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Adam S An Undercover Vice Cop Dealing With A Dark Past He S No Stranger To Bad Nights In Fact, He S Lived A Lot Of Them But He Won T Survive This One First, A Drug Deal He S Working Goes South Then His Partner And Sometimes Sex Partner Peter Has To Watch Him Bleed To Death But The Kicker He S Not Sure What S Worse Watching Peter Cry Over Him Or Waking Up UndeadPeter S A Good Cop In Love With A Bad Man Or A Bad Vampire, Now Watching Adam Die Was The Worst Thing He Could Imagine Until He Woke Up Now Their Relationship S In Crisis Adam S In The Middle Of A Vampire Enclave At The Center Of Los Angeles Motorcycle Clubs And Peter Just Can T Hack ItAdam Thinks He S Fine With That He S A Commitment Phobe But He S About To Discover, Immortality Is Seriously The Suck

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    I Fucking Loved This Freaking Adam is the most fabulous anti hero I ve read in a long time This book is hilarious and self deprecating and unapologetic and charming Did I mentioned I loved this It s also dirty and violent and bloody I don t know if you ve heard but I loved this Adam is a dirty cop who ended up on the wrong side of a pair of fangs When he wakes up in the morgue he s a bit, understandably, freaked out His first thought upon leaving the morgue dude just walked right the fuck out is his 15 year long booty call, Peter I Loved Peter He has the patience of a saint I would have kicked Adam to the curb a looooong time ago.So, stuff happens and then some stuff happens I have no clue what this book was about I don t know if there was even a plot I didn t notice I was too busy enjoying the fuck outta Adam and his Scooby Gang O Miscreants Freaking Freeway And Albert Read the Book

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    If someone had asked me, Teal, would you like to read this book Not only does it have a weird title, but it s about vampires, and a corrupt cop, and biker gangs, and drug cartels, and a long term relationship that s not monogamous because one of the guys isn t interested in being faithful Oh, and one of the MCs is a smoker If someone had asked me that, I wouldn t have dignified the question with a response I would simply have given them a look you know, one of those looks.But I wasn t aware the book was going to be about those things when I started reading the sample And once I d read the sample there was no turning back Talk about grabby hands The book might as well have had my name watermarked on every page with little floaty hearts everywhere and the message This is for YOU in happy loopy cursive Because, yeah, it totally was.Sometimes voice trumps all Here it s the 1st person voice of Adam, an undercover vice cop who d gone a bit too native in the line of duty, only to meet a nasty but well deserved end during a botched multi agency raid He leaves behind his devastated lover, Peter, a homicide cop with whom he carried on a long term but secret relationship.Adam wasn t one of the good guys, and he knew it Or I should say, he knows it because being dead turns out to be a temporary condition It takes him a while to figure out and accept the specifics of his undead status, and a while longer for him to bring the grieving Peter on board with the situation.I was a sucker for Adam s complete lack of pretense and his honesty, both with himself I m not the type who likes to be confined in a small space with only myself for company for very long Myself being not one of my favorite persons I tried to look both stupid and drunk Once again, little acting required and with Peter Although admittedly it s not like there s any particular virtue involved there I can t lie to Peter Oh, believe me, if I could, I would I was somewhat less enad of the whole vampire biker cartel aspect of the story which, admittedly pretty much is the story For me this was about the characters, and the action story plot was of secondary importance.The dynamic between Adam and Peter, perpetually unsettled and imbalanced during their 15 years together, is upended by Adam s new circumstances It was fascinating to watch their dynamic evolve over the course of the story And since this is the first of a series, the relationship re balancing act is very much a work in progress But oh, I do believe everyone is going to get their just desserts I m practically rubbing my hands together and cackling with malicious glee.Because in this vampire mythos, the changes aren t just physical It seems that the transformation has the effect of amping up character traits So, the angry person becomes angrier The gluttonous person overindulges The person with a powerful sex drive cough Adam cough is driven by relentless horniness But of course that s not the only powerful element of Adam s personality He s a complex character, and despite having lived his life as a selfish, unprincipled dickhead, he has hidden dimensions carefully hidden dimensions carefully hidden from himself, and from Peter aspects of himself that he hasn t been able to own But now they re unfolding, inexorably, and it looks like Adam is on his way, kicking and screaming, to being a new and improved version of his previous dickhead self.Better off dead For Adam, it looks like a case of better off undead.

