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Sophie Kinsella has dazzled readers with her irresistible Shopaholic novels sensational international bestsellers that have garnered millions of devoted fans and catapulted her into the first rank of contemporary storytellers Now her beloved heroine Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood returns in a hilarious tale of married life toddlerhood and the perils of trying to give a fabulous surprise party on a budget Becky Brandon thought motherhood would be a breeze and that having a daughter was a dream come true a shopping friend for life But it's trickier than she thought Two year old Minnie has a uite different approach to shopping Minnie creates havoc everywhere she goes from Harrods to her own christening Her favorite word is Mine and she's even trying to get into eBay On top of everything else Becky and Luke are still living with her parents the deal on house #4 has fallen through when suddenly there's a huge financial crisis With people having to cut back Becky decides to throw a surprise party for Luke to cheer everyone up But when costs start to spiral out of control she must decide whether to accept help from an unexpected source and therefore run the risk of hurting the person she loves Will Becky be able to pull off the celebration of the year? Will she and Luke ever find a home of their own? Will Minnie ever learn to behave? And most important will Becky's secret wishes ever come true?

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    Becky Brandonnee Bloomwoodgot on my very last nerve in this book She seems so selfish so self involved that I had trouble liking her and since the book is from her viewpoint I need to like her at least a little bit She lies to everyonefrom her husband to her parents to her child's nanny to the administrator of her friend's child's schoolalthough that lie was actually done to be kind I started to wonder if she was even capable of telling the truth or whether she even knew what the truth was Her insane notion that her husband would send her child far away to a boot camp when he's already told her he wouldn't do that just really irritated me And speaking of her husband he is almost non existent in this book until the final chapters I missed him as he is a great counter balance to the flippety Becky He needs to be there than he was in this bookI keep hoping that Becky will begin to grow up and realize she simply can't have everything she wants even if she can find some scheme to make it happen I want her to see that at some point and let go of her nonsense and her rooms full of clothing and accessories I want her to embrace her family and friends with the same passion that she does her stuffOh well maybe next time

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    Same old Becky Same old lies Throw in an obnoxious 2 year old to the mix and we have cracked the plot of Mini Shopaholic Agreed I've had fun reading about Becky Brandon née Bloomwood her penchant for getting into unfathomable troubles and the way she weasles out of it like a pro It has been a guilty pleasure of mine for uite some time But this book was testing my limitsPeople like Becky should be banned from raising kids Minnie was bratty and extremely annoying for someone with a very limited vocabulary Mother and daughter alternatively got on my nerves and I couldn't take it any I JUST COULDN'T

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    A cute introduction to two year old Minnie Bloomwood who appears to be developing similar traits of her sweet but I want all the things mother Becky and Luke must confront how their issues may impact Minnie moving forward and of course Becky gets herself into a jam although her intentions are the absolute best The misunderstandings that come up as a result of secretive event planning are pretty funny and I enjoyed that Kinsella revisited an extended family member who manages to surprise everyone in the literal and emotional sense Overall an enjoyable addition to the Shopaholic series My favorite uote an unconditional act does not reuire reward

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    I've always enjoyed the Shopaholic series as it's a great beach read Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood is a zany character who gets in scrapes but is ultimately lovablePerhaps that was true for the first 5 books in the series By this point the schtick has worn down to a nub Becky is a materialistic liar and she becomes less sympathetic with each book A stable woman would have been deserted at this point in real life or even in any good book Not only is she the Poster Child for financial and personal irresponsibility she's raising a daughter who's going in the same pathFrom reading the book jacket and the first ten pages I was able to predict the end Hopefully this will be the final book in the Shopaholic series they made a dreadful film out of the first one; it's the same story over and over againBex gets into a scrape lies her way into an even deeper hole and her long suffering parents and husband rescue her just in time Fun the first five timeslet's just say the 6th time is not the charm

