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The Ice Fell Upon The World Nearly A Hundred Years Ago, And If Civilization Didn T Rightly Collapse, It Surely Staggered And Fell Ill A While In The Small Town Of Moline, Virginia, Folks Struggle To Survive, Relying On Hybrid Seed Sent By The Faraway Departmet Of Reintroduction And Agriculture And Their Own Faith In God And Hard Work But When A Mated Pair Of Dragons Starts Hunting The Countryside, Stealing Sheep, And Attacking Children, The Townsfolk Quickly Learn That They Don T Have The Weapons Or The Skills To Fight Off Such PredatorsDavid Anderson Is A Farmer S Son Who Has Explored The World Through Books When He Meets The New Healer In Town, Callan Landers, He Doesn T Quite Know What To Make Of The Strange Warmth Stealing Over Him It S Not Until He Surprises Callan With Another Man And Both Men Are Promptly Arrested For Sodomy That David Finally Realizes The Truth About His Own FeelingsWhen David And Callan Stumble Over A Secret In A Nearby Abandoned Town, Their Personal Problems Fade Before Government Politics And Corruption That Threaten Lives It Seems The Dragons Aren T The Worst Dangers Facing Moline

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    Nearly a century ago the Ice fell upon the Earth And nothing has been the same ever since.This is a little based on the premise from the movie The Island or, further back, the Myth of the Cave by Plato Good rulers who turn out to be not so good Obsolete laws became valid again Piety revives in times of chaos and desperation Life is not a searching of happiness any, but of mere subsistence Not a revival of the Stone Age, but a big step back nonetheless Further, there is a hint of Icebreaker and Reign of Fire in this book Humanity survives through a perpetual winter, and dragons are stealing the farmers livestock There is a government that takes care of things but you there is always the constant suspicion that they do not make too much of an effort to improve people s lives.I liked the slow pacing flame So quiet and desperate to bloom, but no allowed to do so They are both loyal to each other even though the silence and separation is the rule and not the exception Sometimes the tension is so strong you just want them gone from the town, together But it s not easy to survive out there on your own, and it s even difficult to leave everything you have known behind Will they be able to find a balance between what they want and what the village demands from them Beginning with David s family, of course.It s an angsty story but not as extreme as I expected If you are looking for lust and desire in every page, you won t find it here This story is drenched with a young adult and come to age feeling David is 16 years old at the beginning of the book and but he already knows hard work and maturity comes fast when a series of events the arrival of Callan and its consequences makes him grow up fast The laws are harsh The society does not welcome his needs He has never felt said needs until the day Callan comes into town and suddenly, he has desires we can t acknowledge publicly When the dragons are added to the mix, things go out of hand.I m a little disappointed, though, because there is no real explanation about the Ice How did that happen Why Who caused it Natural disaster or human doing How does the world now, the countries are the same or have the borders changed If so, what is the situation in the other places Is there a real isolation from the rest of the world of does the government communicate with other nations by other means Is the whole Earth frozen or does the Sahara became a green and fertile area Questions, questions.To sum up, I recommend this book, but I can t say it s perfect.

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    I do my best to avoid too many images in reviews, but SOME BOOKS as this one deserve it to express my feelings betterFirst I HAVE TO tell you this is a freaking sad book No, not just sad it will break your heart, scatter the bits around the world, birds will eat each piece and shit it around, rain will fall and send and afar ok, you get it no yeah, it s VERY SAD No, I m not talking about happy end or not, I m talking about ALL the book, not the end I will not talk about the end because it didn t end it s the first and I have to read the second to know if there will be happiness Now, about the storyIt s amazing I was destroyed reading all the tragedies BUT I was also loving it.In a post apocalyptic future humankind live in a ice hell Cold it s always cold, snow everywhere and DRAGONS Oh yeah DRAGONSI LOVED ITYou read it because you MUST know what the hell is happening Why all humans are in such horrible conditions What happened that cause this glacial era And WTH Dragons That s the World our protagonist live and that s the World David will tell you about.The main characterWell David I have no words to tell you how adorableand fool he is Nothing he do goes well I must admit if he was someone near me I would bitch slap him a lotI can t say I wish I could but I may ruin the story let me just warn you telling HE WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS He is too noble, too brave, too innocent The romanceOk, there is cool story DRAGONS and a main character that WILL drive you nuts and there is also romance.nooooo don t get excited about it remember my first warning TRAGEDIES I have no idea what to thinkI loooove this book so much, and it hurt me so badly I don t know I WANT to know how the story will end, and read the sequel Out of the Ashes but I m sooooooooo scared I know things will get ugly no wait, uglier everything is already doomed Because this story gave me such strong love hate sadness feelings and I can t give less than 5 stars and will try to be brave and read the sequel eventually Thanks for the attention, and sorry for all the images

