Pickles to Pittsburgh A Sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of

In this charming sequel to the classic Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Kate and Henry eagerly await Grandpa's return from a vacation that his postcard says has been one of the best and most unusual ever Thinking about that postcard Kate drifts off to sleep that night and With Henry as my co pilot she visits the strange land of Chewandswallow a land characterized by massive amounts of food immense carrots leafy jungles of lettuce and tuna fish sandwiches so gigantic they have to be moved by helicopter What the people of Chewandswallow are doing with all that food is most intriguing of all Fans of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs will applaud this return trip with its underlying message of generosity and a world community

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    Here is the sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs This is about a girl dreaming of a land where food falls from the sky They explore the entire land and find that the people collect all the food falling and export it to the rest of the world to feed hungry people They are able to wipe out hunger OJ falls from the sky there is a pea soup collection pond and they collect melted ice cream The girl wakes up and shares her dream with her grandfatherI think I enjoyed the first one better but this was pretty good on imagination At least some industry was collecting the food and shipping it out I do wonder how they keep it fresh It starts off with black and white artwork but the girl’s dream is in colorThe nephew loved this story Falling hotdogs and hamburger mountains appealed to him He thought this would be too cool to see He wanted a giant donut he could jump through the hole He gave this 5 stars and he then asked for a snack

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    I recently read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for the very first time and I wanted to read this book too even though my expectations were very low because I’d seen heard others’ opinions of it and overall they’re not that enthusiastic Perhaps this is why I ended up enjoying this book and being so pleasantly surprised by it No it’s not as brilliants as the first famous book but I thought it was fun tooI like the social responsibility message despite it being a fantasy I love the children being so close to their grandfather and the multi generational family and once again I liked the food huge and outlandish and out of place though the premise here is not as funny as the first book’s and it’s also no longer so unique Also this book does not really work perfectly as a standalone book it’s definitely a sequel However as long as readers’ expectations are not too high if they’ve enjoyed the first book I think they’ll be interested to see what happens next

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    Pickles to Pittsburgh is a book intended for children in kindergarten through second grade This book is the sequel to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs In this story grandpa goes on vacation and his grandchildren dream that he went back to the town of Chewandswallow In their dream it snows popcorn and mash potatoes and rains sandwiches and orange juice This falling food in then shipped to hungry people and needy counties all over the world When grandpa returns he shows his grandchildren pictures and they wonder whether their dreams were really reality This book is filled with some imagination but it is not as magical interesting and enjoyable as the first book In addition without reading the first book the reader would be quite confused since it does a poor job of summarizing the first book and starting where the last book ended However the book does provide a nice solution to end world hunger The illustrations design and layout of the book are wonderful and have a comic book feel This book can be used to jumpstart students’ imagination before writing and is a good example of fantasy as opposed to reality This book sends a good message to students who want to give back but is not as imaginative magical or exciting as the first book which may leave students feeling disappointed

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    Pickles To PittsburgPLOT In a dream Kate and her brother Henry take to the skies and land in what was formerly the town of Chewnswallow In this sequel we get to see what's become of the town that got demolished by a gigantic food stormMY THOUGHTS The illustrations are still just as charming as Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs However it wasn't what I expected I expected a different story This story takes up where the last one left off The town is now renovated into a place that collects all the food remains and ships them off to people that don't have enough food all over the world Which is a brilliant idea and I love it BUT that's the whole story And then the Grandfather comes home from the trip with a big chocolate chip cookie just like the one that they got in the dream Meaning maybe there was to the dream Which is interesting when you think about it because the idea that Kate and Henry actually visited an imaginary place in a dream that's real is a far interesting plot to build on Just my opinion More so if the dream cookie would have been beside them in the bed when Kate woke up I think I liked the original story WAY better This one felt like a letdown after the firstRATING 5

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    Pickles to Pittsburgh 1997Picture BookFormat BookPlot summary Dozing off while contemplating Grandpa's unusual vacation Kate dreams about Chewandswallow where it snows popcorn and rains sandwiches and the fate of the falling food intrigues her No special considerationsReview citation if available Bateman Teresa School Library Journal January 2010Section source used to find the material School Library journal reviewRecommended age Pre K to 2nd grade

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    I feel as if this book would have been better had the bar not been set so high with CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS The illustrations were fun and surreal but the magic seemed to be missing from the text The intended audience kids will probably still enjoy it though I was disappointed to see that the illustrator if his short bio at the book's conclusion is correct seems to have given up his vegetarianism since the publication of CLOUDY

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    A disappointing sequel to the great hit Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs I was not impressed but I like the effort to revive the story

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    Surrounded by milky blue skies and Henry as my copilot we carefully steer our plane through Lauren‘s puffs of mist The grandkids return to Chewandswallow

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    I love Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and I have never read this book which is the sequel and I was drawn to it The book was a lot like the first book full of great descriptions and great pictures that match the text In fact I loved both of these books because the descriptions are really great Each food item has great descriptors including colors textures sizes and even how they taste The illustrations match the text which creates a better feel for the story Specifically the pictures match the words that describe the foods and so much Students could easily spend a lot of time on each page observing the types of things that were happening in teach picture throughout the city I was probably most drawn to the creativity of the author for this book Just like the first one it is a fun and creative idea filled with foods and descriptive words that children would find entertaining Also this is a book that sparks imagination in any childI read children's books differently now thinking of how I can use each book in the classroom With this book I would love to do a unit on descriptive writing There are a ton of books that would be great for descriptive writing and this one is included in that Children can write about all the food they see on each page specifically on page 13 This page shows the entire town covered in various foods from the recent weather The amount of material children would have to write about would be endless Using descriptive words to describe this town each child would have a great piece of descriptive writing Spinning off of descriptive writing this is a great book just to expand the imagination of a child It is fun and extremely creative I recommend this book to any parent for reading enjoyment for their children but I also recommend this book to any teacher teaching descriptive writing