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    Let me be very clear I, in general, do NOT like vampire stories The long, shoulder length dark hair and pale skin doesn t really appeal to my sexual beast within And the fact that these vampire characters tend to be super wealthy, because they ve lived like a thousand years, and speak in posh tones is enough to turn my mental eye roll into a very physical one if I m not careful, I can even hurt myself doing so So yeah, me and vampire stories We don t tend to get along very well And that s fine, I get it I like my peanut butter extra chunky, not creamy So let s just go on our separate ways But Adam Oh Adam.Over six foot tall.Two hundred pounds of muscle.Dark hair, tan skin Italian.Oh, and he s the anti hero type not morally on the straight if you know what I mean His uncaring attitude is both hilarious and a joy to read To summarize he is the opposite of everything I hated about the vampire arch type I ve been reading up to this point.Then there s Peter the complete opposite of Adam with the exception that he also works for LAPD They ve been friends for the past 15 years, and he I couldn t imagine anyone better for Adam than good ol Peter.So yeah, the characters in this book are great, really As for the plot let me say that I was confused It didn t help that I realized too late that there is a Spanish glossary at the end of the book, because I was lost a lot of times with the conversations that happen with gang members who spoke half Spanish and English That, and the use of abbreviations and such made me scratch my head at times but hey, at least I knew DB meant dead body So yeah, I was confused with the whole plot of vampires and gangs for a good chunk of time, and will admit that I still don t fully understand it.Oh well.At least the action was a nice touch, especially with the vampire super powers So asides from the confusing plot confusing for me anyways , and the fact that there just wasn t enough Peter x Adam time, then I will say that Immortality is the Sucks is an absolute delight I can t wait to start on its sequel.

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    Let me come clean there hasn t been a book by this author that I haven t liked There s something I don t know uncompromising about her characters that I adore They are sometimes aloof, sometimes flawed, they might be addicted to drugs or to pain or to a person, afraid of commitment, but what I love about them is that they have a hard time at expressing their feelings and they fight against them until they have to accept them.Adam is a man whose flaws are what make him strong, because he is used to them He is an undercover cop who uses his job to indulge in his vices His lover, Peter, is a model detective, who s always waiting for Adam s return and who forgives him anything Adam dies in the arms of a devastated Peter, but then he wakes up in a morgue as an undead and with a strange thirst for blood Adam s reputation is ruined, since his role in the operation that got him killed is not clear, Peter can t believe he is still alive and he craves blood and sex, his body can do incredible things for a human and he has no mirror reflection It takes a while for him to understand he is a vampire In the meantime he decides to investigate his own murder and the new world he finds himself in.Very little has changed he has sex whenever the need or mood strikes him, but then he goes back to Peter, and here s what the unbelievable is happening Adam is developing feelings of longing and need for Peter, right at the moment when Peter is starting to detach from him Adam doesn t hide behind a wall of excuses, he knows he is always fucking up because his will to be a better man is not strong enough, but, as unpleasant as he might be, there s such an intensity in him that I couldn t help forgiving him.The author is always able to pair up her flawed men with other men who have the patient of saints, but they are strong and are not humiliated or diminished by their lovers questionable behaviors Peter is not a doormat, because even when Adam is using him, he is able to keep a core of dignity and integrity that is the perfect balance to Adam s infidelity.There were a lot of funny moments, because Adam has a unique way of making fun of himself and the situations he finds himself in He knows himself so well, but it s incredible how he can keep his feelings for Peter compartmentalized from the rest, but they are there even when he tries to push them away Adam is not in denial of his flaws and addictions, he is in denial of what s good in his heart.If you like your heroes stable and faithful, this book might not be for you, but if you like bad boys, this is just perfect

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    Vampires in Immortality is the Suck don t sparkle, they are not even remotely pretty after they are back in the world of the living Death intensifies character traits violent become violent, angry become angrier, gluttonous become even so These guys are all about blood and drugs and biker gangs They are all about murder and crime The ugly animal behind the vamp s human facade actually makes its unpleasant appearance Anne Rice s vamps are plain boring next to the ones in this book, Adam even says so himself and I agree with him wholeheartedly.Closer to the end the snark and dark humor that sucks you in dwindles down some, but once sucked in pun, no pun, look at it any way you want it s hard to put the book down Intensity, however, doesn t deteriorate in the slightest, it builds up until the very end Can t wait to sink my teeth into book two PS I have to say I added a star just for the glossary of translations at the end of the book I wish it was a requirement to provide translations for all the foreign phrases and or slang Yes, I can get by with my bits and pieces of spanish, french, and italian, but honestly, it s nice not to rake your brain while reading a story PPS Anyone knows where I can get the in between Adam Peter 1.5