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    Powerful Incredibly powerful and moving Part way through this book I didn t think I d make it I had heard of people honoring a death by staying to see it done but never quite got it I understand it now Out of respect, I kept reading, not wanting to be a coward and turn away from the dark I m glad I did and was rewarded handsomely.This was an amazing read I ve never read anything like it A commentary on society, on the human heart, and a coming of age story All those terms fit, but this book seemed than that Told simply but powerfully, it kept me tied to its pages for hours on end I know these characters will stay with me and influence me for a long time to come.

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    The Ice fell upon the world nearly a hundred years ago, and if civilization didn t rightly collapse, it surely staggered and fell ill a while In the small town of Moline, Virginia, folks struggle to survive, relying on hybrid seed sent by the faraway Departmet of Reintroduction and Agriculture and their own faith in God and hard work But when a mated pair of dragons starts hunting the countryside, stealing sheep, and attacking children, the townsfolk quickly learn that they don t have the weapons or the skills to fight off such predators David Anderson is a farmer s son who has explored the world through books When he meets the new healer in town, Callan Landers, he doesn t quite know what to make of the strange warmth stealing over him It s not until he surprises Callan with another man and both men are promptly arrested for sodomy that David finally realizes the truth about his own feelings When David and Callan stumble over a secret in a nearby abandoned town, their personal problems fade before government politics and corruption that threaten lives It seems the dragons aren t the worst dangers facing Moline.From All Romance eBooks.I ve never been a great one for the great outdoors and nature I don t do bugs and a girl has to have somewhere to plug in her hairdryer So, I was surprised to have enjoyed this as much as I did I found the day to day details of David s life on the farm and and the interactions with his family and Callan absorbing.The world building was well done and the hint of conspiracy certainly gave the story a neat twist Some of the book leaves you guessing a little till the end and I am hoping the 2nd book comes out soon as I cannot wait to see what happens next.The romance between Callan and David was sweet, tender and passionate David was such a sturdy character, a likeable cuss and I enjoyed him immensely The books length was also a plus and defnitely allowed the time for the development of the characters At 282 pages in pdf I really felt that I got bang for my buck I liked

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    Wow, what a wonderful book this was The story is set 100 years into the future, in a post apocalyptic world, after an ice age It s a beautiful romance between David, a young farmer who still lives with his family and has led a very sheltered life, and Callan, a healer who s recently arrived in the local town There s a good dollop of angst running throughout the book as they struggle to stay together and be accepted in the community and it s difficult to take at times but well worth the effort.Moving straight on with Out of the Ashes

