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When the infamous Akito makes an in class appearance at the start of the school year the Sohma family worries that his arrival will be an uncensored exercise of show and tell about Yuki's past Meanwhile when Ayame vows to rekindle his brother's lost friendship he begins to realize that you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family especially when they're acting like animals

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    OMG I forgot how much I loved this Manga series 333Fruits Baskets will always be one of my faves The highlights of this volume ”The evidence is irrefutable The world is filled with things I have yet to comprehend ”Did Haru truly show him? LOL Sooo damn hilarious I can’t even XD ”If someone can cause those scars there is sure to be someone who can heal them That fact gives me than a little courage”Well said Shigure He’s so wise; no wonder he’s always been one of my favourites If he could just rein in his pervy streak LMAO ”Then you should have slept in Shigure’s room like yesterday””But Gure San would have kept me awake”“Now now not in front of the children”Speaking of which Is there actually something going on between Gure San and Ayame San? I would dig this so much XD ”I want to live with all my memories Even if they’re sad memories Even if they’re memories that only hurt me Even Even if they’re memories that I’d rather forget”Oh Momiji Kun His story broke my heart That poor boy He can have all my love 333 Also I love that he dressed as a girl You rock Momiji Kun XDCan’t wait to find out about mean Akito

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    I tried reading this series on recommendation of a really good friend She has fantastic taste and I trust her judgment But I have to say this series didn't jive for me on a personal level I'm missing plot and the hokey dialogue is too much a hurdle for me to get over It feels like the premise is built on one weak plot point and it runs out of steam uickly Additionally these weirdly sexual elements are thrown in at random What on earth is this thing with the sex toys and sex costumesand the red light districtwith high schoolers? Big turnoff I'm not putting down anyone else's taste in this series I just don't believe manga is for me I'd rate this series a PG 13 for the occasional swear word and fetish sexual undertones

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    Oh man Momiji breaks my heart I love that kid so much To this day no story has had uite the impact as that story he tells about the Traveller who gives everything away river of tearsNatsuki Takaya wreaked all kinds of mad havoc on my poor tattered heart but rarely so much as this single volume

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    🐶 This volume is Shigure 🐶Out of all the Fruits Basket volumes volume 4 is one that always stuck with me closely over the years We witness Tohru's first harrowing encounter with Akito and reflect on the importance of good parenting on the one year anniversary of her mother's passing The art in this volume was spot on with presenting the personalities and emotions of the characters We went from Akito's hard wretched stare that is hiding so much unknown emotion to Momiji's sad and yet optimistic eyes as he reflects on his past The past of Momiji is one I can never really get past Natsuki Takaya is very talented at making people cry with her backstories By placing Momiji's backstory beside the one year passing of Tohru's mother we really are forced to reflect on how much of an impact parents have on their children and how good or bad acts not only stay with them forever but play a part in shaping who they become I love little Momiji with all my heart and his optimism in such a painful situation is something I will always remember and try to enact myself 🐷 Next volume is Kagura 🐷

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    How did I let so much time slip before picking this series back up? Another solid volume we meet Ayame learn about Momiji's backstory and have our first graveside lunch hehehe

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    Spoilers A entertaining read than volume 3 Tohru Shiguire Momiji and Kyo were as likeable as ever Yuki was interesting in this one his antagonistic relationship with his older brother gave him some much needed personality Loved Uo and Hana the way they both looked out for Tohru was sweet There should be female friendships like UoHanaTohru in fiction Yuki's brother Ayame was pretty funny I enjoyed reading about Ayame Hatori and Shiguire's friendship as teens Momiji's history was so sad I can't believe he didn't have any bitterness toward his mum for rejecting him and erasing all memory of him I don't why he still loves her and is nice to her he should hate the cow I liked the glimpses of Tohru's mum the mother daughter bond between them was so lovely Loved that Kyo was becoming and protective of Tohru All in all a fun and charming installment

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    55 starsFruits Basket is the cutest romance with a very important mythological element you'll ever find And that's because when hugged or touched in a not so friendly way by the opposite gender or when they are in extreme distress the members of the Sohma family turn into animals And specifically the animals of the Chinese HoroscopeAnd this manga has also a very uniue element I won't spoil it and tell you what it is though Anyways my point is that whatever happens no matter if you're a fan of manga or not no matter if you'll like this or not everybody will take something from this series And this is one word Hope Hope for the future that the pain will end and creativity beyond everything And in our painful society hope can be a very important toolHighly recommended both the anime and the mangaMary

