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Laugh Out Loud Funny, And A Tiny Bit Disturbing In Other Words, Perfect The Huffington PostAn Amusing And Captivating Tale That S A Delightful Primer For Laughing At The Inevitable If You Re A Dinosaur, All Of Your Friends Are Dead If You Re A Pirate, All Of Your Friends Have Scurvy If You Re A Tree, All Of Your Friends Are End Tables Each Page Of This Laugh Out Loud, Illustrated Humor Book Showcases The Downside Of Being Everything From A Clown To A Cassette Tape To A Zombie Cute And Dark All At Once, This Hilarious Children S Book For Adults Teaches Valuable Lessons About LifeFrom The Sock Whose Only Friends Have Gone Missing To The Houseplant Whose Friends Are Being Slowly Killed By Irresponsible Plant Owners Like You , All My Friends Are Dead Presents Hilariously Entertaining Stories About Life And Existential PredicamentsThe Simple Yet Effective Imagery, The Personification Of Inanimate Objects, And Short, Hilarious Quips Come Together To Create An Amusing Adventure Through Each Character S Unique Grievance And Wide Eyed DilemmasWritten By Avery Monsen, An Actor, Artist, And Writer And Jory John, A Writer, Editor, And Journalist They Are Friends, And Neither Is Dead YetAll My Friends Are Dead Is Both The Saddest Funny Book And The Funniest Sad Book You Ll Ever Read Children S Book Written For Adults Displayed In An Accessible Cartoon Form

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    david sent me an awesome birthday box, and this book was inside, ready to make me laugh at the misfortunes of dinosaurs, snowmen, and cassette tapes.oh, and also, me however, the really poignant thing about this book is that there was a small fire at the store on sunday, and the water from the putting out of the fire leaked down to the ground floor, onto the table where this book was featured so guess what all this book s friends are indeed dead drowned and waterlogged and swollen with nasty cindered firewater so thanks for all the birthday cheer, and when you see this book on a table somewhere, take a moment to read through it and laugh at the misfortunes of others, and pour out a little of your OE for all the book s dead homies why are you drinking malt liquor in a bookstore, you degenerate go home come to my blog

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    A dinosaur says all it s friends are dead Then a baker says all his friends are bread Then a zombie says all his friends are undead I m surprised they missed so many other hilarious opportunities How about a pencil saying all it s friends are lead Or what about a tired guy saying all my friends are beds You could have a native saying all my friends are red Or even Colonel Kurtz, sitting on a throne of decapitated bodies, saying all my friends are heads Sometimes this book will mix up the humor a bit, throwing in a joke other than the usual pun One page has a tree saying all it s friends are end tables Then, when you turn the page, you see an end table saying I was never your friend In another hilarious gag, a ventriloquist says All my friends are dummies When you turn the page, he s still sitting there with the dummy But wait Turn the page once and now the dummy is looking at him That one really got me Then he kisses the dummy As of this writing, All My Friends Are Dead has 4.43 5 on Goodreads That puts it ahead of Heart of Darkness, Frankenstein, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, and most of the works of Shakespeare I don t know what to say about this Maybe one of the pages should have had the Bard saying A lot of Goodread users are retardead.

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    I read this book tonight It took me 5 minutes It was hilarious 5 minutes well spent This one has to be my favorite

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    One of the greatest joys of GoodReads is stumbling on a book due to a friends review Though humor is subjective and there isn t really much I can say about All My Friends Are Dead other than it is hysterical, I owe my laughter to Matthew This was my favorite though I loved them all and really liked how the whole book came together Simple, fast and fun.

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    The vagaries of the reading life are a funny thing Sometimes you ll blow a big wad of cash for a hardback and the thing will suck raw eggs Sometimes you pay a buck or less at some Library book sale or garage sale and discover an absolute treasure that stays with you for the rest of your days My favorite example is The Collected Poems of Philip Levine, a just a criminal inversion of cost vs worth which I paid a buck for over 15 years ago and have read with great joy over and over again A variance on this is the books you don t even pay for, that you just pick up and leaf through at a store All my friends are Dead is an example of this I stumbled across this while I was weighing the relative merits of some heavier tomes on the display table at my local BN The cover shows some dopey cartoon dinosaur along with the title I thought maybe it was some charming kiddie tale of some resurrected dinosaur coming back to life in the 21st century and being all alienated and mopey and suffused with ennui because all his dino posse from the before times have been dead and morphed into fossil fuel these many years But that s not the deal here or the whole deal It does feature a dinosaur trying to grok the message of death as a comet hurtles towards him But it also features many other funny and forlorn characters wrestling with that biggest of all philosophical stumbling blocks There is some beatnik looking oldster who is lamenting his passing days, there is a tree talking about his friends all being end tables and there is a tube sock fiercely missing his only friend Funny shit I stood and read the whole book, not long, but I stayed to the end The only happy person in the whole book The Grim Reaper himself, whose caption read Man, this job makes me feel alive Boy, I laughed at that one.So, laughter, real smiles A cute book and a little poignant too Is there anything noble, foolishly brave and human, than laughing in the face of death It s a sad fact of my reading life that this little cartoon book had to say, and said it with grace and panache than many huge tomes I ve picked up over the years The vagaries of the reading life

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    World s shortest read, my shortest review This is a super entertaining picture book for adults Each page contains a picture with one short sentence, just like in a kid s book It reminded me a comedian s deadpan one liners, except with the added fun of having them illustrated right in front of you Super clever and surprisingly profound, it shows you how everyone and everything like socks and cassette tapes have it tough Who knew I d find myself sympathizing with inanimate objects, lol You can read this little gem in about 5 minutes, and it s worth the time I bought it on Kindle for just 1.99, seriously wondering whether I d be able to see the pictures and text clearly The answer is yes It probably would have been fun to have read it in hardback with color and nice shiny pages , but it s pretty cool that it works on an e reader Thanks, Betsy, for your great little review that told me about this book

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    All My Friends are Dead This book is awesome Very quick, fun, and dark book Highly recommend I want to buy the physical book to and give it as a gift

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    so are my dreams buddy

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    My daughter asked for this for her 21st birthday Of course, I peeked okay, I m lying, I read the entire thing in about 10 minutes This is, in essence, a book for existential children or child existentialists or cynical adults who don t like to read but like grim humor in the form of a children s book If Sartre had had children did he I don t know, but I suspect not , he would have read this to them at bedtime every night Because any night could be your last PS I liked the glue entry the best Yes, there s really a glue entry and it s funny and morbid just go read it

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    An amusing Picture book where various odd characters talk about their friends in witty one liners.It s so simple I think I can make my own versions about this, minus the illustrations of course.All my friends are Imaginary Ummm Should we be concerned about Sreyas No, Wait Scratch that I am not making my own version.Did he sell his friends Or did he eat them What s happening here