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Lillian Hunt Has Never Truly Lived Always Sensing To The World Than Is Easily Perceived, She Fears That Her Instincts Are Stubborn Flights Of Fancy, Or Worse, Mental Instability But Some Things Disappearing Strangers, Tangible Dreams, And Visits From Malevolent Creatures Cannot Be Ignored Before It S Too Late, Lillian Is Ripped From The Only Existence She S Ever Known And Thrust Into A Reality That She Always Suspected, But Could Scarcely Believe She Must Learn The Truth About Who She Is, The Powerful Beings That Wish To Destroy Her, And The Two Men Who Would Die To Protect Her

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    WOW, does not begin to cover my feelings for this book about this book I picked it up, not 100% sure what I was getting myself intobut WOW, it belew me awayI was not prepared for the journey I took, for the story that unfolded before me.It s an amazing tale, with beautifully written text Never before have I read a book with as much dialogue, and I thought at first I might not like it, but I could not have been further from the truthIt s amazing the way that Jennifer DeLucy was able to weave a story like this oneI am still lost in the words And that epilogue was heartbreaking as where the last chapters.This one had me reeling I mean it s scaryI was bitting my nails and jumping when the thunder hit lucky me to be reading it during a thunder storm right which just does NOT happen for me, the last time I read a book that had me truly scared was The Stand, I love the philological thrillers Full review to comeI hope, I can get my mind together enough to give you an accurate review 5 stars does not cut it with this oneit deserves

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    Review posted at Confessions of a Bookaholic This book was so much than I expected I didn t think it would be bad, of course, but I never expected the connection between two characters to be sizzling off the pages Seers of Light is about a young woman, Lillian, who has always struggled with her sense of reality Things that seem impossible keep coming to her through dreams and visions She wonders what could be wrong with her and why this is happening now One encounter is too real to be a dream and she discovers that she may have of a purpose than she thought The first person she meets is Christian who tries to give her only the information that is needed in order to keep her safe He takes her away from her life in order to guarantee safety from the creatures now aware of her existence Lily has so many questions but she is forced to wait till she gets to her new home in order to find out what is going on Immediately Lily is surrounded by friendly people who know exactly what she is going through She slowly pieces together the strange puzzle of her life and begins learning how to deal with her powers Part of that process includes learning how to protect herself and that brings in William Maddox Ohhh, William How I love thee mind wonders..hmm..oh yeah, anyway, William He is not like the others because of one major difference He is essentially the enemy He s a vampire and Christian refuses to let anyone forget that fact They have many disagreements and with Lily in the mix, those heat up.Christian seems like the perfect choice for Lily but something about William makes her heart race His hotness, maybe But their chemistry is incredible Wow I was floored by a few of their interactions and I m not sure if I have ever read something with such a romantic, hot and sensual male character Trust me ladies, you will fall in love Head..over..heels So much happens in this book I can t even begin to get to it all and I want to save it to be a surprise for you as well I couldn t put this book down Jennifer s writing is beyond words She has a way of making characters real without them being over the top, forced, too perfect or too messed up They were the best possible blend Even the friends Lily comes to know brought so much to this story I enjoyed them all It honestly felt like a wonderful dysfunctional family that you would love to be part of Seers of Light is nothing shy of magical The writing, plot and astonishing characters transport the reader directly into the story I went through a full range of emotions while reading this book and I know this will be one of my favorite reads of 2011 Bravo Jennifer, I am now your biggest fan

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    I m very much surprised by this book since it takes new and different approach into the paranormal world Lately, most of vampire stories tell that most of them are not truly evil Here however, vampires are bad they have no soul And there is a group of gifted people who are fighting against those vampires and ghosts Actually ghosts play even a bigger role in this story It took me some time to get into the story in the beginning and I was a bit confused that Lilly all over sudden leaves everything including her family behind when she s been attacked and starts learning the truth about herself and her gift It seems to easy for her to accept her new life But at the same time, this is exactly Lilly s character, she is strong and brave William was the most interesting character, he s very much tortured and full of self loathing and it seems he doesn t quite fit in Lily breaks down his walls.All together the author created very deep and layered characters, specially Lilly, William and Christian And I truly loved the romantic tension she created A refreshing new paranormal romance which is perfect for a Summer read

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    For full review, see the Bitten By Books Website

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    Lillian Hunt always suspected that she might be different, living in a small town in Pennsylvania, working at her grandparents store, she tried to live the life she always has, but the dreams are to real, these feeling s that something isn t right are to real.Little did Lillian know that her whole life is about to change and soon enough she finally finds out who s she s always been, and what she s made to do.Seers of Light is a wonderful book and I was blown away by it s paranormal concept Jennifer put together a well crafted element that was simply fascinating I don t want to say to much, since I want others to unfold the secrets to this book and enjoy it as much as I did, but I will say that I thought this was a very cleaver and unique look into a bright new world.Jennifer DeLucy writes a riveting and gripping tale, pulling me in with a cold tingle down my spine from the very first chapter This is very dialog driven, which I love since I like a healthy amount of interactions with the characters, providing entertainment and insight.All the characters were great, including the secondary ones Lillian is so sweet, funny, and her gifts wondrous I can t say that I liked how she treated William in the beginning, but hey, it all worked out later so it s all good The boys, Christian and William are both amazing guys Christian, the knight, always so protective, even if misguided at times William the tortured soul who knows how to push all the right buttons.I can t seem to pick who I love , so I wont, and love them both.The romance is very sweet and very gush worthy There were a few scenes that left a goofy grin plastered on my face.Overall, Seers of light is simply a gorgeous paranormal romance You can tell a lot of heart and soul went into this world and I look forward to reading the sequel A Wonderful debut

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    This is my favorite book I ve read ALL YEAR IMHO, Seers of Light even beat out Mockingjay I know it s a shocker Hmm what can I say about this book without giving away the juicy details you should be reading yourself Jennifer has created several characters that just came to life on the pages It was an amazing thing to see, and I must admit there isn t one person in the entire book that didn t make some sort of impression on me My soul has been changed by this masterpiece The dialog was alluring, the storyline divine, and the romance delicious The whole concept of the book was very original and not like anything I ve read William s character is dynamic and tempting Literally I was tempted to take the book to bed and sleep with it because I was so in love with his character Yes, Jennifer, I cuddled and snuggled with your book And honestly I m completely jealous of Lillian How about we rename Lillian to Laura It s kinda close, right Anyway, if you ve gotten through my horrible review I never said I was good at writing these things I m an author, not a reviewer then I suggest you go and buy this book now Right now Support this brilliant author And remember Whispers of Light Seers, 2 is coming out in a few days and it s time for Christian to get his, right wink, wink Love, love, love.

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    Team William Heh I adored this book, and plan to reccommend it to everyone I know.Part romance, epic of course, part treatise to life your life fully, she creates an amazing blend of the supernatural and reality The characters are so real, I honestly miss them now that I am finished I love that they are engaged in a spiritual world doing very out of the ordinary things and yet they are incredibly down to earth Reading Lily s story, I felt like, Hey I could do that but maybe that s just me Ha I am not doing this book justice, so I will conclude by saying, please read this book, it is swoony and gorgeous and smirky in all the right places xoxo

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    My review in the short version 2 starsone for the cover which is one of the most beautiful i have seen and one for William..Long version At first i loved the story..for some tens of pages i was so hooked on the story that i couldn t read fast enough..then she meets Christianand the downfall of my interest starts page by page..Ok i know it is fiction but she just goes with this stranger and forgets about her grandparents and job and friend and all the sudden she remembers them and oh she phones them and everything is great,and she hates the guts of her trainer just on the grounds of a promise and oh what a surprise he is such a handsome wounded soul and oh how original lost me.I have read similar love triangles but they dialogues kept my interest alive.Were it not for William i might haven t even finished the bookSometimes the dialogues were beyond ridiculous..i was laughing just b c i couldn t believe what i was reading..i was shocked and started skimming through the bookOk another major majooorrrr turn off was the time the made loveomg it s been a while a laughed so hardMajor Omg again Please,somebody shoot me It was a parody of a love scene And i didn t like this one time she talks with Kate,her friend and she says some really mean stuff to her and the other hungs up the phone and Lillian couldn t care lessWhat was the use of this phone call i still haven t understood.Just to fill some pages I liked William ,except when he would say stuff like i don t deserve you and i wanted to puke for a changei can t shoot myself twice

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    I can hardly describe how much I loved this book What a beautiful love story The secondary characters were so wonderfully written Anna s character brings such fun to the novel and that great girlfriend vibe that every chick needs..someone she can pour her heart out to without fear of reprisal and someone to just laugh with With all that was going on, Lily needed this than the average girl I absolutely loved Abram.he was very Dumbledore esque, and felt like a grandfather substitute Another thing Lily really needed as she missed her own grandparents a lot.My favorite character of all in the novel was, of course, William What a total package He was so self sacrificing, feeling unworthy of Lily and their love I really fell in love with him very early on Lily is drawn to him the second she sees him, which is explained so beautifully later on in the book Their love was timeless and inevitable, no matter how hard Lily tried to hate him at first I could gush on and on about William for hours.Christian s character really disturbed me on many levels for the majority of the book He was so overly clingy, demanding, bossy.but it wasn t really in the typical alpha male kind of way He came off desperate and almost kind of creepy I understand how he was feeling and where his issues stemmed from, and I tried to forgive his behavior, but until the end of the book, I couldn t bring myself to do it I liked his letter to William at the end, and I m interested to see where Ms DeLucy takes his character now that he s gone off on his own Can t wait for the next book

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    Spoiler Free Before I talk about the book, I have to give Jennifer major props for one of the best pre sex scenes I ve ever read Woa I don t want to give away spoilers, but what that man can do without touching a woman excuse me while I catch my breath is out of this world fans self so I don t pass out This is such a beautiful, deep, and touching book I read it on a flight from CA to KY and from KY back to CA, then when we landed in CA, I parked myself on a chair in the airport refusing to leave until I d finished the book Thank goodness my husband was a good sport I m so happy that there is a sequel to this book, and that it s first draft is finished I can t wait to see what the sequel has in store for us This is a must read