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    My traditional start of the reading year with a Beatrix Potter tale The tale of Mrs Tittlemouse, obsessed with keeping her house clean while visitors disturb her tidy house and without any invitation according Mrs Tittlemouse, such as the rather intruding toad Mr Jackson, in search of honey leaving large wet footmarks on the parlour floor Quite charming, cute, lovely drawings once again 2019 has started Mrs Tittlemouse was a most terribly tidy particular little mouse, always sweeping and dusting the soft sandy floors

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    Grumpy Mrs Tittlemouse goes around trying to keep her sprawling tunnel of a house house impossibly clean while other creatures come in and make messes There s some drama with some bumblebees and a bizarre toad tiddly widdly widdly bizz wizz wizz And there s a big mouse party at the end.Update You know what This actually grew on me a little Something about her aggressive cleaning despite everything has gotten really funny She yells Get out you bold bad spider and bundles a spider out a window Ha.I ve been reading these books a lot because my kid loves them I ve grown deeply sick of the gender roles in these books, but of course they re a product of the stifling era in which they written.

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    i don t think i would be happy if i found a wet toad in my house either

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    Mrs Tittlemouse is definitely a neat freak, and probably suffers from OCD, but then again, she does have some pretty intrusive neighbours Look at Mr Jackson, the toad He shows up, wet feet and all, repeating tiddly, widdly, widdly , nonsense and then demands what may be the last of Mrs Tittlemouse s honey, which when she tries to deny having any he tells her that he can smell the honey, and it was the precise reason for his visit He then takes it upon himself to thoroughly search her home I can t say I blame her for making the door too small for him to waddle through

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    This story was cool She has some great pictures of bugs beetles, spiders, ladybugs, etc The niblings loved this story Mrs Tittlemouse is a neat freak She needs her house clean and those bugs are dirty I think this is a story about OCD She needs some help She cleaned her house for a fortnight or 15 days That is insanity Beautiful artwork and I think this was is special

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    Mrs Tittlemouse cleans her home while a sort of bestiary of uninvited insect and other guests are introduced Equally interesting is the mysterious lack of information about Mr Tittlemouse Readers sensitive to depictions of insects might be disturbed by the detailed images in this book Readers seeking a story about regular frustrations of cleaning and other domestic work should be entertained.

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    Book 16 of my Goodreads Challenge 2019Poor Mrs Tittlemouse a gentle soul always busy cleaning her home but often interupted by uninvited guests Beautifully illustrated and once again a timeless childrens classic.

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    A must read for every OCD or anyone who thinks they may have OCD LOL Anyways Beatrix wows us in this beautiful tale about Mrs Tittlemouse and her obsessive need for a clean and tidy house.

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    I truly don t get the point of this story.

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    Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse, a wood mouse, lived in a funny house with yards of sandy passages among the roots of a hedge She had a kitchen, a parlour, a pantry, a larder and she slept in a little box bed in her bedroom.She was a very tidy mouse but her world was regularly disturbed by the number of visitors she had Beetles lost their way in the passages, a ladybird often visited her, a big fat spider occasionally called thinking that she was at Miss Muffet s house and a bumble bee and his friends would regularly fly in through the window.The bumble bees wanted to establish a home with Mrs T but she would not have it nor would she have Mr Jackson, a toad who lived in a drain below the hedge, as a lodger But one day she returned home from shopping to find Mr J sitting with his feet on her fender.Mrs T humoured him and gave him some food but he was messy and Mrs T had to follow him around with a dish cloth to wipe his large footmarks off the parlour floor Eventually, after Mr J had caused havoc in the tidy house, Mrs T said, Get out, you nasty old toad I shall go distracted She won the day and he left after which she spent two weeks spring cleaning before, with her house nicely back in order she invited five other little mice to a party Mr J was unable to get in for Mrs T had boarded up the door to make entry for him impossible but, out of the kindness of her heart, she handed him out of the window acorn cupfuls of honeydew.The generous Mr J replied with, Tiddly, widdly widdly Your very good health Mrs Tittlemouse And thereafter her tidy life in her spotless home continued happily.