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Siren Classic Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M M, Bondage All His Life, Kalin Struggled To Protect His Brothers From His Mother S Ploys, Never Allowing Himself To Love Anyone But His Siblings That Changes When He Meets Cade In Submitting To Cade, He Finds A Freedom He S Never Experienced And When They Escape Alaria, He Finally Hopes The Hell They Ve Been Through Is Over But When Secrets From Gabriel S Past Are Revealed, Their New Life Comes Crumbling Down Like A Castle Of Cards When They Find Out Gabriel Is Human, The Xeetahn Kings Turn Against Their Own Family, Imprisoning Lucien And Cade And Sending Gabriel Away In A Mysterious Vortex Upon Losing His Mate And Son, Lucien Surrenders To His Demon Side And Goes Over The Edge It Is Up To Cade And Kalin To Deal With The Aftermath Can They Find Gabi Before Lucien Loses His Mind Altogether Will Their Love Survive The Struggle To Save Their Families A Siren Erotic Romance

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    In some ways this books was better than the first There is continuity and it actually feels as if the same person wrote all of it The characters didn t go back to the dark side but Gabriel does somewhat grow up I found the first third of the book to be completely unnecessary It repeats the events of the first book but from Kalin Cade POV I like the guys and in some ways they are fun than Gabe Luce, but it s still repeating and it couldn t have been over soon enough Then the fun part began Basically from the beginning of the second part almost to the end, it s a whole different book You re sitting on the edge of your bed chair sofa and flipping the pages in that sweet anticipation of what will come next In fact, I dare say that that part of the book was brilliant When Gabriel gets introduced to Earth creatures a whole new level of intrigue opens up and I m sorry but after that my expectations were just sky high.Unfortunately the ending left me pretty unsatisfied and to a point bored The reunion between Gabriel and Luce was pretty flat and cut short something that was rather unfair considering the fact that Luce spends half the book looking for him The resolution between Kalin and Cade was unbelievable and saying short doesn t even begin to describe it By the end you are left with questions than answers, about the past, present as well as the future, but what s worse, the next book seems to be abandoning this course of the story and focusing on something completely different If I have any experience with this author by now, it means that everything I was left curious about in this book will be shown in snippets of information and it probably won t resolve itself by the end.Another thing that bugs me to no end is the pregnancy The reason why I even started this series is the malepreg part, and still, after two books I was only left with the notion that maybe by the book three or four, the kid will finally pop out.Now, knowing myself, that birth will have to be all fireworks and detailed description with additional pages dedicated to the parents, otherwise I will be inclined to drop my ratings from 4 stars to 2 After all that, I have to say I have high hopes for this author She is not like some other authors who publish with Siren no offense intended, it s all a matter or taste and I do love her writing The world she creates truly is magical and I can t help it but be curious about it I keep hoping that the execution of her ideas will improve with every next book I pick up, but until then this one still deserves 4 stars in my eyes.

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    The second part of the Kaldor Saga is a great continuation of the story Many details about Kaldor are revealed, the connection to Earth is made solid, and the characters I loved in the first book are back for .In this second book the attention is split between two couples Cade and Kalin as well as Lucien and Gabriel They each have obstacles to overcome in their relationships, and the tension stays high until the end Cade withdraws and made me mad at his stupidity Kalin is so hurt by what Cade does, I really felt for him Gabriel really comes into his own in this book He has to be strong to survive, and I was impressed with his ability to deal with things He grows through his adventures, but never loses his need for Lucien Lucien keeps skirting the edges of madness, which I had trouble relating to.With lots of action, heart wrenching separations and interesting new to this world creatures I thought this was a very good read indeed.

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    The resolution been Kalin and Cade seemed very abrupt and ill executed.

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    This steps back in time a bit to the beginning of Kalin and Cade s relationship I had to be careful because I was impatient to pick up where we left off in book one This build up was important to understanding several things when timelines met.Again, a really great story that I just could not put down As soon as I finished I picked up book three The big question, What happened to Gabriel gets mixed with, What really happened on earth Need to know, need to know, need to know1 I LOVE this series.

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    MUCH better than the first book Valentina s review is spot on.

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    I vacillated on this book a little I didn t enjoy it quite as much as the first, but then there were some very emotionally moving scenes as well Still a series I will continue to enjoy, but a bit fluffy and over the top at times, I m not afraid to admit.

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    Right, so even though I was not overly impressed the previous book and decided to buy this one as it was the sequel and seriously again I caught myself becoming annoyed.The first part of the book was completely unnecessary as it was a repeat of the events that happened on the first book albeit from Kalin s and Cade s perspective It s is my opinion as a reader that we had already moved on from the past and it was now time to focus on their present and dealing with the problems that would occur.That the author felt the need to rewrite all the events again annoyed me to no end Then once the author drags some scenes and descriptions forcing me to start scanning pages in order to move on and skip boredom I do have to say that I liked the way the relationship between Gabriel and Lucien developed and the way Gabriel became stronger in this book.What I didn t understand was how Cade s and Kalin s relationship went from being strong in the first book to deteriorate in the second, this was done by having Cade keep information from Kalin totally understandable and a sure way to put one s relationship in danger, except that, in my opinion, the information Cade kept from Kalin would not be reason enough to break a couple of teenagers let alone true mates as these characters were described to be The author missed an opportunity with this plot.Last but not least, I like the mpreg subject so I would have liked and expected the author to expose and integrate this subject deeply in the book rather than treat it as an after thought.My only hope is that there is another book coming where we will be able to put this characters to rest as well as finally read about the birth of Gabriel s, Orin s and maybe Kalin s children.That s the reasons why I gave this book 2 stars.

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    This is the second installment in the kaldor saga, and I loved it although I will admit it did drag on in some parts, especially nearing the end All I wanted to know was what happened to Gabriel and I kept waiting for that to be explained, but I figured out that it ll be talked about in book 3.2 So, because it dragged on a bit, I gave this 4 stars, but otherwise, it was great I loved how Scarlet switched point of views with not only Kalin and Cade the MCs of this particular installment , but also with past MCs, Gabriel and Lucien I liked that she didn t just abandon their characters to become secondary characters, but rather brought them back and added to them.I especially admire Scarlet s retelling of the previous book in Cade and Kalin s pov I ve read a series before that started from the beginning with every new main character and incorporated every conversation they ever had and while I admire the detail, I was about to shoot myself by the third book But not for this series Scarlet tells what needs to be said quickly and efficiently, recounting and adding details that only enhance the first book, not drag it down For her ability to do this, I am quite impressed.So far, I quite enjoy this series, and I cannot wait to read the rest

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    A good sequel to the first book I did think the first third of the book was a little bit too much of a retelling of the first Yes, it adds to the Cade Kalin characters but was way too much retelling It honestly put me off reading all the story After it gets to the present it gets better I liked that Gabriel grows up and discovers about himself I really appreciated the fact that the angst in the story creates better characters and strengthens relationships There is a purpose to the suffering I really started to dislike Cade s character at points Really would it have been that hard to TALK to your mate Overall really enjoyed the read and look forward to the next book

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    this one was better than most of the below mentioned serials typical Scarlet Hyacinth serial romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical Scarlet Hyacinth imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all serials by UNLESS motivated otherwise by markedly good bad writing Scarlet Hyacinthjoyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glenncarol lynnegabrielle evansi d apologize, but i m not sorry.