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If you re looking for a quick, entertaining left field read that will supply you with the odd chuckle and occasional grin, then Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk will satisfy Sedaris is a damn good writer He takes the common and occasionally not so common animal and puts them in a variety of human esque predicaments that still greatly adhere to the laws of the animal kingdom It can be sweet and funny one moment, or surprisingly cruel and brutal at other times Various animal characters have conversations, arguments, and heartfelt moments Sometimes it s surface level, sometimes it s deep and insightful, and sometimes they dispense with words entirely and just tear each other apart literally For an extra bonus, listen to the audio book featuring the voice talents of Elaine Stritch, Dylan Baker, Sian Phillips, and David Sedaris Makes for some fun storytelling A solid three stars for a good book. Awww, they think they re people KAWAIII Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk is not your typical David Sedaris, self confessional book It s a collection of short stories in which animals have, for the most part, human conversations Fun, fairly light stuff with a bit of clever dashed in now and then as always found in a stew of David Sedaris stories Light reading, yes, pleasant and positive Not alwaysWhat else could be expected from Sedaris Dude s got a dark sense of humor These stories might be fictional, they might not be self referential, but they re pure Sedaris Listening to his previous books on cd and having seen him live has given me a taste for hearing his voice put to his words as well as totally making us besties, even if he doesn t know it yet The way he narrates them adds a good deal of flavor That flavor may be a bit sour or a tad reminiscent of bile even, but I find small portions of it absolutely delicious Clearly I need to go eat.Rating 3.5 Featuring David Sedaris S Unique Blend Of Hilarity And Heart, This New Collection Of Keen Eyed Animal Themed Tales Is An Utter Delight Though The Characters May Not Be Human, The Situations In These Stories Bear An Uncanny Resemblance To The Insanity Of Everyday Life In The Toad, The Turtle, And The Duck, Three Strangers Commiserate About Animal Bureaucracy While Waiting In A Complaint Line In Hello Kitty, A Cynical Feline Struggles To Sit Through His Prison Mandated AA Meetings In The Squirrel And The Chipmunk, A Pair Of Star Crossed Lovers Is Separated By Prejudiced Family MembersWith Original Illustrations By Ian Falconer, Author Of The Bestselling Olivia Series Of Children S Books, These Stories Are David Sedaris At His Most Observant, Poignant, And Surprising Wow, this book is incredibly disturbing Instead of Sedaris s usual personal essays, here are dark, dark fables starring talking animals, each story brimming with all the horrible things people say and do to each other, and ending with an even horrible zinger The writing is clever, and I even chuckled occasionally, but I just couldn t get past the subject matter Picture adorable children s picture book pig Olivia with her eyes plucked out, and you have an idea about Ian Falconer s creepy accompanying illustrations The narration was the best part Sedaris is so good at reading his own material, though in this case he only reads a couple of the stories, and Elaine Stritch, Dylan Baker, and S an Phillips join him, and ably, for the rest but they were still reading really disturbing stuff Usually, Sedaris has me laughing helplessly This time, I was just wincing and waiting for it to be over. No, I did not forget to assign a star rating This book gets ZERO stars I hated it Really despised it In fact, David Sedaris should give me 5 stars for reading this piece of trash I have always been a fan of David Sedaris I was thrilled when I heard he had a new book out I saw his appearance on the Daily Show and he was hilarious He talked about the book and it sounded awesome, so I ordered it through the next day Paid for expedited delivery Couldn t wait for it to arrive I started it soon after it showed up at the front door I did not like the first story, but I knew it would get much better After all, it was written by David Sedaris The second story was no better, not even slightly interesting Then things really went downhill The stories were both boring and repulsive a rare combination that made them even worse than that sounds I read the whole damn book because Sedaris s previous books have always been great they always made me laugh out loud Well I can t say that any Sedaris should be ashamed of this collection of odds and ends he picked up at the flea market In conclusion, and in keeping with the theme of the book, here s the blurb that should appear on the back cover If you put a thousand monkeys in a room with a thousand typewriters for a thousand years they will eventually write the works of Shakespeare but not even a monkey would enjoy this Sedaris book David Sedaris, you owe me 10.99 A funny little book of stories starring animals in the place of people The audio was fun especially the tales narrated by Elaine Stritch.I don t think I would have enjoyed it as much if I had read it instead Also, the price seems kind of high to me for such a short book Thankfully, I checked this out of my library for free LIBRARIES RULE I wanted to love this book, I really did I have seen Mr Sedaris read live several times and have always found him hilarious, so I thought I would listen to the audio version and see if I fared any better than the print version had with most of the readers on here, who seemed to be left cold by this latest offering.On the plus side for the audio version, you get not just David Sedaris, but the incomparable Elaine Stritch, who raises the level of positively everything she is associated with there are a couple of other readers, who are quite good as well You also get a bonus story Well, perhaps the bonus story goes on the minus side, as it is a rather sickening tale of vomit eating flies.I smiled occasionally listening to this book, but I didn t laugh once I get it, I do it is meant to be a wry commentary on what assholes people are I just didn t think it was funny This is from someone who has laughed herself sick at other Sedaris offerings.I will say, the stories are imaginative and well crafted only David Sedaris could give us an owl gerbiling a hippo It wasn t an awful book, but it was a disappointing one. sat ire sa t r nounthe use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.I ve come to realize that I m particular about satire, especially when it s supposed to be funny I like smart humor first make me laugh, then make me think I like Jon Stewart, I like The