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My eyes were riveted to the pages throughout the entire read Does that give you clue as to how much I liked this book It ought to, but just in case it did not, I loved this story I feel a tad guilty that I liked this book far better than Stoker s Dracula, as if I am not literary enough for Stoker, but whatever, I cannot deny the trance that Dracula in Love put over me I cannot deny that it did indeed captivate and keep me throughout the whole story It sucked me into the story, and the lives of the characters in a way that Stoker s Dracula did not So be it.Yes, Dracula in Love is based off a Bram Stoker s Dracula Yes, that is true, and for me it worked It worked really good Even though this story worked for me, I do have a feeling for all you Dracula purists, this book will just not do For me though, I do believe that the author did a fabulous job with staying true to the essence, and maintaining many aspects of Stoker s Dracula while at that same time taking the freedom to change context from which the story derives, to change the relationships, and credibility.Right from the beginning, the prologue to be precise, the author puts the story into context She confronts Stoker s Dracula by having Mina address his version account of details Mina makes it clear, that his version is not accurate and because of that she has written her memoir Stoker is woven into the story in subtle ways to show how he obtained his inaccurate version of events The building of this context gave Dracula in Love credibility believability.For Full Review Polishing Mud Balls I think Karen Essex has some beautiful prose She has a sensual, seductive, and wonderfully descriptive way of writing that lured me in and made me think this would be a wonderful book I love gothic books, and Dracula in Love is definitely that.The problem with this book is there isn t much of Dracula in it Two hundred words in, and he still hadn t made much of an appearance The book wasn t really about him, or his love Yes, I got caught up in the rather fascinating story about the horror of hysteria and how women could be so easily incarcerated in mental hospitals, but I feel like if Essex wanted to write about that, she shouldn t have dragged all the characters from Dracula into her story People who are attracted to Dracula usually want to read about vampires, blood and hinted at sex, and there just isn t enough of that in this book Anyway, I was still happily reading along, when all of sudden this book takes a swan dive into WTF Talk about a lame ending It was too rushed, too unbelievable, and had me rolling my eyes It was almost like Essex was getting to the end and she realized, oops, I need to put Dracula in my story Then she rushed through this implausible narration that I found I didn t care about For a book to start off so well, I thought it ended badly I still will give the book three stars though D From The Shadowy Banks Of The River Thames To The Wild And Windswept Yorkshire Coast, Dracula S Beautiful, Eternal Muse, Mina The Most Famous Woman In Vampire Lore Vividly Recounts The Joys And Terrors Of A Passionate Affair That Has Linked Her And Count Dracula Through The Centuries, And Her Rebellion Against Her Own Frightening Preternatural PowersMina S Vampire Tale Is A Compelling Journey Into Victorian England S Dimly Lit Bedrooms, Mist Filled Cemeteries And Terrifying Asylum Chambers, Revealing The Dark Secrets And Mysteries Locked Within Time Falls Away As She Confronts Perils Far Beyond Mortal Comprehension And Must Finally Make The Decision She Has Been Avoiding For Almost A Millennium The dustcover of this book promises Karen Essex breathes startling new life into the characters of Bram Stoker s Dracula While it s true her novel is a retelling of the Dracula story from Mina Murray s point of view, there s nothing startling or lively about her characters I was intrigued at first, reading through a few chapters with hopeful enthusiasm Fifty pages in, I was both disatisfied and bored The only thing startling about the book were a few egregious sexual scenes and the complete absence of Essex s Dracula character.The author s characterization of the main character, Mina Murray, was downright maddening She vacillated so swiftly and dramatically, a reader could get motion sickness Mina was strong No, she was weak, and cried, and had to be carried a lot She had decided No, she had changed her mind sometimes in the same paragraph She raged and fought, she wept and sucuumbed.The whole premise of this book is that Dracula had not just desired Mina, but had loved her Essex gives us nothing in her characterization of the heroine to love Frankly, I disliked Mina from the beginning and learned to loathe her by the end And although Essex insists that the characters of Count Dracula and Mina Murray love each other, there was nothing in their interaction that convinced me of the fact I saw lust and desire, but nothing of atender nature well, except for the parts in which he carried her, and frankly, I think that was out of an impatient need to get to the next part of the story.Dracula was no better presented He wasn t just brooding, he was pouty He would MAKE Mina remember their love across time No wait, he would be patient and let her remember on her own The only