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Finally summer has arrived While Tohru struggles through bipolar days of hope and anxiety what will happen when Yuki comes face to face with the new member of the student council? Meanwhile who is that Uo chan's hanging out with? Is she c r a z y in love? In a bonus feature Hana chan's past is finally disclosed

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    I think I finally reached the point where I had to stop to read “Fruits Basket” My inner teen is very happy to continue reading now lol Especially because after all those years I really want to know if Akito is really that bad XD Highlights of this volume ”I’m sorry I spoke without thinking I was happy too that you spoke to me Really”I totally dig Uo chan and Kureno’s love story But urgh that ending Please tell me everything is going to be alright? view spoilerI can’t believe he’s working for Akito? Is he another one of the zodiac? And if yes which zodiac sign is he? Well at least it would explain why he never got out of his house even though he’s 26 already Gosh I hate Akito I hope Akito didn’t hurt Kureno as well hide spoiler

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    55 starsIn this worldIt's impossible not to be able to find someone who appreciates youWe learned Hana chan's story And it made my heart break in a million pieces in case you wonder

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    55 StarsWhoa manthis volume was amaaaazing It was interesting to learn about Hana and what she went through before she met Tohru and Arisa

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    An interesting twist for this volume I didn’t see it coming at all But then again if we’re to consider their ages in this manga chances are they’d experience having romance in their lives sooner or later anyway Romance is a fickle and unpredictable emotion You never know when it’ll strike and you can’t be too ready for it especially when it decides to show without warning This also explains why love knows no boundaries when it comes to interested parties Personally having huge age differences doesn’t suit my preferences but if the parties involved are happy at each other’s company regardless of this fact I say let them be We have no right to rob someone of their happiness especially if they aren’t doing any harm to the people around them that is Moreover I’m liking this volume a lot so far Other than because of the different pacing with the story’s progression we’re finally given an idea about how it went with some character’s past life specifically with Tohru’s friend Saki Hanajima I used to not give her much thought from the previous volumes since Saki isn’t exactly an open book when it comes to showing emotions making her presence an unpredictable one That is until now I admire Saki for staying strong and remaining adamant to do her best after getting a glimpse of what her past life is like The mysterious Rin Sohma makes another unexpected arrival but we still yet have to find out her intentions on the next volumes probably

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    I enjoyed this volume than I had a few of the previous possibly because she finally gave the back story on Saki Hanajima who up until now was a pretty mysterious character She's been a very intriguing character for me it was nice to actually get an idea for her character A great volume

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    I really liked how throughout the book the author added many characters I also liked how we finally got to see what Hanajima's past was like and how she came to be friends with Tohru and Uotani

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    I absolutely loved this book I loved learning about the characters I can't wait to continue on with this series

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    I really enjoyed this volume though it had it's ups and downs with me I wasn't that interested in the part with Yuki and the student council members I wasn't really sure what was going on there anyway I'm glad someone made Yuki feel good though After years of begin brainwashed by Akito it was time for him to hear something good about himself It's also nice to see him confiding in Tohru a little He's really starting to open up to herUo meets a guy that seems interested in her I'm a little worried about him though It appears he might be a Sohma I'm not sure how much of a coincidence that can be I'm eager to see how that will pan out We also get a really nice look into Hana's terrible past She had a rough time when she was younger Of course Tohru and Uo helped her through it when they met Tohru seems to just light up everyone's life again It's nice that they're all aware of how wonderful she is I wish she was a little aware of itTohru goes with Kyo to visit Shishou at the dojo Of course they're left alone to make lunch and flirt and laugh Shishou is called away by Kyo's father to discuss Kyo's future Let me say I really hate Kyo's father I may not know the whole story of what happened to his mother but if Shishou thinks his father shouldn't blame Kyo it's probably true I'm glad Shisou stands up for Kyo He knows Tohru is good for him Kyo isn't the same angry boy he used to be and it's because of her I really don't think Kyo should have to go through the same lonely life Shishou's grandfather had Especially not when he has someone who loves him so much even knowing his darkest secretsRead reviews at Owl Tell You About It

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    In this volume Yuki is taking up his duties as the new student body president and he meets his vice president and treasurer who have some strange behavior sleeping on the job and creating chaos among the class papers I'm not sure what is up with those two and I think Yuki is just as confusedI loved reading about Hana's backstory and how she was mistreated at her previous school before she met Tohru Apparently she used to be able to hear voices in addition to manipulating electrical waves That girl is full of delicious mysteryUotani meets a special guy at her workplace and sees him again on the street The two sit down for a meal together and have a little romantic moment Seeing this softer side of Uotani is completely adorable and sweetKyo's Shishou Kazuma is called in for a conference with Kyo's father where they discuss the possibility of Kyo being imprisoned at the inside Sohma house after his graduation as his grandfather was imprisoned because his true form as the cat is supposedly too dangerous to be left free Scary stuff Why do you think you have the right to imprison someone in the family home? These people are beyond domestic abuse at this point I was glad to see that Kazuma sticks up for Kyo to protect him though the issue was left unresolved and Kyo was not told about any of itIn the last chapter Momiji starts planning a trip to a summer resort and the elusive Rin shows up begging Shigure to promise her something All very mysterious

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    🐍 This volume is Ayame 🐍This volume of Fruits Basket ventures through Tohru's best friends stories providing a new story to take place in future volumes The relationship between Kyo and Tohru truly begins to become romantic and we see the bleak and hopeless future that is ahead of Kyo I enjoyed being able to see Tohru's friends have their own stories it is so rare for female characters to have healthy friendships in stories let alone friends who also have their own stories outside of the lead character I was a suaking fangirl reading the Tohru and Kyo scenes I am always so moved to see the impact Tohru ends up having on Kyo We see him go from an easily aggravated guy who pushes everyone away in order to issolate himself to becoming someone who controls their anger and learns to laugh I cannot wait to keep reading now that roance is beggining to kick in 🐯 Next volume is Kisa 🐯