Onion, I like The Simpsons I could go on, but the point I m making is that I like my satire to have bite and sharp edges, but most of all it should be funny And when I think David Sedaris, I think funny Well, correction I THOUGHT funny Because this, despite all of the lies endorsements about being just the kind of edgy funny I should like, was just not fucking funny Anthropomorphism doesn t make being a shithead funny It was the other kind of satire like Flatland It s exaggeration in the extreme The horrible is the point kind of morality lesson satire Blech That s all I have to say This will be going into the donate for firewood pile. David Sedaris is such a fudging ray of sunshine I m using the uncomfortable word fudge in this review as much as possible because I find it extra obscene and sweetly domestic at the same time Kind of like Sedaris Also, weirdly, I just found out that will allow fudge as a replacement for fuck, though to me there is a obscene quality to fudge, despite the fact that it is a yummy desert Anyway, I never realized before that it could make Sedaris stories even hilarious to anthropomorphize some animals in them WITH IAN FALCONER ILLUSTRATING Holy crap Warms the fudging heart The O Malley family basically nailed it when they said this is a book of fables about a bunch of assholes It gets pretty touching and complex on the asshole theme Especially for something that takes, like, two hours to read I m not saying this is better than his other books, because that would probably be a lie, but I think it s at least as good as most of them.There are so many things in my life to free associate with these stories because he got it all so fudging right, but I m going to narrow it down to just a couple First, Sedaris obviously understands what sociopaths bunnies are The bunny story was so so true So so true And something that people need to know about.Second, childbirth I have never born a child, so my opinions about child raising and childbirth have to do with observational studies than actual experience One of the stories in Squirrel is about a crow, and she s a mom who s not in love with the job Then she meets a sheep, who is also a mom, but a mom totally impressed by her own momness This is something I ve seen happen So, the sheep mom reminds me in many ways of a dear, dear friend of mine, who I totally love, and who is a sometimes goodreader I feel pretty okay making fun of her about an incident that happened with us because I ll make fun of her to her face about it, and because I knitted her a bunch of baby sweaters, so that s gotta count for something This story is probably going to horrify you, though Consider yourself warned So, the sheep mom in Sedaris story explains to the crow mom that after her child s birth, she ate her placenta because it promotes bonding with her child Now, I know that this is not the reason for eating placenta after childbirth the real reason is that it contains natural opiates, so if you re bummed out by childbirth and, really, who isn t , it makes you feel better about the whole ordeal I guess that promotes bonding, though, so maybe the sheep was right How do I know this information Because one of my dear friends cares a lot about people eating placenta Like, she cares a lot Granted, she was a midwife in India for a while, so it makes some sense Still, though A few weeks after my friend had her first baby, she had worked her way through the placenta pills that the midwife made for her, and she sent me the email below The subject line was, does she ever kiss luke I have another friend, who is a non placenta eater, but who has a son named Luke I thought it was from that friend and was freaked out right away that she was asking me if someone was kissing her son The rest of the email made no sense in or out of that context She said, I really only called you to tell you to marry that guy who likes pam, get pregnant and eat only organic foods, no drugs meaning like advil and then give me your placenta.I only have 6 pills leftwhat to do otherwise I will start the Common Reader today.Do we need to renew the library books I finished the color of water signature PS Do Luke and Lorilie ever get is killing us I realized after I stared at the email for a while that all of the people she mentions are characters from TV shows that I had loaned her I told her, though, that if I ever see her down a dark alley, I m putting a stake through her heart No questions asked Anyway, this story came up during semennacht, and I told Elizabeth I would tell it sometime So, there you have it.This friend just had her second baby, who is just as snuggly and adorable as the first, and now her thing is that she s not going to use diapers, but she s going to constantly monitor the baby, learn her signs, and hold her over the toilet when she has to pee Again, I love this friend, but that seems really inconvenient When she reads Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, one of the things she will probably realize that doing silly, inconvenient, and gross things for her child does not necessarily make her a better mother But, if she thinks it s fun, whatever I think it s fun to write book reports, so who am I to judge You probably already know by now if you like David Sedaris or not, so I d be silly to try to sell him to you My strategy here has been to embarrass a personal friend while kind of grossing you out Making his style my own, if you would If you haven t already read Sedaris, my advice is to read Me Talk Pretty One Day first I think that s the best intro to him This one has taken its place as one of my favorites of his for fudging sure, though. Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk A Modest Bestiary by David Sedaris is like Aesop and William Burroughs having a tough weekend outside the methadone clinic Actually it is like a cross between Woody Allen absurdist neurosis and Eudora Welty Southern Gothic grotesque with a nod to Gary Larson s The Far Side This is the second book I have read by Sedaris, the first being When You Are Engulfed in Flames, and though I very much liked the first book, I was disturbed by Sedaris himself He came across as self centered and petty Could be that is the caricature he presents to sell his comedy, but the affect was too close for my liking Both books are hilarious, I smiled frequently and there were many laugh out loud scenes in each I actually liked the anthropomorphism better it served to soften the impact of his snarky delivery Still a lot of disturbing images, even sometimes funny at the same time, but if a reader is not offended by the rest of the book, then one of the last vignettes was by far the best a great horned owl, a hippopotamus, a gerbil and a troupe of singing leeches Funny.