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Tohru and company have been having a lot fun ever since Kisa came to visit Now it's time for Tohru to meet another member of the Zodiac the skillfully sarcastic grade school student Hiro One way or another this tyke will have to deal with his resentment of Tohru and his affection for Kisa Where will he find the answers? In the fabulous 7th volume of the super popular Fruits Basket of course

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    I still love this and I doubt there’ll come a day I won’t enjoy “Fruits Basket” lol It’s impossible to dislike this Manga XDHighlights of this volume ”Aw forget it I’m just really sorry okay? Hey what are you smiling about?”Kyu kun saying that he’s sorry for hurting Tohru in the last volume So damn cute 333 Those two should be together Like seriously they should be endgame ; P ”When the person you love gets hurt because of you you feel like the most pathetic worthless person on earth”Oh no Hatori san TT I love Shigure’s and his conversations but knowing his background this really hurt and hit me straight in the heart sniff I really hope Hatori will find love one day ”I love her I wanted to be free to act on my feelings and wanted that person to understand”Aww little Hiro I’ll never be able to get over the cruelty of Akito Such a mean family head Hiro’s story broke my heart and I hope Kisa and he will be happy one day ”All this time you’ve tried to keep away the beautiful things in life but suddenly you feel confused You begin to love the beautiful things For there to be pain there has to be kindness For darkness to stand out there has to be the sun You can’t have one without the other And both have their uses”I love that Uo chan and Tohru’s mom were so close and haha it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that Uo chan was once a member of a gang Still it’s awesome that she uit and decided to start a new life It takes strength to leave a past like that and I’m so glad Tohru is still her friend XD

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    I have mixed feelings about this volume I really enjoyed Uotani's backstory and seeing her growth as a character the whole Yuki fanclub thing is getting a bit silly and Hiro is VILE So yeah both good and bad here I honestly don't know how much of Hiro I'm going to be able to take

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    35 starsPretty good I especially liked Uo's flashback of Tohru and her mum Hiro was a bit of a brat though but I guess it was cute how much he loved Kisa and was jealous of Tohru Looking forward to the next one

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    🐉 This volume is Hatori 🐉The exploration of the bratty Hiro continues into this volume and we come to understand why his behaviour is so harsh towards Tohru A Sohma who isn't considerably nice was a change and we are able to see another insight into the cruel character of Akito A pretty uneventful volume but still fun We see that Akito has a control on all the Sohma's in some way using fear as the main mechanism of control 🐄 Next volume is Haru 🐄

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    I like it how this book includes the feelings and thoughts of a club at a school who only think and talk about the character Yuki The group sure is weird but is pretty interesting to hear about why they liked Yuki so much

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    Tohru's mom has been such an integral part of the story that I'm glad we got to learn about her Uotani's broken family background and the way Tohru and her mother's compassion helped her to find her path in life again was truely heart warming Although I'm a bit worried about Kyou's troubled expression anytime her mother is brought up Please don't let it be something unforgivable I'm rooting for you guys here This volume covers chapters 37 42 4 stars

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    I really liked how Natsuki Takaya added Uotani's past and how she came to become friends with Tohru Honda and love Tohru's mother I also liked how the author is adding scenes of the Yuki fanclub I love their reactions to certain situations and how they handle them

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    Love Uotani's back story but the parts with Hiro and then the Prince Yuki fan club stuffmeh I don't have patience for that any