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    This was a very interesting book, but I thought I would like it At the beginning I was charmed by David s voice, but by the end of the book I got tired of it It was as if the mannerisms of his speech almost hindered the evolution of his personality, or what I expected would be that evolution David goes through a lot in this book and Callan so but he keeps repeating the same mistakes, which are due partly to his naivety, partly to his rashness, that is not always boldness, sometimes it s sheer recklessness or even selfishness The problem is that he never really pays for his mistakes or deeds, it s always poor Callan who ends up in the worst place.I also had a few problems with Callan, but probably it wasn t even his fault David made him always look childlike It was charming at first, but then it seemed a sort of flaw in his personality Their love story is really sweet and I was grateful for it, because their trials metaphorical and literal and tribulations make this book very angsty Like the dragons that hover above their community, there is always an impending menace, trouble waiting to happen I wasn t bothered by the fact that David is under aged 17 , while Callan is older 23 , because, as I said, David seems much in control than his older friend I liked that their friendship begins with the sharing of books, it was very poetic.The world building was interesting The story is set in a future after an Ice age Stories and manufacts of the 21st century linger in a society that for its laws and beliefs is back to mmh, I don t know, if it were in Europe, I d say to the Middle Ages, but well, they re not really enlightened It s not that religion is central only for some people but there is a morality that surely predates the liberal thoughts of the 21st century The climate is cold, the land is difficult to cultivate, and people in general survive The department of Reintroduction and Agriculture determines the life of the community and it s the biggest threat of all, together with his emissaries.The town of Moline with its main characters the Sheriff, the healer, the mayor, the town councilmen, the school master is portrayed with detail By the end of the book it was as if I knew all the places and landmarks The imagery this cold nature evokes is very powerful, probably the best feature of the book I also found so fascinating reading about things we do and use everyday as mythical tales.I said before that I got a bit tired of David s voice, but I have to say that the author was able to give each character its own voice Callan is educated than David, and he comes from a different part of the country, so it s easy to tell them apart, but for example David, his father, his brother Benny C, they do sound slightly different from each other.If I had seen David learn from his mistakes, grow up, I would have liked the book better This is something that I think is missing Apart from that, it s a very good book that I d recommend for its originality.

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    This book lost me on 39% with a bang Till then I was involved and interested after that I think I completely shut down on the book It happens to me sometimes All right, I get plenty mad when characters do something I consider wrong but then I m mad because I care This is different Sometimes a thing happens that just makes me lose any feeling for the character at all like he stops existing for me In this case, I m not sure it was about characters, it was about the author and the book view spoiler I don t think there is any doubt about it Callan s choice doomed Taylor Mills to death as surely as if Callan himself killed him And the choice was between the life of one person and some inconvenience for the other David was never threatened with death, not even with physical punishment And to make things even worse, Callan got off with a much lighter punishment himself It is not Callan s fault, though, he is a victim, too and the whole thing could have become a horrible lesson of choices and consequences.What disgusts me is how the book treated what happened dismissing Mills death as something unimportant well, he was difficult and impolite to David, and besides Callan didn t love him and even as something convenient, because now there s no one standing between Callan and David now For real, after burying Mills body Callan and David decide to spend the day playing.I couldn t get over it I can sympathize with hatred, resentment, cruelty depending on circumstances But dismissing a human life as something insignificant so that the author could focus on the sweet love of the main characters well, I don t care about their sweet love after that I did push through the rest of the book mostly because I didn t want to have another one in my never finished folder But the magic was gone I couldn t care what happened Well, and it didn t help that David was becoming and weird Everyone okay, good guys was extolling him for his many virtues, and I couldn t understand where all those virtues are Is he stupid Is he, like, five year old Is he a Mary Sue The third variant, most likely hide spoiler

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    I went into this book pretty much cold, and I have to say, overall it was an incredibly pleasant surprise I know it s post apocalyptic, but it felt like Little House on the Prairie to me, which I absolutely adored I got completely distracted by the setting, by the tone everything was just right The fact that I knew an m m romance was coming only sweetened the deal.When I realized we were going to go from budding romance to persecution, I was a little bummed, but it worked out okay, which is a statement because I d had my heart set on a sweet romance I still got it to a degree, but yes, there was decidedly trouble in River City In the end I enjoyed the way this trouble resolved It was realistic and satisfying One would like to think that this is a social justice which can t be rolled back, but I understand entirely how the throwback came about.My only complaint with the book is that I feel like there is a slight disconnect between the story that is started to be told and the story that ends the book, and I think this is the consequence of the impending sequel The central question is a little shaky I did not take it that the romance was the main arc of the book, that it was the struggle over the dragons ID d in chapter one And yet this issue is only sort of resolved it s the story of the two main characters romance which puts an end cap on the novel It makes me feel a bit like one of those Escher paintings where there are three prongs on one end and yet they end up in just two somehow I would have been fine with the romance being secondary or in front, but to switch around like that mid stream stepped on the story a bit for me.Even so This is a fantastic story, so much fun, and such a ride I will be looking forward to the sequel when it s released.

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    I fought my way through this overly long and drawn out story Angst is not my thing and this story was jam packed full of it The first and last 25 pages were good I believe that this would have made a much palatable short story I have has quite enough of this series and this particular author.

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    2009 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge