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4.5 StarsWhen Sean Bielecki is alerted to a scuffle at the back of his wine shop Sommelier Wines he literally had no fear and just knew he had to help the underdog The underdog in question is Bobby and meeting Bobby will change Sean s life in such a way that he had never image or even hoped for.Sean knows hurt and the need for safety when he sees it so he had no problem with extending his hand and his home to Bobby Bobby eager for any scrap of kindness he can get soaks it up and soon becomes a pivotal part of Sean s life.As much as Bobby fills a need in Sean s life, Sean wantedhe neededfor himself and this is just when he is asked on a date by Officer Sam Davis Officer Davis has been a customer of Sean for a while now and to be honest Sean has never looked twice at the man as any sort of love interest but now that he is looking, the man he sees is a superb specimen.Sam and Sean gets on famously and while trying to make a relationship between them they have to contend with family, friends and Bobby Bobby comes with his own set of baggage and most it not good Sean however does try to give him a stability that he has never had and he blossoms and literally shines under Sean s care however some things are just too good to be true as Bobby has a frightening experience that has him reverting to the scared little boy that I originally met and to compound all that Sean immediate past makes an appearance and Sam looks like the only sane one of the three who has to hold his little family together.I wont even go any further with this review without letting you know that I love this book, really love this book I had some minor concern regarding technical procedure, but overall a solid read for me and a most recommended book.Now that that is out of the way here s the fine print BOTTLED UP is a follow up to THE BEST REVENGE and they don t have to be read together as I actually read this book first and was intrigued enough by the introduction of Mark and Tyler to follow up their story to THE BEST REVENGE.This book starts straight off with an emotional scene, to be honest there was a carousel of these in just the first twenty pages of this book Sean is relatively happy, he is a grown man, with super cool parents, his own business, friends he love and who loved him right back and his own home whatcould any honest red blooded man want Yup you got it in one he needed a man and a man that doesthat moan and get snippy at the minor things in life.Not one to dwell on the negatives of life Sean compartmentalizes alot and is able to enjoy his life and carry on to enjoy the things that he does have Running out into the cold to help with a bust up is not unlike the Sean I got to know and love and because of this he and I got to meet Bobby.As soon as Sean helped Bobby in from the cold and saw the state he was in both Sean and I fell in love with him and I think my parenting urges kicked in at just about the same time Sean s did five minutes after he shovelled a second sandwich into his mouth.Anyhow back to Sean As much as he is OK, he has some confidence issues when it comes to making the next move in his personal life or for that matter being able to see what or who was around him and in turn see that there was one man in particular that really wanted to get with him.This man is Officer Sam Davis a local cop in the business district where Sean s wine shop is, so not only was he liable to be at the scene of a local crime but he was a customer of Sommelier Wines as well When the opportunity put Sam in a position to ask Sean out, Sean accept with surprising eagerness and I was even surprise at the less than reluctant attitude to the first date, as Sean is not the one to notice a guy who has the hot for him Gently does it is the motto between the two and with Bobby now a firm fixture in Sean s life, Sam showed me the kind of man he was not only did he hold Sean s hand and gave him some of the little pleasures of life that he had been missing out on but he accepted Bobby and Sean as a package deal and I loved him for this.I could not write this review without giving Bobby equal page time Bobby s story is not only heartbreaking but he has a personality and a capability to love and be loved in return that he took this book over He grab the headline with his zest for life, the talent he never even knew he had, his naive approach to the things we take for granted and just his utmost pleasure at every little scrap of kindness.Bobby, Sean and Sam are such strong personalities that they wrap you up in their lives and it s hard to imagine how anything else much less anyone else could get a scene in edgewise but Andrew Grey filled the excess pages with some wonderful characters, from the mouthy sales assistant whose only dream is for a man of her own, plus a hurricane of a customer that feels no qualms about taking Sean and eventually Bobby under her wings and he rounds that off with a few of the residents from the underbelly of society and believe me it was the entire package.The situations that Grey puts his characters in were realistic and well described With the array of characters and side stories going through the book, he kept the pace sharp