thing Essex s characters did consistently was change their minds I m not sure how or why I finished reading this book Normally, any reading material that made me this frustrated would have been abandoned halfway through Essex had a rather complicated sub plot regarding Mina Murray s origins, however, and perhaps I was curious to see where she might take it Like Essex s characterization, this subplot could have been written plausibly, but in the end, fell short, made me roll my eyes, and think Oh, puh lease I finished Dracula in Love at 1am last night, with a muttered, Well, that was a waste of my time and promptly fell asleep It didn t thrill or frighten me It didn t seduce or titillate me All I can say is, I m glad I got this from the library rather than spending my hard earned money on it. Okay, feminist Dracula. Where do I start with you I think I read Dracula for the first time at around eight years old I can remember the exact book, where I got it, what I felt everything And I loved it It s a classic And in case you ve been living under a rock for forever, it s a Victorian novel And yeah the biting is a metaphor for sex.I mention this for two reasons one, because this novel contains some very un Victorian ideas and there s less metaphor for sex andactual sex And it wasn t the most awesome sex But we ll get to that Yes, Dracula is a pretty sexist novel, when you get down to it But rewriting Dracula to make all the male characters the bad guys because they re oppressing female sexuality and using a classic novel to stick it to the man is reaaaaaally not going to rewrite history Women were oppressed, sure Making Mina a forward thinking woman doesn t change that.I m not saying the entire book was bad The writing was actually pretty well done It doesn t flawlessly follow the source novel but it s close enough, and that s fine, considering it s a rewrite and all that And part of me is really glad to see a novel from Mina s point of view because it s Mina but on the other hand I don t think view spoiler turning Mina Murray Harker into a fairy princess is entirely the right direction to go hide spoiler What an awful book I thought, having read Twilight, that the reading market was sated no, bloated with fluff about fey blood suckers and their fetchingly helpless prey adoring idiot girls with poor judgment Sadly I was wrong, as this latest offering proved As usual with these latest examples of the airport novel genre, the writing is just satisfactory enough to offer up a hope soon dashed that the book in question will offer some point of originality, perhaps in character development, or striking plot twist, or some such literary tidbit Nope However, of all the injuries inflicted upon readers sensibilities, the egregious use of the name Dracula is probably the worst slap in the face that author Essex inflicts upon her readers I took offense at her abuse of the trust and hope that we readers would naturally place in anyone who dares to wield the title of the great and venerable Vampyr Her ridiculous assertion that this beloved and feared Dracula is not what he seems to be but something, er, else made me laugh out loud when I got to that big exciting plot twist that she had been so carefully leading up to I ll save you the time you might otherwise waste in reading her book her dracula the lower case is intentional on my part is a fairy Yes, you read that right, dracula is a one of the Little People, who flit about and cast spells, and marry mortals from time to time, and sort of like blood, but that isn t really necessary to their survival, but it s sort of nice for when they and their mortals engage in sex what is it that they do during those tiresome hot n heavy scenes impenetrable as far as I could tell Blood is taken and sometimes exchanged, but not always because it can be toxic for the mortals, but sort of not, and WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT, THIS MAKES NO SENSE AND IT IS STUPID Sorry for the outburst, but reading this book was an exercise in futility and frustration Essex s dracula doesn t sparkle, but he is just as far from being a vampire as was Edward Cullen He scared me about as much as a day old kitten, and had somewhat less personality He loves her, he withdraws from her emotionally, he hates her cause she s pregnant and doesn t know it, a pregnant sort of vampire again but he wants to spend eternity with her, but only after she reincarnates after she dies but wait, I thought she was an immortal vampire sort of , but oops now there s a fight scene, etc Oh, enough already Nobody buys this nonsense And not because it s fiction, but because it is implausible and contrived There s a difference.I need to speak out about the recent proliferation of watered down weak tea books claiming to be about vampires Enough already Enough with the semi effeminate pretty boy vampires who love stupid girls Enough with vampires who aren t really vampires, who smell sweet and taste like strawberries, and don t want to hurt you because you are so fragile and they are so testosterone powerful despite the lack of facial hair People, I m only going to repeat this onetime vampires are undead, terrifying, and smell like the grave They are full of blood that they have sucked out of some poor person s body Not out of philosophical angst, or a moody