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I read Como Agua Para Chocolate in high school At the time my mother had a rule that if I wanted to see a movie, I had to read the book first, because for the most part, the book is better She maintains the rule to this day, which I have passed along to my children Laura Esquivel s debut novel focuses on a Mexican family at the turn of the 20th century The heroine Tita is the youngest daughter in her family and according to her family tradition is not allowed to marry Rather she is supposed to take care of her mother Mama Elena for her entire life Yet, Tita falls in love with Pedro as a teenager Knowing she is unable to marry him, she turns to cooking to soothe her emotional pain The chapters of the book features another of Tita s recipes, each of which dealing with Tita s dominate emotion while she cooks The family has Pedro marry Tita s older sister Rosaura and in this chapter Tita prepares quails in rose petal sauce Yet, the secret ingredient in this sauce is Tita s tears, which she sheds marking her loss of Pedro to her sister Consequently, the entire wedding party falls ill after eating Tita s gourmet cooking The years pass and Rosaura turns to knitting while Tita prospers in the kitchen The passage of time is marked by running water and electricity coming to the Mexican village Tita s moods are constantly evident in her food, and Esquivel s use of magical realism so common in Latin American authors is prevalent I would read this book for the recipes alone but the story is charming as well After nearly 20 years both the book and movie remain fresh in my mind, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a Latin American magical realism book. What a wonderful, magical story The tale of women in turn of the century Mexico and how they live their lives Tita is the main character and what a strong woman she is This story is told in 12 month chapters though time progresses much faster Each chapter is started with a recipe Yes, the kitchen and food is central to this story You get the details of the recipe and how to make and it s weaved so perfectly into this story In a nutshell, Tita is the youngest of three girls They live on their ranch with their mother, Mama Elena Let s just say Joan Crawford, ala Mommie Dearest, has nothing on Mama Elena Tita is in love with Pedro, a local boy, but custom dictates that the youngest child, Tita, is not allowed to marry and must care for her mother until the day she dies Care for really means be a slave to her and her abusive ways Mama Elena is so cruel that she has Tita s sister marry Pedro and makes Tita cook the meal for their wedding Tita can infuse her emotions into the food that she is cooking As she cries and pours her tears of sorrow into the cake for her sister s wedding, something happens Everyone at the wedding becomes sorrowful and is sick Naturally she is accused of destroying the wedding There are other tales of Tita s emotions being put into the food she makes I especially loved the story of passion in the food that her older sister ate and the passion just exploded in her.Oh there is so much magical realism in this one and I just loved it I m a big fan of magical realism and food So put the two together and it s a wonderful tale I have been wanting to read this one for so long I picked up a copy on a library sale and started it earlier this year, but after the first paragraph I knew I had to save it It started Take care to chop the onion fine and I knew I wanted to save it for my vacation where I could just immerse myself in this story without interruptions Though that didn t go as actually planned, as too many distractions.I could not help but keep comparing this work to Isabel Allende s work Both have that magical realism element to it, a sweeping family saga, such heartbreak, and just a beautiful story I m so glad I finally read this one as now I can actually watch the movie version. Earthy, Magical, And Utterly Charming, This Tale Of Family Life In Turn Of The Century Mexico Became A Best Selling Phenomenon With Its Winning Blend Of Poignant Romance And Bittersweet WitThe Number One Bestseller In Mexico And America For Almost Two Years, And Subsequently A Bestseller Around The World, Like Water For Chocolate Is A Romantic, Poignant Tale, Touched With Moments Of Magic, Graphic Earthiness, Bittersweet Wit And Recipes A Sumptuous Feast Of A Novel, It Relates The Bizarre History Of The All Female De La Garza Family Tita, The Youngest Daughter Of The House, Has Been Forbidden To Marry, Condemned By Mexican Tradition To Look After Her Mother Until She Dies But Tita Falls In Love With Pedro, And He Is Seduced By The Magical Food She Cooks In Desperation, Pedro Marries Her Sister Rosaura So That He Can Stay Close To Her For The Next Twenty Two Years, Tita And Pedro Are Forced To Circle Each Other In Unconsummated Passion Only A Freakish Chain Of Tragedies, Bad Luck And Fate Finally Reunite Them Against All The Odds Have you ever finished a book and thought Man, this is going to be hard to review Because that s the first thing I thought when I finished this little book by Laura Esquivel Like