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    Confessions of a Shopaholic was the first chick lit book I read It is the ONLY chick lit series I still read I started feeling that chick lit was all the same I love Becky Her life is always a total mess she digs herself into massive holesand yet she has the biggest heart I love that about her Becky does get on my nerves every now then But for the most part I do love her As for this book it was A LOT better than the Sister Baby I thought Sister was truly awful I can't stand Jess Baby was okay nothing great I don't think Mini Shopaholic was greatbut it was a lot enjoyable I laughed during some parts for a good 10 mins I had tears running down my face The last Sophie book that did that to me was The Undomestic Goddess So it's been awhile lol Minnie wasn't as awful as I thought she was going to be Luke was totally horrible Seriously he needs to chill out Becky's mom wow I don't even know what to say about her Elinor shocked me She does have a heart I did feel bad for her Danny omfg he needs a reality check I was sad that Suze wasn't in the it as much I love her I am looking forward to the next one

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    35 StarsI don't usually read books in this genre any but I will always make an exception for Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series I adore Becky Bloomwood She's a character I find hard not to like with her scatty personality and her inability to walk by a designer store without making a purchase It was this aspect to Becky's character that made me pick up the first book in this series The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic as I could identify well a bit too well with Becky and her retail therapy issues It also cemented Becky as one of my favourite charactersMini Shopaholic is basically in the same format as the other books in the series Becky using every excuse in the book to keep shopping and up to her elbows in secrets and fighting to keep those secrets from coming out but of course everything goes horribly wrongIn this instalment we see Becky as a mother raising her two year old daughter Minnie who is slightly wayward and becoming too fond of materialistic items like her mummy with her husband Luke Becky is still the same fun vivid character but motherhood has not helped her become economical In fact she now has excuses to shop by buying items for Minnie Some of the scenarios are just so funny they had me giggling out loud Minnie is cute as a button and Luke is as patient as alwaysBecky is also trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Luke without spending any moneywhich of course leads to complete fiasco and a book which reads like a screwball comedy There are many humourous situations and a strew of events that had me shaking my head with affectionate disbelief at what Becky was saying and doing There's also the usual great dialogue and prose which is incredibly smooth making Mini Shopaholic a very easy fast readVERDICTMini Shopaholic is a wonderful escape from real life and a total roller coaster ride this book is never dull and although it occasionally borders on the ridiculous I just can't help but love itThere is nothing new here we have seen it all before in previous books but I didn't mind it was like slipping on a comfy pair of slippers and it felt great I love Becky Bloomwood with all her manic self destructive uirks Sophie Kinsella is still at the top of her game and for me still the best in the genre

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    Becky Brandon neé Bloomwood is back and with her two year old Minnie in tow Unfortunately Minnie seems to be a bigger shopoholic than Becky is proclaiming everything in the stores “MINE” As a result Luke is stressed out and a financial crisis doesn’t help the situation Becky wants to throw a surprise party for Luke but with the financial crisis a strict budget and a “spirited” daughter how can she?Something about this book really bugged me Maybe it was the fact that Becky takes no responsibility or takes discipline with Minnie other than saying “naughty Minnie” Yes she’s two But I hate it when mothers think their daughters are special snowflakes calling them “spirited” in lieu of actually being a parent Also Becky’s shopping addition is finally growing thin on me Girl needs some help And why are Becky and Luke together? The lone one good thing Becky does over the course of a year makes up for being a vapid lying clotheshorse in debt? Luke must reeeeeeally like herI’ll still read the next book though

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    I enjoyed the Shopaholic novels although I wondered how much lying one character could do in a book Well Sophie Kinsella has taken that challenge and upped the ante in this new tomeI don't know maybe it's the recession maybe it's the fact that I've been out of a job for almost two years maybe it's the fact that I can't stand bratty children but this was not my favorite Kinsella offeringFirst of all it's probably a bit too close to reality Becky her long suffering hubby Luke and their two year old monster toddler are living with Becky's hapless parents until the lawsuit from the debacle in the last book is settled Becky has managed to take over every spot of space with her belongings and somehow misses out on the fact that her parents have put their lives on hold while she and her family are thereSecond of all Becky hasn't learned a thing and is now passing on bad habits to a child In other words she is spoiling her child Even her husband Luke is disturbed by this and wants to seek outside help a la SuperNanny But Becky refuses to see that her child is a problem most likely because it will reflect badly on herFinally she nearly costs Luke's assistant her job as she pushes her to divulge confidential information Again Becky doesn't think about conseuencesYes maybe I am over analyzing chick lit Maybe I am expecting too much Like I said it could just be because it's a bit too realistic right now I couldn't escape into this world like I usually canOverall a disappointment

