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EVAN AUSTIN, PRIVATE INVESTIGATORIt Couldn T Be Simpler All Evan Austin Needed To Do Was Find RJ Gibson Before His Eighteenth Birthday And The Kid Would Inherit A Huge Trust Fund Everybody Would Go Home Happy RJ Would Be Set For Life, The Mom Would Appease Her Guilt, And Maybe Evan Would Finally Be Able To Put A Tragic Case From His Past Behind HimBut Nothing In Life Is Ever That Easy Adding To The Confusion Are A Young Woman Whose Boyfriend Liked To Slap Her Around And The Murder Of An Assistant US District Attorney, For Which One Of Evan S Former Clients Is Now A Suspect Throw In His Growing Attraction To RJ S Guardian, Artist Roman Cavanaugh, Plus The Mariners Having Another Really Bad Season, And Evan S Got A Bit On His Plate Than He Can HandleNot That It S Ever Stopped Him Before

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    I love a good mystery One where you can really get your teeth into solving it yourself, but which leads you up and down the garden path with its false clues and red herrings One which contains a range of characters some of whom you know you can trust, but many of which you are unsure of their true motivations One which resolves everything to your satisfaction with a dramatic, and in this book s case, bloody conclusion Brushback was all that and for me, and despite a couple of tiny niggles, is a book which I can highly recommend to those who, like me, love a good mystery.The strength of the book lies with its first person narrator Evan, who is an ex cop turned private detective If you mix together Adrien English and Jake Riordan from the Adrien English mysteries by Josh Lanyon and then add a dash of Dave Branstetter from the Joseph Hansen books, then you ve pretty much got the character of Evan He s a tough, pragmatic and uncompromising man who is just as likely to use his fists as well as his brains to solve a mystery or make a point Underneath the tough exterior is a man who cares about injustice, especially when he sees the weak being exploited by the strong, and who has a great deal of love and affection for his friends When we first meet him, Evan is on a blind date which he calmly interrupts to prevent a man hitting his girlfriend, leading to repercussions later in the book In many ways it s difficult to describe Evan s character with any great coherency because he s got so many layers to him As the book progresses the reader gets to see each layer revealed showing how complex a man Evan really is He s also a man of opposites who is just as comfortable in the squalor of the poorer areas of town as he is in the opulence of the rich houses He is a skilled fighter who also has a love of interior design and lush furnishings He has been hurt by lovers in the past, but hasn t allowed himself to become bitter and continues to search for Mr Right I liked him a great deal, especially as he isn t always shown to be to the perfect detective He makes mistakes, gets himself into tricky situations, finds himself outwitted on occasion This made Evan all the human and I felt all his annoyance and frustrations during the times things went wrong for him.The story is divided into two plots The first plot line is the case which Evan is investigating He has been employed to find a young man and his father for a British solicitors firm who wish to pass them details of a substantial inheritance Evan s research leads him to the young man, R.J., and his guardian, Roman The plot then takes several twists and turns as Evan tries to work out exactly what the terms of R.J s inheritance is, whilst also fighting an attraction to Roman Part way through the book this plot splits again as new, and dangerous, characters are brought into play and Evan finds that he has to protect R.J from those who wish to harm him The way that the plot developed was quite fascinating as was the way that Evan s feelings for Roman and R.J moved away from the purely professional to the personal and affectionate Evan s tentative romance with Roman is developed slowly through the book to the extent that by the end there had been a connection made, a promise of a start for the two men, but nothing than that Those of you looking for erotic content are going to be disappointed but I liked that the romance was very much low key, a subplot to the main mystery I also liked that Evan s growing feelings for Roman were not separate from the story as a whole but had a direct impact on the events that happen in the book One of the little niggles I had with this book is centred on the relationship between Roman and Evan There are several points in the book where the relationship starts to move forward, through discussion or through the physical Nearly every time this happens the men are interrupted by phone calls, people arriving or some other event The first couple of times this happened were fine but when it happened every single time, I began to tire of it and felt that it was getting a little clich d.The second plot involved the young woman Taneesha and her abusive boyfriend, Jamal This plot was completely separate from the above, except in the way that some of the events connected with it impacted on Evan s physical and emotional state In many ways this plot was used to highlight how physically tough Evan is, but also the lengths which he will go to in order to help a complete stranger It added greatly to the characterisation of Evan and for that reason alone was important to the overall story.My only other niggle about the book was that the climatic end to the story was a little overblown Then again, I often find that with mystery novels so it didn t bother me too much It was slightly jarring after the carefully paced, emotionally tight story to suddenly find a huge action fight showdown scene at the end and gave the ending a cinematic feel which was out of character with the rest of the bookI could go on at much greater length about all the things I loved about this book from the well rounded secondary characters which included a number of positive female characters, to the depth of emotion the story brought to me I finished the book quite sad to leave Evan, but pleased that this is the first part of a series There are a couple of threads left hanging at the end, one of which is the development of Roman and Evan s relationship and another which I am assuming is going to be the bulk of the mystery for book two If you like complex characters and well plotted mysteries then you can t go wrong with Brushback I thought it was terrific and can t recommend it highly enough.This review can also be found at The Dollar Bill reviews