Water for Chocolate A Novel in Monthly Installments With Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies is a book that really left me conflicted There were things about it that I absolutely loved, and things about it that made me very angry The only way I can think to write this review is to explain what I found good and bad, and let you all come to your own conclusions.First, let s start with the good things I loved the way this book was written Like Water for Chocolate reads like a folktale, and a fun one at that Some people s reviews that I ve read found the magical realism trite or annoying, but I found it really endearing The book managed to be an easy, quick read without sacrificing quality Now, I cannot review this book without talking about the recipes The book is split up into monthly installments, and each month has a recipe that Tita makes that ties the story together The recipe is given at the beginning of each monthly chapter, and the instructions for preparation are woven into the story Now, I m a huge fan of cooking, so I found this idea to be really great Since so much of the story takes place around and hinges on food, putting the recipes in the book makes perfect sense I loved the way that the preparation instructions were included in the action of the story Some people seem to find it gimmicky, but I thought it was a fun little addition to a book already filled with the tastes and smells of good Mexican cooking.Now, for the things that troubled me First of all, I have to admit that even though I m a huge lover of all things fairy tale and myth, I do not like the love at first sight narrative It s not that I m not a romantic, but I feel that real love is something that is built up from a knowledge of a person s character and personality, not something that magically happens when you see someone from across the room As for Tita s beloved, Pedro, I honestly didn t like him He spent the entire book being selfish, immature, and whiny I have no idea what Tita saw in him While this book started out with that love at first sight narrative, there is a point that it has the chance to go away from that narrative and treat love in a realistic and touching manner Honestly, that was the ending I was hoping for, so I was pretty well disappointed with how the book actually ended For me at least, the ending was the worst part of the book I feel like it kept the book from really having any particular meaning or significance, and instead just avoided any difficulty and wrapped up as quickly and neatly as possible It just wasn t satisfying.There were also plot elements that I found really disturbing There are some spoilers in the following paragraph At one point Pedro completely ignores all concepts of consent and just assumes that Tita wants to have sex with him, even though she has denied him repeatedly because he is married to her sister and she is promised to someone else Does he care about this No Is this seen as a problem in the book No, of course not As soon as Pedro grabs her and pulls her into a room, Tita magically forgets all of her previous objections, and it s just seen as proof that they need to be together Honestly, I find that to be pretty wrong If somebody who I had repeatedly told to leave me alone just assumed that I didn t really mean it and that I really wanted to have sex with him and decided to pull me into a dark room, I would kick him so hard he would never want to have sex again It wouldn t matter how much I actually loved him, if he can t respect my decisions he is not worth my time Combine that incident with the not very sympathetic treatment of a rape victim at another point, and you can imagine that I wasn t exactly happy with the way this book treated consent End spoilers here Basically, this book had some incidents that left me with a bad taste in my mouth, and made me wonder exactly what kind of love the author is trying to promote.Overall, the good writing and fun recipes in this book did not outweigh the problematic elements in the narrative As much as I wanted to, I could not let myself simply enjoy this book, because problems with the plot and the ideas in the book kept jolting me out of the magical world of the narrative This book was supposed to be a great love story, but I couldn t help feeling that Tita ended up with the wrong man The ending of the book was completely disappointing, and only served to cement my growing discomfort For those of you who don t mind the things that I mentioned, this book could be enjoyable For those of you who want realistic love and respectful healthy relationships, I would suggest that you stay away from Like Water For Chocolate.Rating not recommendedGood things enjoyable writing, fun format, successful magical realismBad things unrealistic love, unhealthy relationships, consent problems, unsatisfying ending For reviews, visit my blog at Magical realism is my favourite genre, but this didn t have quite enough ooomph for me, though it was a pleasant enough read.There is, however, an alliterative line of such chutzpah that she sells sea shells by the sea shore is made to seem positively prosaic Here it is, verbatimUnquestionably, when