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Mark Hansen Thought Working As Artist S Assistant Would Be Glamorous, Especially If That Artist Was A Vampire Black Tie Events, Witty Repartee, Gracing The Pages Of The Local Style Section Didn T Happen Not Even OnceJonathan Varga Is An Enigma True, He S Quiet, Generous, And Scrupulously Polite But He Has Zero Social Life, Refuses To Be Interviewed Or Photographed, And Insists He Can Only Consume Feline BloodWhy Supermarket Blood Won T Suffice, Mark Hasn T Asked He S Rarely At A Loss For Words He Can Dish An Insult And Follow It With A Snap As Quick As You Can Say Miss Thang But One Look At Jonathan S Black As Sin Gypsy Eyes, And Mark S Objections Drain AwaySo He Endures The Perpetual Grind Of Their Routine Jonathan Hiding In His Studio, Swiping Black Paint Onto Black Canvases Mark Hurling Insults While He Buffs The Office To A Shine With Antiviral Wipes Each Of Them Avoiding The Other In A Careful Choreography Until A Blurb In Art In America Unleashes A Chain Of Harrowing EventsAs Secrets From Jonathan S Past Are Brought To Light, It Becomes Clear That All His Precautions Weren T Nearly EnoughSecond Expanded Edition Includes Bonus Novelette Sweet

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    For a book that started off with me making a face not a good one to end upSurprised no one than I Talk about finishing strong.What I had trouble with initially was Leslie s interpretation of Mark and Mark tells the whole story Mark s a bitchy smartass Leslie clearly knows this but the problem was I didn t, so I kept thinking, why s he so bitchy This is simultaneously the pro and con of an audiobook Had I read it I would ve come to this realization on my own, but having it read to me in that tone had me thinking after 10.5 hours someone might get stabbed I should ve known better Leslie, once again, does a magnificent job distinguishing and bringing to life all of these characters Seriously, how many accents can he do Once the lightbulb moment occurred Mark began to charm me with his wit, snark and dandyism He and Jonathan are one of those rare couples that belong together, like, if they re not together the world doesn t make sense and I fell for them Hard.As Mark and Jonathan traverse crazed vampire ex lovers, poverty, grand theft auto, tunnels, underwear in a bag and water of dubious origins there s never any doubt how much they mean to each other Even when they fight, because they have very little in common, the tension builds and builds Hemovore is briskly paced with impressive and creative world building It s quirky in it s delivery and leaves an indelible mark with its eccentricities especially in its deviation from your average vamp story Make no mistake, through all the snark and banter there is a poignancy and heartache in this world JCP has created with a divide between V s and V s that s chilling in its similarity to the inception of HIV and its similarly polarizing effects.That measly little symbol is the only thing keeping them apart Honestly, I was just hoping that they d at least be able to hold hands at some point Instead I got a kiss that was truly epic I know that word may seem trite and overused but in this case it s absolutely true I think I maybe accidentally freebased some of the love heroin they produced.I was sitting firmly on 4 Hearts until the Sweet novelette happened and I found myself Pretty Woman duck face clapping in my car Don t worry there were only a couple people around It s one of the few advantages of living in the sticks So I figured, if that doesn t merit an extra heart what does Recommend to everyone I think pretty much anyone would find this enjoyable A review copy was provided.

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    3.5 Stars Now I knew how women felt when they thought they were going to get a diamond ring and ended up with an onion ring I m already a fan of Jordan Castillo Price because of her PsyCop and Mnevermind series This book is not like either of those The PsyCop series is heavy on the steam and numerous sex scenes in some books overdone and the Mnevermind is about a sweet bonding with an unusual pair For Hemovore the storyline is also unique in that this is a strange sort of vampire tale the virus, which is highly contagious, has a dangerous stigma attached to it and no one s happy to have it There s even support groups for those who dare to be in any kind of relationship with the infected, which provides a fun support group for the storyline two when the main characters get in a spot of trouble The storyline is good with twists, turns, stumbles and tension There s a great group of supporting players in the form of helpers who go from being amusing to just keeping the story unique Really liked it and the characters Price s easy flowing writing style and humor help of course Told through the point of view of an assistant, who is constantly wiping things down with antiseptic wipes and sprays, their world is shattered when they have to go on the run from an enemy and clear their names Mark has a great sense of humor and, with a few extra pounds and pushing 40, he s a delightful main character Jonathan isn t exactly exciting, and while their relationship is sweet it does miss intensity at some points This one focuses on sweetness instead of steam, but still, great build up for a new relationship.

