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They Do It with Mirrors Miss Marple, 6 , Agatha ChristieThey Do It with Mirrors is a detective fiction novel by Agatha Christie, first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in 1952 under the title of Murder with Mirrors and in UK by the Collins Crime Club on 17 November that year under Christie s original title.Abstract Miss Jane Marple helps pal Carrie Louise, invited by worried Sister Ruth to Stonygates, where arrested boys rehabilitate Foundation trustee Christian is shot dead in the guest room while paranoid Edgar shoots at Carrie s husband nearby After deaths, Jane sees illusions They Do It with Mirrors original Murder with Mirrors.Characters Miss Jane Marple, Ruth Van Rydock, Carrie Louise Serrocold, Lewis Serrocold, Gina Hudd, Walter Hudd, Mildred Strete, Juliet Bellever, Steven Restarick, Alexis Restarick, Christian Gulbrandsen, Edgar Lawson, Dr Maverick, Ernie Gregg, Inspector Curry, Detective Sergeant Lake 2010 1374 256 20 1388 228 11 5 19 9789643636395 1389 1393 228 1374 1926 1930 1942 1942 1950 1952 1953 4 50 1957 1962 1964 1965 1971 1940 1976. Sure, they do it with mirrors Apparently in 1952, they could even do it by telephone By which I refer to phoning it in, because this isn t Christie at her best It isn t even Marple at her best Still, They Do It with Mirrors is a diverting read, a quick Christie satisfier.We begin with Miss Marple enjoying a few moments with a dear friend from boarding school days Ruth now lives in America, but her sister lives in England, and after visiting her, Ruth has a suspicion something isn t right something besides the 200 criminals living on the property Ruth s sister Carrie Louise and her current husband are running a school for juvenile delinquents, hoping to reform the youth through applied psychology Also in residence are Carrie Louise s attendant, her two step sons, her grand daughter and her American husband, and Carrie s widowed daughter Ruth can t tell Jane any concrete reason why she feels anxious about her sister, but would like Miss Marple to put her gentle investigatory skills to work.I love the few moments we have Miss Marple s backstory as she shares reminiscences with Ruth and Carrie Louise Despite her fondness for the universals of human nature, Miss Marple so rarely draws stories from herself she finds most parallels in neighbors and acquaintances Now that I think about it, I suspect that is one of the reasons I was always so fond of Miss Marple she s the antithesis of the attention seeking narcissist, an all too familiar figureahem, Poirot. Moreover, Miss Marple is self aware and is at peace with it Everyone s life has a tempo. Ruth s was presto whereas Miss Marple s was content to be adagio The setting is a country estate in shabby condition, and revolves around gossiping conversation than fact finding I didn t note Miss Marple displaying her usual acumen, and thought she appeared to be led astray rather easily Christie seemed to be telegraphing as well, but that is a tricky call for me I ve read most of her works decades ago so I can never tell what I m remembering from reading, and what I might be deciphering.Interestingly, I don t remember noticing Christie s subtle humor when I was younger, but I m enjoying her sly asides now Here it generally plays out in discussions with the police I shouldn t think anybody else, said Miss Marple I just happened to be looking out of my window at some birds Birds Birds Miss Marple added after a moment or two I thought, perhaps, they might be siskins Inspector Curry was uninterested in siskins Characterization was largely straightforward, following general character stereotypes with one or two developed above the rest Again, the police provide some amusement Watch Dame Christie get a jab or two in She looked, Inspector Curry reflected, exactly as the relict of a Canon of the Established Church should look which was almost odd, because so few people ever did look like what they really were.Even the tight line of her lips had an ascetic Ecclesiatical flavour She expressed Christian Endurance, and possibly Christian Fortitude But not, Curry thought, Christian Charity The rather slow build of the beginning has a nicely murderous payoff, then followed by even disaster The culmination, however, seemed hasty and morally simplified and borrowed or heralded another Christie ending Overall, it was fun, if not particularly suspenseful or logical Entertaining and quick, perfect for a break between projects. Although I was certain that I had read all of the Miss Marple novels, I really cannot recall having read this before This novel sees Miss Marple meeting up with an old friend Ruth Van Rydock and her sister, Carrie Louise, knew Jane Marple as a young girl, when they were visiting Florence Now Ruth is returning to America, but she confesses that she is concerned about her sister Carrie Louise, like Ruth, has been married several times Her latest husband is Lewis Serrocold, an idealist who runs an establishment for juvenile criminals Ruth cannot put her finger on why she is so worried about Carrie Louise, but she asks Miss Marple to go and stay at Stonygates.Miss Marple visits Carrie Louise as asked, where she meets the various inhabitants of the house including Carrie Louise s daughter, Mildred, her granddaughter, Gina, Gina s American husband, her step sons, Carrie Louise s companion, Miss Bellever, and various other members of the household Like Ruth, Miss Marple is unable to quite put her finger on what seems wrong but it is obvious that something is and, before long, there is a murder in the house.This is an unusual setting for a Miss Marple novel although the juvenile delinquents are very much on the edges of the storyline in many ways leaving this a typical country house murder mystery I enjoyed the characters and the way that Miss Marple solved the crime It was wonderful to discover a Miss Marple novel I could not remember and made reading it even enjoyable. This is a very strong 3 stars as I quite enjoyed this Agatha Christie quickie Having said that, They Do It with Mirrors reads like a Christie by numbers novel, written by rote like a facsimile of previous work with just a few of the words rearranged The characters, the setting, the plot and the outcome, it s all been done before I haven t read too many Miss Marple s The old dear and the settings situations she s placed in are quite quaint and not entirely my cup of tea Having said that, I wouldn t say no to further Miss Marples Reading this series is like spending time with a clever granny, and who doesn t need some of that in their lives They Do It with Mirros may not be one of Christie s absolute best, but it works and should satisfy most mystery readers. Lleg el triste d a en el que le vi el plumero a Agatha Christie jajaja Ha sido la primera vez que me di cuenta del asesino desde el minuto uno Demasiado obvio todo Aunque la autora intent , como siempre, girar la atenci n hacia muchos lados, fue imposible que me enga ara como siempre hace A n as , como siempre es un gustazo leer a Agatha Chrstie Disfruto tanto, y se lee tan r pido Y me gusta taaaaaant simo el personaje de Miss Marple, que igualmente lo disfrut Aunque no al nivel de los anteriores Este es el noveno libro que leo de Agatha y los marcadores van 8 a 1, ganando Agatha jajaja. .. A Man Is Shot At In A Juvenile Reform Home But Someone Else Dies Miss Marple Senses Danger When She Visits A Friend Living In A Victorian Mansion Which Doubles As A Rehabilitation Centre For Delinquents Her Fears Are Confirmed When A Youth Fires A Revolver At The Administrator, Lewis Serrocold Neither Is Injured But A Mysterious Visitor, Mr Gilbrandsen, Is Less Fortunate Shot Dead Simultaneously In Another Part Of The BuildingPure Coincidence Miss Marple Thinks Not, And Vows To Discover The Real Reason For Mr Gilbrandsen S Visit Agatha Christie the Queen of mystery Can t wait to read the next story. 3.5 5 stars I listened to this on audiobook.