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    im totally binge reading this today and hopefully finish it tomorrowi really missed the characters my fav is haru and ofcourse kyo cant wait to see other charas

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    This series keeps getting better and better I'm not kidding The story in this volume really got intense I would definitely say that this is the saddest volume so far You really feel for what the characters go through and you can bet you will shed a tear for these beautifully created characters I know I was tearing up when I was finding out about the past of some of these characters AND I RARELY EVER CRY FOR ANYTHING My word the things that happen it's just too heart wrenching for me to even think about let alone write about Besides I don't want to tell you what happened That would be a spoiler my friends and I hate spoilers so go read the manga so that way you'll know what I'm referring toOkay so I really don't need to tell you how awesome Takaya sensei is I've said it in my previous reviews so there's no point to repeat myself right? WRONG XD I'm going to continue to say how amazing she is I cannot get enough of her My love for her went up a billion because of this volume From what she made Haru do to introducing the snake which I happen to be and then TALKING ABOUT CLOUD STRIFE WAH HOW FLIPPING AMAZING IS THAT? DUDE DUDE IF YOU LOVE FINAL FANTASY ESPECIALLY FINAL FANTASY VII AND CLOUD THEN YOU'LL COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND MY FANGIRLINESS RIGHT NOW XD If you don't then what the hell are you doing here? XP I'm just kidding But no really Takaya sensei is just epic She talks about video games all the time and you want to know what's the best part? I understand everything she says about them because of how big on video games I am XDWell uh I guess I should go back to talking about the manga ne? Cough So as I've said this volume was particularly sad The characters went through so much that I'm afraid to really talk about it because any little thing I say will just give it away This is going to be another difficult review Tohru is a constant support to everyone she comes in contact with Yuki has a lot of things revealed about his past that makes you want to bash Akito for Akito is an ass 'Nuff said and Kyo oh man Kyo Why do you play with my heart so? Wah He's soooooooooooooo sweet SO CLOSE SO BLOODY CLOSE Oh well there's always the future Nothing wrong with waiting Yeah he's awesome I really think that he's uickly becoming my favorite characterbut then I think of Haru and HE'S my favorite character again Oh my God I just cannot believe some of the shit he does when he's Black God He cracks me up and makes me fall in love with him all over again XD Man I wish I could make him mine but I can't So that's that XD The Mabudachi trio made an appearance Shigure Hatori and newcomer Ayame These three together is crack waiting to happen Especially Ayame Really? Offering yourself? Dude you know I love yaoi I think you're just doing it to GASP It makes sense now The connection with the whole snake thing Le gasp I didn't think of it before but now Faints I can't believe it anyway On with the review I love Ayame He tried so hard for Yuki cute And you see the pain he goes through because of how he tries to be there for him Oh and Ayame I love Hari too X3 I think the one with the saddest story in this volume is Momiji I won't tell you what happens but it's his story that breaks my heart the most Still wiping away tearsThis volume was very hard to get through Not because it was bad but because it was so depressing Yes I did say that it will start getting darker as time goes on but I feel that it keeps everything balance so well You can't just have light and fluffy all the time Life isn't like that and that's what I love about Takaya sensei's work She keeps it realistic even if it does have a fantasy element to it It's that realistic aspect that keeps me wanting to see what will happen to these beautiful characters Well that and the fact that all the guys are hot Is so not shallow XD If you haven't guessed already I really recommend you pick up this series It's amazing and not reading it is like not taking a shower for five months stupid and disgusting So get to it

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    Chapters 19 24Akito is one scary dude Boy what is wrong with him? Total spoiling? How can you be loyal to that? I was kind of hoping he'd fall for Tohru oh wellLoved meeting Aaya too Yuki's older brother by 10 years He's crazy too saying outrageous things and I love him for that I love that he's the snake and only ever listens to Hatori and thinks Tohru is like Hatori always helping people Best meeting yetMomiji's history is too sad I love when such tragedy is contrasted to an upbeat personalityLoved Yuki and Kyo's realizations it will be a sad day when one finally steps forward I so want to see where this is goingBOTTOM LINE Aaaaaaayyyyyaaaa yay