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The world's number one shojo manga continues as Tohru and the Sohmas spend time at the Sohma's summerhouse Alas it's not all fun in the sun on this little trip Akito pays a surprise visit causing a commotion for the rest of the family Shigure takes a stroll down memory lane with an old friend remembering the days when Hatori wasn't so aloof Meanwhile Tohru begins to wonder What must life be like for the loved ones of a cursed member of the Sohma family? Can life with this family truly be happy while bearing such a burden?

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    OH WOW What an intriguing volume Seriously now I really wish I would have borrowed number 11 and 12 as well Such a cliff hanger TT Highlights of this volume ”I’m sorry I’m sorry Kisa I have to become a man who can make you happy”Hiro and Kisa are sooo damn adorable 333 I can’t even They are so young but they still love each other And did anyone else think it’s funny that their zodiac signs are a hilarious combination? view spoilerI mean Hiro is the ram and Kisa the tiger yet it feels like their personalities are totally switched lol hide spoiler

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    UGH I CAN'T BELIEVE SOME OF THE STUFF THAT HAPPENED IN THIS VOLUME IT UPSETS ME SO MUCH TO SEE CRAP LIKE THIS HAPPENING Okay so we could basically blame all that is happening on Akito That little spoiled no good self centered little schmuck needs to get his eyes stabbed out He needs to be beaten into a bloody pulp He needs to get shot multiple times thrown off an 18th story building and then run over by a pogo stick That's how bad he pissed me off in this volume I have no idea why they allow him to get away with all of the things he does What a selfish little OOO Slaps self nope Not even that was able to calm me I'm so upset that this had to be the first thing I talked about instead of how I normally do things in my reviews Sighs So yeah it was a great volume just because of how it makes me feel all icky Not to say the entire volume was awful in a good wayWhat I liked about this volume was Takaya sensei giving us little tidbits on the lesser known characters of the series That was actually pretty cool to read I mean it's not like you must know these facts in order to continue with the plot but I love how Takaya sensei gives life to her characters No matter how small a role her characters have as long as she brings them to life she's going to make sure they live It's a nice feeling knowing that this mangaka doesn't let any of her characters die And holy crap This plot This whole story is making me go nuts I cannot believe some of the stuff that she came up with It literally makes me want to run into a wall because of how excitednervousupsetWAH I get reading it I kinda just want to keep asking the uestion WHY? but that wouldn't be fun in any case this one really made me go nutsI think what I loved most about this particular volume was seeing of Hatori Oh yes I always loves seeing me some Hatori It's revealed that he and Mayuko Tohru's teacher actually knew each other for uite some time Shocking ne? Well getting to know Mayu some was pretty epic I like her a lot I feel bad for what she had to go through Man no one wants to have those feelings But you get the feeling that because they are both eually wounded they'll be able to help each other out in the end which I must say is actually a very soothing feeling I want at least one good thing to happen to these characters damn it Especially Hatori Flails Oh and can I say I love how Kyo just knows Tohru? He knew that she was unhappy when everyone else thought that she was just fine Now that's what I call skills Seeing him soften up with each passing volume just makes me so happy Like I said I want to have something good happen to them It's too painful seeing them hurt time and time again So when I saw how he just clicked that Tohru wasn't feeling too great it made me suee XDSpeaking of Tohru it looks like we are going to find out about her Not everything is all dandy yet with her There's to the story than just her losing her mother I wonder what could be up with her this time Shigure is showing of his evil side which isn't really a bad thing Giggles He was so conniving in this book He intrigues me as well I want to know why he seems to be on no one's side It makes me feel a bit concerned although I love that he called Akito a fool in a roundabout way That was totally worth him causing the entire thing X3 AKITO YOU PRICK STAY AWAY FROM MY BABIES STOP CLINGING TO HATORI LIKE THAT GODDAMNYOUANDBEINGSOBLOODYANNOYING DFKNDJKFHNKHNSFKLSDJFIDJFIOJFLJZSDFJKOJGVDHIOJHVIKJMCKZMSA;JPPOJPJJFINDCKLSJIKDJIHFHNEDFJOLFUIJHGHNOLAJDFIHJAZDLFJKSFDIHFKDHFDHFUJDHF I freaking hate that guy Okay enough about him Let's move on to Yuki He makes you have a WTF? moment in the end I know I'm excited to see where THAT goesBah This book pissed me off I wanted to kill a certain someone over and over again I don't know how I managed to not destroy my copy of Furuba but I did Deep breath;exhales Man What a ride I can't believe that most of the characters have already been revealed We just have a few to go before we are all done I am super excited to see the remaining ones left Dude how awesome is this going to be? There's still so much left that I'm nervous to find out But I'm a girl with balls of steel and so Picks up the next volume Looks up What are you still doing here? Go read the next volume with me Now Goes back to reading

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    I seriously hate Akito This volume covers chapters 54 59 3 stars