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    4.5 starsAfter being on emotional roller coaster with her previous three stories that I read, the tone of Immortality is the Suck is a welcome change phewww I don t mind the 1st person narrator style, especially because Adam, the dead, uhm well, undead main character has that wise ass, cocky, attitude that reminds me of characters like Harry Dresden or Elvis Cole I enjoy his thoughts and well some humorous comments he make Even if he can be a jerk especially to Peter , I can t help but liking his character so much Besides, it s clear that he can t really get away from Peter p Of course, the downside of having a 1st POV is that I can t know much about Peter as a character The whole mystery of vampire in the making is also a welcome change from the usual myth of vampires I like the secondary characters too, like Alberto and Caballo Glad to know that there is a sequel since I enjoy this book so much.

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    No prizes for guessing what attracted me to this book The title and cover just leaped off the page and, after reading the extract, I knew I had to read it.The book begins with the death of our first person narrator Adam He goes down in the proverbial hail of bullets and dies on the concrete floor of a warehouse, the victim of a police sting gone wrong Except, as we learn later, it wasn t quite as simple as that However, I m getting ahead of myself After dying so dramatically and in the arms of his on off lover, Peter, Adam wakes up in the morgue I don t think I m giving too much away to say that Adam is now a vampire The story follows Adam as he comes to terms with his undead state, tries to find out who turned him and attempts to stop a new gang of vampires who want to rule the gang turf of LA As well as this, Adam has to do some serious thinking about his relationship with Peter.I have to be honest here and say that whether you like this book will entirely depend on your feelings towards Adam He is not a nice man In fact there is very little that is heroic about him at all He lies, cheats, involves himself with criminal activities despite being a police officer, he treats Peter very badly, he s selfish, unfaithful and so self centred he is unable to see things from anyone s point of view except his own To make matters worse he revels in this and is completely unabashed in telling the reader what a dickhead he really is What will probably really turn some of you off Adam though is that he sleeps around He has Peter who he describes as his fuck buddy , but then he also has sex with at least 3 other men in the book one of these times is when he s on the way to Peter s house and he tells us in a very matter of fact way that he s a complete whore when it comes to other men There s even a rather amusing aside to the reader about this Hey, you romantics are protesting What about Peter What, are you kidding Have we met I m not a nice man Excuse me if you thought otherwise.Despite Adam s rather unlovely character, I really liked him He was such a refreshing change from many of the m m heroes out there that I was drawn to him Most of the time, a book like this would be from Peter s point of view the long suffering beta male who puts up with the alpha s arsehole ways It was really great to read a book with an alpha where we get to see his thoughts and feelings Adam is very self aware in that he knows that he s lacking in the social graces and apt to get himself into trouble It was this self awareness and the way he gradually started to change, to perhaps learn how his behaviour has affected others, especially Peter, that redeemed Adam in the end Adam s past behaviour also comes back and bites him in the arse and it was amusing and ironic that after lying and cheating his way through life, when he actually tells the truth no one will believe him.Another reason I liked Adam is that he has such a distinctive, sardonic voice It s difficult not to like people who make you laugh, as I did on a number of occasions, it s also difficult not to like a character who is so upfront about his failings The self depreciating wit that colours Adam s voice throughout the book went a long way towards my appreciation of his character I didn t like his actions or the way he behaved, especially towards poor Peter, but I did like him in general.I feel I ought to point out at this point that this book isn t really a romance There s a romantic sub plot involving Adam and Peter, but for most of the book the two men are apart The story is really a sort of mystery action piece, with the romance as a sub plot Most of the book involves Adam s cackhanded attempts to work out why he was turned into a vampire, what actually happened at the warehouse where he was killed and also to discover who is behind the new gang of vampires Most of this is done by Adam blundering his way around LA, avoiding the police and getting unintentionally caught up in the whole sorry business Did I mention that Adam really isn t a very intelligent man as well as all his other flaws He never once uses his brain to work out what is going on well, apart from one scene at the end and relies instead on his off kilter instinct He has a number of gang member friends who pop up in the book to help him, most of who have their own agendas as well I have to admit, I found this a little confusing at times and if I have one criticism of the book it is that I found the whole gang culture and who was working for who and which gang they were in, rather confusing at times.Overall, I really enjoyed this book It is a fast paced read with an unusual main character The plot is complex but also a bit different to quite a number of books about at the moment I ran through quite a lot of emotions whilst reading it laughter, pathos, exasperation, disgust and yet it wasn t a heavy read I liked the book so much I almost read it in one sitting and it s not a short book either , eager to find out what interesting situation Adam was going to get himself into next I highly recommend that you read Immortality is the Suck, especially if you like alpha anti heroes.

