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This is the second installment in the Elliott Smith mystery series This time around Elliot has to try and solve the death of Bill before Aaron will allow him to sell the property he has been renovating Sounds like an easy task right just put on your sleuth shoes and pound the pavement NopeNot only is Bill dead but so is Aaron only he doesn t seem to know it and he s not going anywhere without Bill Aaron s wait is a great story, with a little mystery, suspense, mingled with just enough comedy that comes through with the authors wit and humor Mr Grey is a master of character development and takes his readers on a journey along with his characters This book is a stand alone title in of it s self but I would highly recommend reading His Name is John first In doing so you get to see how Elliot and the relationship with real romantic interest Steve evolves I m really looking forward to Ceaser s Fall for the next mystery Elliot will have to solve but evenso to see where his relationship with Steve goes I m hoping that Elliot will ease up on his no commitment air and allow Steve in Sue me I m a romantic at heart I have just finished reading this novel this morning I will first of all say that I look forward to reading additional novels by this author I somewhat regret that I had not read the novel, His Name is John since as it turns out that John is a character and do not understand how the character was originally developed This does not prevent the reader, however, from fully enjoying this novel The fact that the story includes paranormal activity and influence does not take this story away from the mystery genre into the fantasy genre The mystery, ghost or not, could have been solved exclusively by the flesh and blood characters and their intuition in my opinion which kept the story very real The author used the ghost much like a good chef would use spice in a dish It added and enhanced the flavoring of the dish without overwhelming and becoming the only flavor of the entire dish.This of course is a novel involving gay men as the main characters While I am certainly not not a prude, I appreciate that the author presented Elliot and Steve in a romantic and physical relationship with without the need of describing their physical relationship blow by blow Hofully this will encourage a wider audience, beyond just a gay readership, and demonstrate to all the fact that gay men and women are just as healthy and normal and routine as everyone else and wish only to be accepted as equals.I am happy to find that the author has a number of titles published and if they are as enjoyable as this novel I will have a great deal of reading pleasure to look forward to. 3.5 starsElliott Smith works in buying and renovating small apartment building One day, his boyfriend, Steve, whom he has been seeing for several months, informs him about a property that Steve came across Elliott agrees to check, quickly drawn to the place, and decides to take the building as his new restoration project Until Elliott realizes, the building comes with a ghost It seems that the ghost Aaron Stiles will not let the building being sold peacefully Of course, Elliott has a help from John but he is not a detective, right So how can he solve a case that happened four years ago To be honest, I don t remember a lot from the first book, His Name is John , which is where Elliott meets his non corporeal friend, John, and his boyfriend Steve I guess I appreciate the second book better It s nice to see an established pairing in the series Elliott and Steve seem to be on the right path to HEA Also, having John as Elliott s partner in cime is also enjoyable, considering that he s a dead man who only talks to Elliott in his mind during sleep However, despite this, there are still few things that nagging me, which prevent me from giving it a 4 stars First, I feel that the crime solving part is rather flat I know that Elliott is NOT a detective, thus the minimum threat or action like I read in other mystery But it feels a bit, I don t know, uhm, mundane because it is being interrupted often by the daily activities life of Elliott Second, I still cannot click enough with Elliott It s like there is a distance between him and myself as a reader I find myselfinterested in Steve and John, to be honest Since Elliott IS the one get narrated in this story, it puts a bit of an issue.Third, I m a bit annoyed with how Elliott tried to keep Steve away from him solving the case Especially hiding the fact about John They have been seeing each other for months, and Steve also has a deep empathy in non worldly things, and I m sure Steve will be very accepting.BUT, despite all of this, it s still a nice mystery to read I will check out another book in this series, if there is any in the future. Random musings I m hooked on this series, with caveats I didn t like Elliott very much during this book Or maybe I like him the way you continue to like a friend you re pretty annoyed with I m annoyed with his constant internal monologues, with his decisions about what to hold back his thoughts, John, his heart from Steve And I m annoyed with his impatience with John, and denial of his gift Yes, there s something to be said for the realism of taking things slowly in love and life, but these books read as long books, and I find myself as impatient with Elliott as he is with Aaron and John Also, Elliott s behavior in relationship to his age, and to the age he lives in, seems a bit off I have aunts who are Chicago natives, one who s still living there Maybe it s a midwestern thing, but Elliot and my aunt sort of live in a previous time Or is it a rich guy thing Like someone who has an affluent background and wants to live as a regular guy, but wealth and personal history interfere, usually in the form of impatience or certain expectations of the privileged that bleed through despite their efforts These are contemporary stories, and Elliott has a cell phone, but also a landline without caller ID He uses a phonebook instead of the internet to look up lawyers, and is irritated that the phonebook categorizes with lawyers rather than attorneys Elliott s a bit fussy for someone his age not even 40 , and there s something almost retro about these books, including how the mysteries are constructed and solved Perhaps that s reflected in the kind of buildings Elliott chooses to restore and renovate.So on to book three. How sad for Aaron and his partner Bill They simply wanted to live a happy life, preferable together, but it was out of their hand Life is a Bitch Oh well, Elliott did his best to find Bill s killer and uncover the cold case mystery His romance with Steve was just a background sub plot, which I enjoyed a lot.I liked Aaron s Wait and will continue on with Elliott Smith series This was an intriguing little paranormal mystery, but for some reason I couldn t click with the characters or get into the story until very near the end I think it was because of writing style it felt a little different somehow, and took me a while to get used to Perhaps it would have helped if I d read the first book in the series I m going to go back and do that And while Aaron s mystery is solved, it doesn t seem like Elliot and Steve s story is finished, so hopefully there will be a third book in the series as well Perhaps with the two of them combining their talentsRead for the Seasonal Reading Challenge Fall 09 task 20.2 ABCs A Story plot was not as pulling as it was in first book, but still it was very nice reading material. Another engrossing read Again, the writing has that old fashioned feel to it and a lot of action is described still, I quite like it The mystery is also kind of easy to solve but I like that Elliott, who is not a professional detective, still has to muddle his way through things and figure it out, much as, I would imagine, real life people have to SPOILER ALERT for those who haven t read His Name Is John view spoiler Elliott s relationships with both John and Steve progress, and it s kind of fun to see Elliott slowly figure out that he doesn t have to hide John from Steve because Steve won t think he s crazy for having a non corporeal friend Though, I can also understand Elliott s reluctance in revealing John s presence to anyone Also, John s abilities seem to be developing and I m curious to see where they go And, how soon before Elliott s sleep talking gives him away hide spoiler What a sad and wonderful story Loved the mystery and characters A bit slow at times but kept me interested so no complaints As for Elliot and Steve s relationship, it s like watching snail porn Nothing seems to be happening there Maybe it will pick up in book three but some how l doubt it And yes, l am aware that the romance is not the theme of the book which is why l gave it five stars for the mystery I kept going back and fourth about who the suspect was till Elliot knew for sure, and l loved that about the story very much Highly recommended On to book 3, Caesar s Fall. Elliott Smith S Latest Restoration Project Is A Beautiful Old Six Unit Apartment BuildingUnfortunately For Elliott, He Discovers That Aaron Stiles, One Of The Tenants, Has Been Dead For Four Years And Doesn T Know It His Partner, Bill Somers, Left For Work One Morning And Never Returned Devastated To Think That Bill Might Have Left Him Aaron Suffered A Heart Attack And DiedBut He Is Still Waiting For Bill To Come Home, And Unless Elliott Can Convince Him Otherwise, He S Not Going Anywhere Until That Happens Or Until Elliott Can Figure Out Which Of The People Most Interested In Seeing Bill Dead Killed Him