and the scenes were like little photo snaps changing quite often but I was not tossed off track by any of it.I thought the characters gelled well together the angst and little secrets were edgy enough to give this book a backbone, that held strong all the way though the book Greys plot his simply, his writing style is easy and he makes the little community a thrill to visit it actually feels like my high street Bottom LineAndrew Grey has done it again for me with BOTTLE UP With a story line that not only called to me, but crafted in such a way that it would have taken a much stronger person than anyone around me to pry me away from this book he captured my imagination, he opened up a world where my good wishes for all the best was running right alongside my urge to get my bat out and do some serious damage to a few toerags in this book.He made me laugh, he made me sigh and he also made me cry and I hate him for that I hate crying over books it just damage the pages Fans of Grey s work why didn t you pinch me and tell me about this book, newbie you have no excuse not to be reading BOTTLED UP. A Bottled Up Story Sean Bielecki Has Built A New Life, Leaving An Infamous Identity And Painful Past Behind Now Sommelier Wines Is Sean S Dream And After Taking In Bobby, A Homeless Teenager Who Was Attacked In The Alley Behind His Store, Parental Instincts Wake In Him That He Didn T Know He Had, Giving Him New Courage And Direction Officer Sam Davis Has Been Watching Sean For A While Not Because Of His Past But Rising Star Because Sam Wants To Be A Part Of His Life Now Sam Finally Asks Sean Out, And They Seem To Click, But Sean Is Haunted By His Memories It All Comes To A Head When The Man Who Attacked Bobby Returns, Awakening Sean S Buried Fears, Which Are Compounded By A Hateful Ex And A New Lover Who Puts His Life On The Line For Others Can Sean Come To Terms With His Past And Present To Move Into The Future Or Will His Dream Of Love End Before It Starts 3.75 When I read one of Andrew Grey s books I know what I m going to get.I m going to get a sweet story, likely unrealistic, idealized and after some sad and difficult issues from the past are overcome life is cupcakes and rainbows and puppies bathed in glitter.And you know what That s OK I wanted a feel good read, where the MCs love each other, they don t deny it, they don t doubt it, even the teenager is special and nice and thankful a miracle is what that is LOL the surrounding characters are either the bad guys or the good guys and it s clear who s who.So Sean saves the sweet and extraordinarily well behaved 16 year old teen Bobby Sean takes Bobby in and a family is born Police officer Sam has the hots for Sean but never let on, but now he makes his move and with a few dramatic turn of events and the easiest maneuvering through bureaucracy in the history of mankind, lots of love declarations and a little help from friends all is well.I feel happy and am again reminded why I like picking up one of Mr Grey s stories. The 3rd book in a group of friends who live in the same town Andrew Gray tells us the story of how a family came together The story deals with some very delicate issues Luckily for us Grey was able to present the characters in such a way that showed the respect, understanding, and unity that can only be felt by those who truly love you.I really enjoyed the fact that though there were some sad moments the story did not make me want to cry, but rather hope that something will happen later on to make it better.In case you are wondering the other stories are Master of the Revels, The Best Revenge and though i have yet to read it a possible novella called To have, hold and let go. Bottled Up is a full romance, with all the cliche of the good old romance the hunky cop, the perfect family, the nice neighborhood , and it s also the proof that a man can write romance Truth be told, it sthan a proof, since Bottled Up is wayromantic than any romance I read lately Sean is a nice gay guy He is the owner of a winery, no apparently money issues, a bunch of good friends, a supporting family and even a boyfriend Well this last is maybe the only thing not so perfect, since no one of his friends seem to like Ted, his boyfriend And being Sean so nice and perfect, it s only obvious that, when he saves an homeless teenager kid for a rape attempt in the alley near his business, Sean has no courage to put him again on the street But Sean suddenly interest and attachment to Bobby would have been strange or worrying, if a bad experience in Sean s past didn t explain his reactions to the event From that moment on, the story flows down steadily and with little bumps towards an happily ever after, even the only nasty thing, the bad boyfriend, is soon replaced with the hunky cop of above, Sam, a patrol officer who are trying to catch Sean s interest for months without apparently success But I have the feeling that Bobby s rescue, other than awakening in Sean fatherly instinct that he even didn t know to have, also unveils some inner trouble that Sean was hiding from friends, family, but even to himself The Bottled Up of the title is an obvious reference to Sean s business, but also to his attitude towards the world, he has everything