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    This book is the start of a new mystery series involving the main character, Private Investigator Evan Austin In the opening story, the characters are engaging and story is interesting enough to catch my attention and leave me wanting However, there are numerous problems with the book, most of which is a lack of concise focus but I m still intrigued enough to continue with the series I get the feeling as the series progresses the stories will become tighter and better and I m looking forward to the next edition If you re interested in a lighter mystery with a large cast of great characters, this should satisfy.The story revolves around the main character Evan and three distinct mystery story lines The first is the main focus of the book missing teenager, R.J., and his inheritance fund The second is a young abused woman and her gangster boyfriend The third and final mystery is the murder of a district attorney and the possible tie in to an old client of Evan s Together, these three mysteries drag Evan all over the place and require the help of a large cast of characters to find some resolution Along the way, the missing teenager introduces Evan to a possible love interest and the hopelessly romantic investigator can t help falling in lust.Told in first person point of view, Evan is not a strong enough character to pull off this style of writing unfortunately While he has interesting aspects to his character, including his strong romantic edge and dedication to fashion, overall he comes off as the weakest of the cast There is a line later in the book that mentions Evan became a police officer through work and determination rather than brilliant intuition and that describes his character rather well He s definitely not too bright and makes obvious, repeated mistakes which give him a human side with flaws Sadly, those flaws overwhelm his character and leave him with weaknesses than strengths He doesn t seem to accomplish much except drink an absurd amount of coffee, shop frequently, and indulge in expensive, foolhardy crusades where he acts like a vigilante There is quite a bit of potential to the character though and when the outside action is streamlined, this may give Evan a dynamic personality.Part of the problem with the character of Evan is the crowded and multiple story lines The main mystery of finding R.J and his inheritance was complicated and interesting enough to fill the book The small dropped bits about the murder of the DA and Evan s client is clearly the focus of the next book so while it s understandable the storyline was added, it is unnecessary Thankfully those scenes are kept to a bare minimum Unfortunately there was a large and distracting storyline involving a young abused girl and her boyfriend that is lengthy and totally unnecessary That story could fill its own book and helped to keep the book focused in one direction instead of several Here the lengthy aside creates problems and plot holes in the book than it offered insight and additional interest The idea itself is solid and Evan s handling of the problem is mostly spot on but it creates distraction and plot holes unfortunately which aren t balanced by enough positive elements.Some of the plot holes created with the numerous story lines were Evan s repeated injuries In one instance, he s beaten so badly he can barely move and 24 hours later, he s running and there is no further mention of his injuries or the impact they have after one day of recovery This is repeated later in the book when Evan is injured in another action scene and mere days later he is running to exhaustion on a beach The lack of continuity in something as simple as injuries extended to numerous smaller details These were noticeable but didn t detract too much from the story.While the story had some clear issues, the cast of characters was fantastic Aside from the problematic Evan, the women who did most of the work for Evan are wonderful with vibrant personalities The characters of Edge and R.J are especially scene stealing and hopefully will be featured in stories I was disappointed that Edge was written out of the story so quickly after being introduced as his personality vividly came to life in the book Even Quinn and Roman were wonderful and added much needed depth and complexity, creating an utterly fabulous cast I much preferred the scenes of Evan interacting with others than his own thoughts and actions as the writing was tighter and dynamic with an energy to the prose that was sometimes lacking in scenes with Evan alone.Overall, this was a good first offering to a series that has the potential to be quite addictive Hopefully the inherent problems and lack of focus will be solved in the next book so the various personalities and connections can shine with a solid mystery component The potential is most certainly there and the creativity is evident throughout the book While the ending was a let down as it was ridiculous and implausible, the majority of the book was completely engaging and interesting For mystery lovers, you ll want to start the series now I have faith the next book will be even better.

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    I bought this book on a whim since I saw the price for 0.99 at .com After I bought it, I checked the reviews here and they were not overwhelming, so I decided to keep my expectation low Well, now that I m finish, I have to say that this book is not bad but not totally a winner either My biggest issue, I think, is the main character, Evan Austin Written in 1st person point of view, I don t find him interesting Evan admits to himself that I made detective from dogged professionalism than any showy flare for crime solving and maybe that s how my issue roots from Sure, he is determined to help people, but most times I find him acting rather stupid, which ends up him having his ass kicked I can t believe how many times the bad guys are able to skip his watch I m not huge on him being rather stalkery either Plus there are too many cases happening at the same time, to keep the story from being focused.I am not too impressed with Roman, the potential lover, either Not sure whether Evan and him has enough chemistry However, I raise my hat off to him for being patient enough when Evan is being stupid I do like the secondary casts, who are Evan s staffs Would like to have them around, they ROCK.So, all in all, it s an okay first book of a mystery series But I am not jumping over fence to get the second one Probably will wait until several reviews come in, if the book is released.