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    2nd listen was just as perfect as the 1st Perfect book was perfect.I don t really know what to say other than this was the best audio book I ve ever listened to Joel Leslie complemented the story so well it felt like it was written with the sole intention of him narrating it.I have the BIGGEST book hangover now and I m unsure as to how I m going to get over it, how I m going to listen to anything else and not compare it to this.The story moved me I think I loved it even than her Psycop series I loved Mark s cattiness and Jonathan s mysterious stoicism In a fantastical book filled with vampires, over the top antics and shenanigans, the story felt surprisingly real to me I connected with Mark I understood him I related to him.I can t recommend this enough If you haven t listened to this amazing story yet, I urge you to do so now I guarantee you won t be sorry that you did.

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    4 StarsI ve got to give credit to JCP for she knows how to world build This was quite the unique take on vampirism where this isn t necessarily a paranormal phenomena but an alternate reality Here, vampirism is an infectious virus that one can easily contract by the barest exposure to contaminated bodily fluids Humanity is thus sharply divided into those who are positive and those who are negative, where those not infected live in a paranoid induced state of constant disinfection, which in all honesty is for good reason since there s an approximate 80% fatality rate should one contract the virus.This story focuses mainly on Mark He s uninfected and is basically the assistant gopher for artist vampire Jonathan, whom he has been secretly lusting after for years Sadly though, even if the attraction was mutual, there s no way they could ever be a viable couple since touch is basically not possible However, this depressing state of stasis is interrupted as Jonathan s past comes back to haunt him, and he and Mark become targets of a sinister enemy they desperately try to outrun I admit this started out a bit slow for me but with the added suspense, it became the catalyst for this doomed to be forever platonic relationship to morph into something so much in a blink of an eye Though smexy lite in comparison to JCP s other series such as Psycop or Channeling Morpheus, this made up for it in sardonic humor and the ever changing status of these two as new revelations or twists come to light.For the audio version, Joel Leslie narrates and I have to say I was quite pleasantly surprised My previous exposure to Leslie showcased some very strong accents that were a bit hard for me to take Though there are accents in this, it just worked this time around I definitely give him credit for his huge repertoire of distinct voices, voices he keeps consistent and straight throughout, which for me, counts for a lot Leslie also brought great self deprecating dry and wry humor to Mark s voice that had me laughing out loud in and amongst the serious parts of the story This starkly contrasted against Jonathan, who s a lot somber and reserved but also mysteriously intriguing.So overall, if you like JCP, if you want something different and unconventional, then this is another great addition to her eclectic library I hadn t read the first edition when it came out 8 years ago, but this one has the quasi epilogue Sweet that brings great closure to lingering questions some may have had with the first edition Again, I appreciate the wholly original tale, it snuck up on me and the I think about it, the I appreciate all of its nuances Thank you JCP, for the audio in exchange for an honest review

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    I think I m re addicted to JCP because I LOVED MARK AND JONATHAN I know I use the word love a lot in my reviews, but my affection for this book goes way up above and beyond a measly ol love I m talkingokay, even after googling love synonyms I still can t find a word strong enough to express my adoration for this book I will just say that this was very different from any other vampire book I have ever read before where Vampirism is actually an easily contracted virus with an 85% mortality rate It isn t sexy or romantic or desired People that are V Positive, AKA a vampire, are pretty much shunned and ostracized Okay, enough with the plot review I was so into the love story between Mark and Jonathan There was sexual tension galore with and slow build of the romance I m totally okay that it wasn t sex scene after scene after sex scene You know me, I m all about the tension Mark was snarky and witty and I loved all the dry humor you usually get in a JCP story So many laugh out loud moments when it was not at all an appropriate time to be laughing I loved all the action and the plot twists The pace was non stop and I could never figure out or guess what was about to happen I can not even begin to count the number of gasp moments I had I did NOT want this book to end, dammit I think this is my favorite JCP book so far and it s going right on my faves shelf

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    I d almost forgotten how much I like a story like this, one that is original and exciting and works logically and gives me two gay main characters who have other concerns besides getting each other naked Not that there is no sexual tension in this book It informs most of the narrator s thoughts But there is very little on page sex, and the book is in no way diminished by that I love a scientific take on paranormal tropes and this is one of the good ones A great read, and highly recommended.