it came to dividing, dismantling, dismembering, desolating, detaching, dispossessing, destroying or dominating, Mama Elena was a pro.3.5, rounded up to 4 I could not help but fall for this short novel that encapsulates vividly yet simply the lives of these women in Mexico during the Pancho Villa Years The family unit is both necessary AND a culminating curse it s hardly fair that our heroine must not live out the life she desires but the one that is handed down to her A stupid family tradition it is true mine s a bit like Tita s clan, sure, though not at all dictates that the youngest daughter gets to take care of the matriarch and never marry nor fall in love Tita does, of course, fall in love her longing, desperation, hope all are ingredients for the eleven dishes she prepares and shares with the reader More than the story itself about shitty circumstances imprisoning a beating heart a stunting of a passion that soon after becomes nothing else but a heavy burden the mixture of recipe with story the book is actually revolutionary in taking a different approach about the way we look at the culinary aspect of our especially us Mexicans lives Whereas I got a sour flavor disgusting my palate watching such drivel as Julie and Julia, this book the movie does it little justice, by the way masterfully employs a type of rare literary alchemy by mixing elements as one would mix ingredients to give rise to something as tasty as it is nourishing Speaking of alchemy, it must be mentioned that this has a similar voice and tone as that of Madonna s fave Paulo Coelho The Alchemist , Veronika Decides to Die but, seriously, a WAYYY imaginative therefore enjoyable sense of storytelling. What an easily forgettable novel The language was exceedingly childish, and the style of the novel massacred the subtlety with which magic realism is to be employed This was my first taste of the famed Latin American style of writing, and I was sorely disappointed Class discussions surrounding this book also bothered me not only were we forced to read bad literature, we were forced to analyse it for meaningful content The characters were not at all developed successfully no motivations existed behind some of their actions The magic realism was not artfully or subtly employed to provide significant insight into the events of the novel As odd as this may sound, not one of the characters in that book was likeable One character and not the main one had the potential to be developed into a very interesting and powerful figure, but her story was reduced to a side thread that the author seemingly gave up on The plot was childish in nature, with strange sexual undertones that were jarring Picture if you will, the story of Cinderella but this time with sex involved You see The mind is jarred by the image In that same vein, the novel attempts to reconcile a highly immature plot line with fairly adult themes My first experience with Latin American novels was thus a failure I suppose I have to thank school for introducing me to better Latin American novels as time went by this was their way of saying ok you ve read the wrost one now, it can ONLY get better from here 10 years ago I would have thought so differently about this than I do now Mama Elena is one of the most monstrous, villainous characters I have ever met Our main character is Tita, the youngest daughter in her family The evil family tradition is that the youngest child will not get married or have a life of her own, she will take care of the aging mother Tita is the youngest and she falls in love with Pedro They are electric together passion Tita also cooks Each chapter is a recipe for food that is part of the story Tita is not allowed to marry since she is youngest and so Pedro, being a coward, will marry her older sister to spend time with Tita Pretty sick logic Rosario, the older sister, thinks this is ok too Mama Elena is a monster She does everything she can to harm her youngest daughter and keep her from a real life She is blunt and vicious Any bit of happiness outside of the kitchen Tita has, her mom is trying to stop her It gets so bad that Tita s nephew dies and she is sad and Mama Elena tells her to get on with her work Tita confronts her mother and they blow up Tita is sent to live in the cornloft where she goes crazy Her mother, who has ruined her life, would rather send her to an asylum than help her Vicious Tita her meets a doctor named John who is kind and caring and Tita feels safe and at peace He is a good, no a great man Tita is happy and wants to marry He does not take Tita to the asylum Tita is going to marry John Well, Pedro, who was sent away, is back to mess up the wedding plans and confuse Tita.SPOILER I didn t like the ending Tita, after years of waiting for Pedro ends up with Pedro It s supposed to be this romantic thing She was at peace and happy with John She should have chosen John That passion she felt was fleeting and he wasn t a man enough to just ask for what he wanted They waited for the sister to die Tita waits 22 years for her love instead of building a good life with John and having her own children Ugh This story was terrible that way.Mama