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    After so many vampire books that seem to focus on sex and little plot this one came as a welcome change.While I might of got a little lost with the gangs and the foreign speak, I was still taken on a pretty impressive ride.Adam is an ass but I couldn t help but root for him Despite his short comings he still retained a certain loyalty Even in the midst of all that was crazy he kept part of his humanity While I hated most of what he did, I still felt he deserved a second chance.Peter is great Peter deserves someone better, but I can only see Peter with Adam They need each other.The vampire parts really worked for me I could easily see this as a movie The ending might have been a little corny but I loved it anyway view spoiler What better way to take out the scumbags on earth than to terrorise them they way they do their victims I loved Vigilante Betty hide spoiler

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    Re read Still as fun, hot, and addicting as ever Adam is like the anti hero selfish and a complete jackass, but he does the right thing in the end even if through very illegal means But still likeable and charming And I just love seeing his one soft spot for Adam, though it s frustrating having to see him carelessly mess up everything again and again Still, Adam holds his own and isn t a complete pushover Once again, I m so sad A.M Riley stopped writing MMI think now that the genre has grown so much, she d easily find much popularity and success.

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    A.M Riley is probably one of the two authors who can write of Vampires and Cops, putting together two themes I m not overtly fond, and make me like the book as I would like the sweetest romance Not only, she made me love a full angst novel with cheating man o apparently so , cops toying with BDSM, even a foursome it s almost like she decides to pick up what a romance reader doesn t like and gives you the tongue, see how I write them, you like it And yes, I have to say that she is right I read almost all she wrote and was never disappointed.Adam and Peter are not new to her readers, she wrote a short story, a quite twisted Christmas tale, in where newbie vampire Adam, former cop, was still trying to acclimate with his new life, and his old buddy friend, Peter, former and present lover, had to decide what was the best gift for a vampire who has everything The main interesting aspect of that short story was the odd nature of Adam not the vampire thing, that is no odd in gay romance, but his apparently bad boy reputation It was not clear if Adam was a bad or good cop, he could have been even a corrupted one But since Peter, the perfect good cop, loved him, something good in Adam he should have seen, and the reader had to trust Peter s judgment.Anyway this is a prequel, the story of how Adam became a vampire He is quite the lonely hero in it, Peter is the good wife waiting at home, they don t have many scenes together, and when they have, they are almost always in bed or even on the rug in front of the door That this the strange thing of Adam he knows that he is not at the same level with Peter, he was not at the Academy nor at work, but Adam seems to believe that Peter is his own property, that he will always be there for him No matter that he has sex with a man on the way to meet Peter first scene together , and continuously with two other men for all the rest of the book that is something different, something he does almost in auto pilot with Peter instead is an act of bonding, and for this reason, everytime Adam feels at risk his exclusivity with Peter and on Peter s body, he claims him all over again, with sex that can be without problem compared to a club on the head of a caveman who claims his woman.It s strange, but Adam s change in nature doesn t change anything in his relationship with Peter all of above it was happening before Adam s death, and it s happening even now, with Adam as undead Actually, Adam being a vampire doesn t enter in their routine, not even during sex true, Adam s senses are higher, and he can desire something, but his particularly bond with Peter was strange even before Adam was always the one in danger, and Peter was always the one who rescued him For this reason, even if this is a paranormal romance, the love story between Adam and Peter has instead the feeling of a quite ordinary romance two men, both cops, with different expectations in life who arrive to compromise to be together maybe the one who renounces to things is Peter, but he is clever enough to know that he will be never happy without Adam, so it s better something than nothing Another thing I loved was how they were both sure, in their way, of their feelings Adam was commitment s shy, but when Peter gives him a token of his love, he accepts that like a natural, like it is something of less importance but I know that in his mind, he has scanned all the implications, and he has decided to accept it to not hurt Peter, since hurting Peter is the last thing he wants in his way Adam loves Peter, as much if not than how much Peter loves Adam.I think this is a novel that could appeal to the paranormal romance readers, for the intake in the vampire world, a mix of old legends and new technology, but also to who usually is reluctant to read a vampire novel, since, as I said, the vampire nature of the characters is important but it s not all the meaning of the book.http www. dp B002U0M524