The Kids Drank Pickle Juice ePUB ¶ Drank Pickle ePUB

You stayed up all night with a crying baby Dad escaped the madness claiming an early morning meeting There's nothing to eat in the house If you bring all the kids to Walmart your head may explode What's a mom to do? The Kids Drank Pickle Juice will convince you that you are not alone So plop the kids in front of the TV and heat up your cup of coffee for the third time Then dig in for a laugh and a sigh We're all in this together Martie Byrd's triumphant reign over a houseful of teens in the easy going witty tone we've all come to know and love If there's any down to earth woman out there who's literally capable of doing it all it's Martie taking over the world one large leap at a time Lauren Ford Beck Media Group So relevant to my world down to earth in a lighthearted You've been there haven't you? way You can digest it with a smileand walk away thinking Maybe I am normal Robin Kingery

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