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    Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood thought motherhood would be a breeze She thought herself and Minnie would just shop all day every day What Becky didn't count on though was Minnie's tenaciousness and determination when it comes to the things she wants her favourite word is mine Not to mention Luke Becky's husband has had a stressful year In a bit to cheer him up Becky hits on the idea to throw him a surprise birthday party but as always with Becky things don't uite go according to plan and soon her surprise birthday party isn't looking like a party at all Until salvation comes Will Becky swallow her pride and admit she needs help and importantly will Becky be able to keep the party a secret?Since reading Shopaholic and Baby when it came out in 2007 I've been eagerly awaiting a new Becky Bloomwood adventure She is by far my favourite female character ever so when it was announced last year that we were finally getting a new Shopaholic novel I was thrilled and it immediately shot up on my list of books I can't wait for I was thrilled to receive an early copy a month before its release and I set about reading the other Shopaholic books so I could dive right into Mini Shopaholic And believe me I wasn't disappointedI cannot get over the fact that it's been three years since the last Shopaholic book I rather sincerely hope Sophie Kinsella doesn't wait that long next time I love her stand alone books don't get me wrong but when it comes to Becky Bloomwood I would happily read a book a month about her Obviously with such high expectations I was a little bit worried about whether I would love it as much as the other books but thankfully I uickly got into the book In fact I was laughing from the first page which is always a good sign The laughs definitely continued throughout the book so it was as if Becky had never left I did think that with the title of Mini Shopaholic that the book was going to be dedicated entirely to Becky and Minnie and their shopping exploits of course but that wasn't the main plot at all Minnie and her like of the word mine is prominent to the book but the book seems to me to be focused on Becky wanting Luke to have a surprise party for his birthday after the year he's had There's been no book between Shopaholic and Baby and Mini Shopaholic and there's a gap of two years so a lot has gone on in the intermittent time but Becky explains it all to us and Luke and Becky and Minnie have had a heck of a time so Becky decides that Luke should for once celebrate his birthday and decides to organise a secret party Because it's Becky organising the party things never go to plan and we're with her all the way as she tries to arrange it all so there's the usual chaos which I just lapped it all upAll of the characters from the previous books return as you would expect Becky is as loveable as ever and it really does feel as if she's a close friend Because Kinsella has inserted the financial crisis into the latest book Becky ends up cutting back and I liked how Becky tried very hard to stick to the promise she made Luke Although it does seem to be that the motto 'Once a Shopaholic always a Shopholic' definitely applies to Becky particularly when it comes to Luke's party Throughout the previous books it seems that Luke is only ever known to be working; constantly missing things and always having his phone to his ear and despite the fact it continues in Mini Shopaholic I do think we saw a bit of him than usual He's had a tough time and I felt so sad for him for all that had happened while we've been away from the Brandon family Becky's parents and friends return and I must mention Becky's parents God I love them All they seem to do is bicker but it seems to be good natured than anything and they're hilarious Suze Tarkie and the kids are back as well as Danny Becky's fashion designer friend Mini Shopaholic is as well written as the other books told entirely from Becky's point of view in a really easy chatty manner with letters interspersed throughout Kinsella is such a fantastic writer and manages to suck me in any time She could write a book about paint and I'd love it Mini Shopaholic has been well worth the wait and I managed to finish it pretty much in one sitting The ending gives me hope for another Shopaholic whenever Kinsella decides to write it so here's hoping Becky Bloomwood will live to feature in another book My life would be completely empty without her and I'm rather gutted I've actually finished Mini Shopaholic I can't wait to read it again soon An absolute must read for all Shopaholic fans

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    Aww little Minnie Brandon is experiencing the terrible twos but both Luke and Becky are just a little concerned that it might be than that They just have very different views on tackling that issue In addition the whole country is heading into a recession and the Brandons are still struggling to move out of the Bloomwood home and find their paradise Lots of strife and complications with family and friends in this one but my fave part of the story was the return of Luke's biological mother Elinor I feel like she was given a very good storyline This ends my Shopaholic book pile for now But it's been a good runGoodreads review published 240420