adolescent snit They steal the blood of the living because they have an insatiable thirst for our blood, and an overwhelming instinct to survive, to make it through onehorrible undead night, no matter what the cost to humanity Let s not over romanticize this, shall we Let s keep it scary, and within the realm of fiction writing let s keep it real.Oh, another thing that I despised about Dracula in Love is the stomach turning rape scene at the beginning of the book, a horribly commonplace occurrence in books of poor quality, where the author takes desperate measures to shock and appall and hold onto her readers, in a transparent attempt to make them feel sympathy and pity for her main female protagonist Why do so many female writers of tepid fiction write these elaborate scenes of female violation and degradation, followed by interminable pages in which the female s helplessness is countered or cured by some kind of supernatural male solution to all her problems No wait, please don t answer that.As usual, I stuck it through, and finished the book, a kind of personal honor code of mine, whereby I feel compelled to finish a book that I dislike, if only to better criticize it when I am through reading it But it wasn t until the end, when I read Essex s parting shot at Bram Stoker who is dead and cannot defend himself, what cowardice that I got just plain angry She says, and I quote I do not know what will become of Bram Stoker s story Thus far, despite its sensational tone and its gripping narrative, it has failed to sell many copies or capture critical acclaim Like almost all works of fiction, I am sure that it will be read by a few, and in the coming years, all copies not thrown out with the rubbish or lost in fires or other disasters, will rot in musty libraries until the shelves are purged to make way for newer andrelevant stories The irony of this insult is that it is delivered by an author whose work cannot come close to that of Stoker s, either for literary excellence or sheer terrifying suspenseful drama I strongly encourage readers to a skip Dracula in Love and b hie themselves to the musty libraries or bookstores that Essex s main character derides so unconvincingly, get a copy of Stoker s Dracula, and read it cover to cover I promise you you won t be disappointed, the way I was when I read Dracula in love And, dear fellow readers, please let s all agree to demand and read higher quality vampire literature in the future It s time I reread Interview With A Vampire, and Dracula, and any number of the other well written vampire novels out there, just to clear the bad taste of strawberry tasting blood out of my mouth. Everyone remembers Bram Stoker s Dracula It was a tale of horror and everyone knew that vampires were the bad guys But were they Karen Essex takes Stoker s tale and gives it a twist Following the same timeline, using the same characters and written in much of the same format Dracula in Love gives a total different view.In the Prologue of the book, Mina Murray Harker states Unlike most people whose lives remain private, my story has been written by another, sold for money and offered to the public for entertainment The author of the fiction claims to be above reproach because his records are exactly contemporary But these records are falsified documents, based on the the lies of a cabal of murderers desperate to conceal their dark deeds She then continues on with the real story The story of her life, her engagement, Lucy, the doctors, and of course, The Count This story is a tale of erotic obsession and a romantic love that goes deep centuries deep It is also a tale of horror and sadness and a realization that all is not as it seems.I adored the original Dracula and really was wondering how Ms Essex was going to pull this one off Ah, she did an impeccable job making me wonder and feel that her story was really the truth and the other was just a fabricated lie to make money Oh, yes Mina s story was powerful and captivating.I took my time reading this novel It screamed that it needed to be savored, and savor it I did This book will be one that will stick with me for a while Being a Dracula fan it s one of my favorites this novel shook and twisted my views of many of the characters It now feels like it belongs with the original story like the flip side of the coin.If you haven t read Stoker s Dracula , don t worry You won t feel you are missing a thing, but you will most likely want to read it after you ve finished Dracula in Love because you ll need to know what is in the original story If you have read and enjoyed Stoker s Dracula, you will want to read this version This is one of my favorite reads this year Highly recommended.Parental warning Contains some descriptive sexual content. This is a terrible book Not only is it derivative in concept and lacking in style, but it s also incredibly lazy If you re going to write a faux Victorian novel then I would think it wise to do at least some very basic research first, in order that it isn t full of glaring errors With the best will in the world, even if the book had been otherwise fantastic it would have been hard not to laugh at an Anglo Irish Victorian lady shouting at Dracula Quit following me , or the sight of vultures swooping over Whitby going unremarked None of the characters seem even half way