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    🐯 This volume is Kisa 🐯Finally it is summer vacation for Tohru and the Sohma's And what better way to spend the sunny weather than at one of the Sohma's many vacation homes by the beach? Hiro and Kisa come along to join Tohru Yuki Kyo Momiji and Haru as well as Hatori and Shigure But unfortunately the fun of hunting stag beatles and having swimming races at the beach comes to a hult when Akito decides to visit as well His purpose for this sudden invitation by himself? Bullying to assert his power of course Is there anything else he does?I love love loved this volume Which is a given of course It was fun to get another story about Hatori who is such a beloved character with a broken heart Some new positivity in his life was heartwarming to read and I smile just thinking about the snippet of hope there is for his future Kyo and Tohru had scenes swoon and Kisa and Momiji were too adorable to handle Now please next volume can Tohru meet Rin? I know it is coming up and I need my gorgeous Rin to come into the story finally Her story arc is freaking amazing and I need it now 🐑 Next volume is Hiro 🐑

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    Is Kisa not cute on the cover? She really reminds me of Tohru with the way she is drawnSo volumes 10 and 11 really pick up the pace I find I read these two back to back even knowing how this bit of the plot plays out I find myself needing to read about it immediately Even before Akito comes into play the whole sea side vacation has a dark undertone which is pretty much due to Hiro I am very glad that Kyo has a word with him he needed it The subplot with Hatori is an interesting break from this it was hinted at a couple of volumes ago but if you aren't observant to the images you could have overlooked it The ending of this volume is the reason why I originally shipped Tohru and Yuki but knowing how the series ends up you can see even here that Yuki loves Tohru in a different way to the others and one other character in particularTreating this as a 'two parter' with volume 11 I think this is the weaker of the two but it is still one of the stronger entries from the first half of this series

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    I'm already to volume 10?? How'd that happen? Anyway here are the notes I took while reading view spoiler I'm glad Mayu and Hatori get together someday Hatori deserves to be happy after what he's been through hide spoiler

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    I like the main character is very entertaining and the story in general is well developed

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    This one was one of my favorites Maybe in the top 3 So good P

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    Okay I have finally read the tenth volume of the “Fruits Basket” series by Natsuki Takaya and I really enjoyed this volume In this volume Tohru and the Sohma family all go to the Sohmas’ family summerhouse and are having a great time having fun however their fun comes to an abrupt halt when gasps Akito comes for a surprise visit Meanwhile we are also introduced to Hatori’s side of the story about what happened between his lost lover and himself Will Hatori ever find his true happiness again?I really enjoyed this volume in the fantastic “Fruits Basket” series by Natsuki Takaya and secrets are exposed in this volume that might change the characters’ worlds forever At this point I really love the relationship that Tohru has with the Sohma family as the Sohmas accept her as part of their family since they let her come with them to their family summerhouse and that just makes me really love the Sohma family even I also loved that there are moments between Kyo and Tohru as they talk about their parental issues and I just love the fact that Kyo just easily talks about his life with Tohru in such a casual manner that it makes me think if there is really something special between Tohru and Kyo I also love the moments between Tohru and Yuki also as it seems that Yuki really does have a crush on Tohru and I love the sweet moments between them The story about how Hatori copes with losing his girlfriend and finding a friend in Mayuko Shiraki who is Tohru’s teacher is really emotional and I got the chance of learning about Mayuko in this volume and how she was involved with Hatori and Shigure and I hope things go well between Hatori and MayukoAs it is with nearly the entire “Fruits Basket” series there are some sad scenes in this book including the death of Kyo’s mother and the sadness that Hatori suffers when he lost his first girlfriend Anyone who also had a situation where they lost a loved one might be in tears when they read this volumeOverall “Fruits Basket Volume 10” is a truly emotional volume that anyone who has lost a loved one will easily love this volume

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    I been having pretty lukewarm feelings in rereading this series but I guess as a disclaimer I have to say that even at the height of Fruits Basket Fever I was pretty much at normal temperature It's cute for sure but there are things about the story that never really resonated with me now and even back thenI know this is probably a blasphemous thing to say but I've never really liked Tohru as a character She feels underdeveloped and flat to me You get a peek of depth in this volume but then she goes back to being cheerful naive silly and super polite I know that her character is supposed to be endearing and make you go awwwww but because she feels so 2D to me I find her kind of obnoxious and it makes me groan I know lots of people will disagree with me but I think she comes off as unrealistic and it becomes hard for me not to become slightly put off by her There's cute and then there's you're trying too hard And for me the author has tried so hard to make her cute that it feels insincere and I feel like I'm being played After 10 volumes it has gotten to the point where it really bothers me and might make the rest of the series slow work as I would probably take breaks in between volumesI'm glad that the story is moving along though; getting information about the curse and everything and how everyone fits into this dysfunctional family is exciting plot development