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    While I would easily give Hemovore five stars based on the story and the writing alone, with Joel Leslie s narration well this one goes to eleven He added so much to these characters, if I didn t know better I would think Jordan Castillo Price wrote it just for him A truly creative story, Hemovore explores a world where vampires, or V positives, live amongst the rest of us The whole story is told from the point of view of the main character, Mark Hansen, and let me just say, he is hilarious I certainly never expected to laugh out loud over a novel like this, but Leslie imbues Mark s snarky little comments with so much personality I could just imagine him sitting there telling his tale, and I was completely captivated.There are a host of fantastic characters in Hemovore and Joel Leslie provides creative accents and amazing variety in their voices, he really is a pro.Spectacular audio aside, Hemovore is an astoundingly creative story Jordan Castillo Price has really put some thought into what modern society would be like if there was an HHV virus and we all lived lived side by side There are great details from hoagie flavored water so vampires can still enjoy their favorites to how a mixed couple kiss hello and goodbye With explanations of what is legally required, to the accepted etiquette accepted of polite society, it s easy to imagine this world thanks to Price s thoughtful insight.I ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I ve read by Jordan Castillo Price and Hemovore is right up there with the best This was a truly interesting story and I highly recommend it An audio copy of the second edition of Hemovore was provided by the author for the purpose of this review.

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    Loved it The world building and Mark s snark prowess were on point I didn t know anything about the book before going in and therefore was completely unprepared for the level of darkness and angstyland involved For some crazy reason, I thought it was going to be a vampire comedyish read Shrug Still, really really enjoyed it.

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    The best thing is finding something new from one of your favorite authors, even if it s only new to you, and the icing on the cake is that the book is fantastic Jordan Castillo Price once again gives us an alternate yet utterly recognizable world, so close in the same but different details of everyday life that I almost expected a PsyCop to show up, namely Vic, or to read about a current art exhibit of monochromatic art, think Mark Rothko but darker Witness the beautiful enigma that is Jonathan Varga he s Hungarian claps and his assistant, aide, human and silent devotee Mark Hansen Jonathan had me in mind of Tom Hiddleston circa Only Lovers Left Alive I ve wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to load a photo to no avail, you can see one on my profile Mark has been pining for Jonathan for as long as he s been working for him and in the interim has learned everything there is to know about being V Positive One of the heartbreaking horrors of the infection is the absolute NO TOUCHING for fear of contagion If this brings to mind, for those of us old enough to remember, the early days of the AIDS outbreak, I don t think it s coincidental On a less heavy note you can just read this as different take on Vampirism, but hasn t Vampirism always functioned as a metaphor for sex and related things we don t confront directly So this is a book about intimacy when you can t touch, about being different in the eyes of society and treated accordingly and how to thrive in spite of it all, told with poignancy and humor from Mark s POV It s about what s important and what makes us human and the difficulty of expressing love or affection when you can t touch On to the plot Jonathan is a recluse painter whose contact with the outside world is mostly through his assistant Mark who does everything from negotiating the sale of his BLACK paintings to getting Jonathan s food view spoiler cat blood loved it hide spoiler

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    CLick here, to a really well done review It s Emanuela s review, and she really did a great job Mine review well, it s not a review, it s just something I want to do to tell youJonathan drink cat s blood Nooooo he is not the vilan He is the good guy YES YES So Jonathan is a vampire and Mark, the only narrator, is willing to give him his blood and other male body fluids BUT NO many cats will be sacrificed to keep Jonathan aliveso hummmmm yeah, I LOVED this book, the characters and the plot, BUT i still prefer the Jordan Castillo Price Psy Cop serie.many cats many many cats were necessary to keep Jonathan alive for so long