believable as either Victorians or people Plus, having waited half the novel for Dracula to appear he turns out to be an ineffectual, sulking bore Not as anticlimactic as The Historian Elizabeth Kostova , nor, mercifully, as long Don t take that as a recommendation though.Every idea in this book has been done to death elsewhere, and almost certainly done better A rethinking of Mina Harker Try The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Alan Moore Mina and Dracula s romance Try Francis Ford Coppola s Bram Stoker s Dracula , if you can stomach Keanu Reeves acting Victorian Mental Institutes Prisons Try Fingersmith Affinity Sarah Waters Limitations of a Victorian Woman s Life Try The French Lieutenant s Woman John Fowles , or an original text like The Woman in White Wilkie Collins That s just off the top of my head There are so many books I would recommend that you read before this I couldn t possibly list them all Summary A careless and dull genre rip off which is neither intelligent nor entertaining, and at times is almost embarrassingly bad. 4 ish.Dracula in Love isn t just a fill in the gaps retelling of Dracula, fleshing out the story from Mina s point of view No, it is a sort of feminist retelling in which Mina asserts that the story that everyone knows, the story that s been told by men, is false True to their Victorian beliefs and mor s, the men have cast the women of the story as either saints of harridans, relegating them to sidelines to seethe or swoon as they may But thinking, feeling, intelligent Mina isn t having it There is so muchto Mina s story, things her husband and the doctors and lovers who have spun the story so far have no idea about Because for Mina, the story begins long before Jonathan travels to the continent to do business with a CountIt s been a long, long while since I read Dracula I was thirteen, and I devoured it, but in some ways, it left me unsatisfied I think that same dissatisfaction may have been the impetus for Essex s reimagining of the tale, at least in part I mean, the story is so wrought with Victorian fear of female sexuality and human passions in general, so to have it told by a female character who is neither sinner nor saint but just human and humanly flawed, with human cravings it fills the tale out and makes itauthentic and powerful to me I really, really liked the idea of getting Mina s side of the story, and of having Mina be lass passive and perfect andpassionate and strong In that respect, I got what I wanted out of the story.But what I wasn t expecting, and what I found most fascinating, was her interactions with the men of the story, human and inhuman alike Dracula s role in this is not the demonic, power mad, lustful creep of a villain Or at least, not for the most part There is certainly a fair amount of lust and a good deal of power and submission But he bears no resemblance to this guy in looks or manner Though he is somewhatunnatural, I guess you d say, he s not really the villain of the piece Dracula doesn t appear to be all encompassing evil He was terrifying to the Victorians for what he made them confront lust, mortality , but a thinking, passionate woman need not necessarily fear, so Mina s reaction to him, slowly evolving, intrigued, is appropriate and enjoyable.All of the domineering men, Drs Seward and Von Helsinger, Arthur Holmwood Godalming, even sometimes Mina s husband Jonathan, they re the ones you have to watch out for And they re the perfect types of villains to creep the bejeezus out of me, because they are overzealous fools given unchecked power they shouldn t have, over people who have no real defense against them Reasons this makes my skin crawlthan monsters under my bed a they feel completely justified in the awful things they do, b their victims have no real recourse, because in the eyes of the law, they are justified, c just by virtue of being men, they win control, and anything one could try to take control back would further cement their authority and add to their claims that everything they re doing is justified, and d they are 100% real I mean, not these particular characters, of course But men like them, Victorian psychiatrists and the like, really did exist and practice horrific things on people whom we would consider completely sane It s this horrible vicious circle that meant that any woman in the Victorian era who had the audacity to express a lustful thought was fair game for their experimentation and curing and if she dared stand up for herself and fight, it was further proof that she was insane and needed curing.I think this is where Essex s book shines Her human characters can be pretty monstrous, and her portrait of Victorian life and what it meant to be a woman, especially a passionate woman, is very well realized You can tell she has done a lot of research and a lot of work to bring Mina s world to life Mina herself straddles the line between proper Victorian woman and fully realized, passionate woman She has friends in her life who aren t afraid to express their passions and break the mold, and they are presented in realistic ways, as forward thinking suffragettes, etc, lendingauthenticity to the tale Because of them, Mina doesn t feel out of place, and the story doesn t feel false or as unrealistic as it could have, given the setting It was reminiscent