Elena one of the most evil, monstrous characters I have read Terrible Oh, she comes back as a ghost to haunt Tita She is horrible and would rather see her child suffer than be happy She is evil She also has a middle daughter who becomes a whore and the mother burns her birth certificate and declares her dead She becomes a general and makes something of herself Rosario wants to raise her only daughter in this tradition also and Tita will have none of it None What an evil tradition I thought this was very well written and great characterizations The part with the food made me hungry and you could smell it Laura had wonderful insights into life and her words are well chosen and beautiful It s the ending I hated the ending.In my 20s, I probably would have thought this was a great ending, but now, I feel what a waste I know she loved Pedro, but Pedro chose to marry her sister He was a coward She found someone that made her happy and he was willing to over look their affair even Who knows, if she had bedded John, maybe she would have found a great passion in this man who saved her Pedro left her in her prison John freed her and let her be happy for once A happy ending would have been marrying John This was a tragic ending and it is a tragic sad story Very very sad Tita made a choice Oh well. first things first let s get rid of that ugly movie cover, and switch to the one i actually read.okay, better.this was my final selection for the readventurer challenge i read them alphabetically, based on the suggester s first name, for arbitrary fairness.it is strange that i have never read this book, as it is magical realism, doomed love story, and about food, all of which are interests of mine.here is a quick story that has nothing to do with the book, and i am going to put it in a spoiler for everyone who thinks i am too personal in my book reports, but view spoiler so this is one of those books i always thought you either read in high school, or you just never read my AP english class senior year, i had a teacher i loved i had him for three classes that year, and he was the cool teacher with the chuck taylors and the ponytail, the irreverent one who cursed and treated high school kids like sentient beings, went by a nickname, and about whom there were rumors of indiscretions of the drugs and alcohol sort, not the other kind but he was also a canon adherer basically white european males all the time although we did read little foxes, so there was one lady the other AP class was a much hey, let s read a range of perspectives syllabus and a bunch of people dropped out of his class to go to t other, and by the end we were down to like nine students, which was great for me, but probably reflected poorly on him but he was completely unapologetic about it, if women of brewster place was as good a book as heart of darkness, we would read women of brewster place. and in a way dick, right but he was a great teacher, narrow perspective aside, and i learned so much in that class, even though i had to read heart of darkness, which yes a great book for structure and themes and resonance, but such a snooze so anyway, i know the other class read this book, and it is always on the school reading lists i have to fetch books for at the job, but i probably never would have read it without tatiana s suggestion, because i consider it a book that i had missed the boat on, associating it as i do with high school reading lists, and i am old when i sat down this morning to write this review, i decided to see if i could find out what old roz was up to.http florida.arrests.org Arrests Beaaaaaand there it is god, i love this man don t let them get you, roz drive recklessly into the night okay, that s all hide spoiler This book was disappointing It felt overwrought and melodramatic.Tita, the youngest daughter of overbearing Mama Elena, has to give up the hope of ever marrying It will be her duty to take care of her mother in old age This becomes a big problem when she meets Pedro When Pedro learns of Tita s duty to her mother and impossibility of future marriage, he agrees to marry Tita s sister, just so he can be closer to Tita This sets in motion this fable of unrequited love that is the thread through the book.This book, put by some, into the category of magical realism, is not at all subtle or richly textured like others in the genre Perhaps a better category would be tall tale or fairy tale If I had come to the book with that perspective, maybe I would have been able to hold back on all of the exaggerated eye rolling I was doing while reading Also, I would have been apt to forgive the book for the delivery of one dimensional characters.Now, I did give this book 2 stars which means it isn t completely devoid of literary value The language, though simple and spare was evocative, the recipes and description of food interspersed between chapters was a delightful diversion.I would only recommend this book to readers who have a high tolerance for love stories that tend to the saccharine If you re a true Cinderella girl, you might enjoy the story without concern for its plausibility Don t bother if you re like me interesting in rich characters.