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    2009 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge and below is the Jury motivation 1 This was one the best books I ve read The author is a master at characterization The main Character, Evan is so incredibly likable.2 A very detailed style of writing, sometimes a little too detailed, the writing being slightly bogged down at times However the writing was smooth, enticing me along and keeping me intrigued I felt like I was a detective along side Evan Austin, slowly putting the peices together It was fun to read A very vivid setting, highlighting the fine divide between the high life and the seedier underbelly Some of the characters did seem to have unlimited supplies of money but this didn t detract from loosing myself in this world It took a little time to warm to the characters but once it had warmed up, I fell in love with the detective He was such a nice, good guy and his characteristics that at first came across as stuck up, actually ended up edearing him to me even by the end The blossoming romance was absolutely wonderful to read, moving deliciously slow, making me mork for it I do wish there had been of the romance though

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    While the first person narration sometimes rambled off on tangents, it was part of the character, so most of the time I rolled with it The entire novel needed some tangent repairs to pare down the side plots that didn t propel the story forward Now, that being said, even though the MC tended to go off on tangents thoughtwise and actionwise , his narration was interesting and personable I wasn t sure what to make of his charitable behavior I don t think he was paid for any of his work for the duration of the book, so it got to be a little much, but then I ve often found rich characters conveniently so, so take that comment with a grain of salt.My biggest complaint was the ending view spoiler The MC stole documents from Hope and with Drew s help figured out that they not only wanted the kid to sign over his trust, but also add his mother as the beneficiary so why the hell did he let the kid return home, and then go out with friends without protection It s as if the author completely forgot that the MC discovered this nugget Or conveniently forgot, so there could be another physical confrontation hide spoiler

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    Update Finished It remains at 3 stars simply because I probably won t read it again My ratings are idiosyncratic On the other hand, I d recommend it for a good read, because it did keep me guessing up until the end, and I look forward to seeing from this author So far, so good My rating might improve to four stars depending on how it ends At least the author can construct a grammatically coherent sentence and has managed to keep several balls in the air at one time I hate books where I can guess what s going to happen plot wise it s clear what s happening romance wise and so far this hasn t happened Some of the supporting characters are interesting and multi dimensional particularly Edge , which is not something one always sees The teenager is a little too well adjusted and mature, but, hey, maybe the author needs a happy fantasy Needs a better proofreader several words are just missing in sentences, and the author does not realise lead is actually led The gay aspect is just a part of the main character s life and the ways in which it is addressed feel realistic so it does not come across as issue fic Also refreshingly, no one has been gay bashed At least not so far.

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    This was a fun, quick read and an engaging start to a new series Evan Austin is a man who likes his creature comforts and makes some hot headed mistakes It makes him interesting and fun and enjoyable to read The setting of Seattle is a nice change from the expected New York or LA, and it s obvious the author is quite in love with the city Proper respect for that love needs to be given Some writers put you in a city and make the geography hard to follow, but Scofield uses big locations and neighborhood names rather than street designations or out of the way hip locations, and the final product is a city I understand enough to like.My only concern with the novel as a whole was the rather large cast of characters There were some characters I expected to hear from who were lesser used than I had expected Overall, I m fine with this The end of the first book nicely sets up the events for the second, and having all the characters named and primed means they ll be less need to fill in details later and room for a new story to unfold.

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    This is a copy of a note that I sent to Jamie after I had finished Brushback I had bought the book on the recommendation of Elisa Rolle and I m so happy that I did The book is definitely worth reading.Just wanted to let you know that I finished Brushback tonight and I really enjoyed it I read it over 2 days and I really hope that you will write another in the series although I must admit that you left the guys and the story in a good place.At the end when there was the confrontation in the park I found myself having to get up several times just to get a break from the tense situation You kept me right on the edge of my seat.I liked all the characters and I really liked the story so I m glad that I bought it.

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    3.5 stars There were a lot of balls in the air here no pun intended and I thought that it felt a little messy in the middle The murder of the DA or politician or whoever in particular wasn t particularly interesting and it was didn t serve any purpose that I could see perhaps all will be revealed in the next book It just distracted from the main plot thread that I wanted to see play out.And RJ s birthday was always in a few days I was so relieved when it finally arrived It was a good read though, with lots of action, funny moments, and I even teared up at Roman and Evan s miscommunication I liked it enough to want to read about the characters.

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    I liked this book It was a light mystery, with bits of humor here and there But I couldn t really get into the zone, that nice place where you don t notice anything but the lines you re reading, for than a few minutes I keep getting jolted out by the grammatical errors that litter the book here and there I hope the next one in the series would be better edited I still finished the book though I liked the way the plot twisted and turned I think with better editing and proofreading, the author can really shine.It s a decent first work