of the original, but modern and feminist and womanly enough to be believable I m sure Mina would have struggled with some of the things she struggled with, and the feelings and dreams and ordinary experience of sexual awakening and how startling that is for her From this aspect, it is very well done.There were some minor setbacks for me There were times, especially in the beginning, when I just wanted the story to move on I am not a big fan of excessive description I am all for setting a scene, and for showing, not telling, but I getthan a little antsy when I feel like useless description has brought the action to a halt This is a style preference, and I know there are plenty of readers out there who love to have all the minutia described so that they can really see everything in detail But for me, there were times when I wanted to skim or set the book aside because it wasn t getting on with it at a quick enough pace for me This was less a problem for me as the story moved along and got into the meat of it, especially once they reached the asylum.I think there are also those who will be put off by the sexualization of the story I never found it to be pornographic per se, but it certainly leans toward the erotic at some points I think this is in keeping with the original in a weird way, since it was so very much about repression and forbidden sexuality ie, everything that screams Victorian While it s never what I would really call explicit, it will most certainly make some people blush I wouldn t suggest reading it to your grandma Well, I may have read this to my grandma She would have cracked up There were times when everything was a little over the top for me, or a little timed It s been X pages, time for some writhing But overall, I found it an interesting way to modernly explore what was actually a sexualized tale la Victorian mor s.I don t remember Dracula enough to really compare specifics, but I think it s certainly an interesting riff on the story Especially to have Mina telling the tale, firmly and with conviction, because Mina was always the focal point for me anyway The added gothic elements, like Mina s lifelong bouts with supernatural and Essex s take on the vampire mythology, as well as the very creepy, very gothic and very authentic use of early psychiatry, really brought the book to another level, and made it creepy in a new, modern way That sounds like a contradiction, that the use of the Victorian beliefs made it creepy in a modern way But I think you know what I mean I hope It didn t completely sweep me off my feet, but for the most part, I was pretty pleased with Essex s take and the Mina she presents If you re not adverse to a little lovin , and you enjoy the gothic ambiance, I d recommend this one. Beach Vacation Read 6 My habit of borrowing any ebook that sounds remotely interesting does not always pay off DNF.This is dire It starts off with high purple prose in its pseudo Victorian way, and it only gets worse from there The heroine is sexually assaulted by page 11 and spends half her time during the assault fretting about what other people would think of her morals, in particular what her fianc would think In my mind, I saw Jonathan receive the news, his stricken face turning white, shying away from me in disgust How could any man, even one as kind as Jonathan, look upon a woman the same way after this kind of shame pp 11 12 This is a sentiment perhaps appropriate for the historical setting, but I found it appalling to read here Luckily for the heroine, as the scene progresses, she did not need to fear for she was rescued from her rapist by page 13, still technically a virgin, by the fortuitous intercession of a mysterious and alluring man who then retreats into the night in a paragraph that makes me think the author secretly wanted to write a screenplay instead of a novel In the distance, I saw a shiny black coach with unlit lanterns and two strong black steeds to lead it Thunder crashed again, and lightning darted through the open sky The horses neighed, one rearing on its hind legs, while the other seemed to call out to the heavens pp 13 14 The prose actually gets progressively worse, until by page 45 the heroine is describing the joy of discovering masturbation at age twenty two, the precocious girl Which leads me to my killscene for this novel, the line of which I absolutely could not read beyond I felt nothing but the wet, creamy, hot walls of my own body pp 45 46 One thing I have to say about ebooks The format makes it terribly difficult to leaf through a book in the hope of coming across any scenes to reengage my interest In lieu of that, I checked some other readers reviews to see if there was any part of this book worth getting back into and found aside from the fact I am not the only reader to have found the masturbation scene cringeworthy a blurb for this book stating it was the novel for Twilight s grownup fans according to Michelle Moran, an author I ve never heard of before but am now actively avoiding Only the fact I was reading this on my precious ereader kept me from flinging the book to the wall in disgust.Quotes pulled from ISBN 9780385533614.Beach Vacation Reading List November 2011 1 Silver Phoenix 2 The Steerswoman s Road 3 Kraken 4 Feed 5 Witches Abroad 6 Dracula in Love 7 A Moveable Feast 8 Speed of Dark