bottled up inside himself, and when he decides to let it go, the result can be only one he will explode like a sparkling wine shook too much, but the explosion can have also a positive side, since now Sean is ready to love again, with all himself, body and mind, and not only with a cool external behavior that didn t reflect the pain he had inside Side by side with Sean during his journey from good friend and aloof boyfriend with Ted, the ex to perfect father and lover, there is Sam, the quintessence of the Cop Dream Lover nice, gay, out and proud, Sam has nothing to hide since he has no mean bone Sometime when you write a character like Sam, you risk to make him nasty since too much good could be too much but this is not the case with Sam, it s true, he never once fails or does something bad in the book, he is always willing and ready to help Sean and to love Bobby, even if it s clear that he is doing so for Sean s love Sam probably was not thinking to become a father, but like a perfect man, if the object of his love has a son, there is no doubt that he has to include that son in his affection No complain for the time they lose since they are not alone, as he doesn t complain when he has to face Sean s past, a past that it s still conditioning Sean s response to sex and relationship As I said, Sam is perfect As I said the story is basically a romance with an happily ever after true, it deals with delicate matters, but the author manages to not push too much on the angst bottom More than make you cry, the author chose to make you smile, a warm and quiet smile, since, to respect to the delicate matter, he never even pushed too much on the light bottom. to follow Sean owns a liquor store and one night he rescues a teenager who s being attacked in the alley behind his store Bobby is sixteen and has been on the streets for months after running away from his foster home Right away Sean knows he wants to save Bobby from the dangers of living on the street With the help of hunky policeman Sam he s able to take Bobby in Despite a traumatic incident that has affected his sex life Sean and Sam quickly fall in love Together they find a way to deal with Sean s issues, help Bobby deal with his loser mom and a stalker as well as a jealous ex boyfriend of Sean s.There is a lot going on in this story which for the most part was interesting although at times it felt unrealistic I know it s fiction but some of the things that occurred, especially regarding the ease with which Sean, unmarried, gay and with no previous fostering experience, was allowed to simply keep Bobby with him just didn t feel real Also I felt that Bobby was too good to be true Sixteen years old and living on the streets yet he is a perfectly well behaved young man In fact, he s a model for what most parents would want their teenagers to be Which for the storyline felt wrong Maybe it s just me but I kept expecting him to act up.Nevertheless this is a well written story that is sweet and also quite hot at times Sean and Sam are a good match and their relationship was interesting and engaging. I m always a sucker for soft reads books that don t have too much angst, too much gratuitous sex, etc Bottled up was a great read and became one of my favorites, along with Wes Toren, Sutcliffe Cove, or Caught Running This story is about the bonds of family, the strength and the ties that keep them together through the good times and the bad.It s about a man Sean,relearning how to trust and gather confidence by loving someone else a young boy Bobby that has suffered emotionally and is close to becoming a victim of an act that Sean himself went through and hasn t been able to surpass The romance between Sean Sam is sweet and grows stronger as their love for Bobby brings them closer, forming a family all their own. This book had a lot of good bones It needed to decide what it wanted to be about Too many elements, none of which were truly explored with any depth Lacked believability The MC, within the first two chapters, I think, befriends a kid from the streets, takes him home, the kid is calling him dad within like a week Let s just pretend that a police officer would actually let the kid, who is in the foster system, go home with a complete stranger and that the foster system would be just fine with it too And that this trouble teen would go from troubled to tame and loving and problem free literally overnight Okay But on top of it, the MC wanders into the love of his life two minutes after breaking up with his boyfriend to the point he s confessing deep, dark truths that he s never told anyone ever.Take a deep breath and some time to explore these elements. This is an old Andrew Grey, written in 2009, and it s evident in the writing The story is nice, not realistic, but again, it s older And the MCs were sweet and perfect for each other The issue with Big Mike disappeared rather quickly and the ex boyfriend and his father also built up and fizzled out fast The young boy was quite the most unrealistic to me, but the author has a sunny side up personality and I could see that shine throughout the story Maybe this could realistically happensomewhere In any event, it was nice entertainment for the weekend, and onebook off my TBR.