, but as it is it was frustrating in many ways I tried to like Craig, I really did and perhaps too hard, but failed The character is constantly hiding behind lies it made me wonder with Paul s past and his affair with Dominic how he tolerated it , in the beginning at least it seemed as if he couldn t get one single truth from his mouth Later on we readjust our opinion when we witness him that the person he lies the most is his own self It becomes truly annoying seeing how he tries NOT to find the truths he s searching I disliked most the fact that he would go and lock himself up to think only to try and not think those thoughts It was a study on evasion and yes, I understand his past had a toll on his behavior, but it was so hard to concentrate on the book when all thoughts and events came around as a big jumble, making hard to keep your interest.There was also the mystery suspense part of the book that in no way was a match for Maloney s Law It was too easy to see through this plot, it was too easy to find the leads for the psycho killer, and the fact that it took forever to get there, the fact that too many leads were left unexplored and Paul s unique abilities were left sleeping really hit that spot of anger and frustration for me I m still not over the fact that Paul was a secondary character here.I could go on and say how the intensity was lacking and the emotions lacked chemistry, the friendships were by no means the same level we were used to in the first book, the desperation levels too, but there is no reason to keep going on I ll just go on and on comparing and the end result is that the sequel is too low and doesn t even come close to the brilliance of the first one The stake was raised too high.In the end this book comes close to 3 Hearts because objectively it was good and well written You can read it as a standalone easily It focuses on religious obsession and how people twist and perverse faith into abnormality and lose the very point of it Bearing that in mind and if you ve not read the first book I m assuming you ll like this one.Thommie

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    Just wasn t as good as the first book While this book was interesting enough, the main characters threw me off a bit Paul came across as rather wimpy by crying in almost every chapter that featured him Craig s character was unrealistic It seemed like a great deal of the story was designated to his life as a model, the other part was about the letter he received that apparently while the other main story terrified him and shaped him from his past I kept waiting for the horribleness like Paul faced in the first book, but Craig s story seemed very contrived It really didn t make sense that less than a week spent with a man 7 years ago, was the featured story in this book When referred to that past, it just didn t work for me that this should cause him such great distress that he had to go find out about what happened to Michael Also, Craig was very flighty and had an idiotic mindset for most of the book What really bothered me also was when referring to Paul s previous boyfriend, Dominic, he kept being referred to as Nick when he was mentioned, but in the first book Paul always referred to him as Nic And finally, the sex scenes just didn t seem right I just couldn t picture Craig as a top I just skipped over the sex scenes after that Not sure why, but it just bothered me how Paul seemed so submissive As I stated above, while this book was interesting enough, I kind of wish I wouldn t have read it It just didn t flow with how the previous book ended when Paul and Craig met.