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Magic And Police Procedurals Collide In San Francisco In This New Series Starring A DC Universe Favorite ZatannaZatanna Has Long Made Her Home In San Francisco, But Right Under Her Nose A Sinister Threat Has Developed A Crime Boss Who Dominates The Criminal Underworld With Dark Magic The Terrifying Brother Night Is Making His Play For The City By The Bay, And The Police Force Including Hunky Detective Dale Colton Turn To Zee For Help But Brother Night Is A Whole New Kind Of Criminal, And If Zatanna Thinks She Can Backwards Talk Him Down, Then She S In Over Her Top Hatted Head Superstar Writer Paul Dini BATMAN MAD LOVE Is Paired With The Gorgeous Art Of Stephane Roux

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    It s back to the past from the future in order to get to the present as Jeff once again reads comic volumes out of their intended order.In my defense, the library didn t even have this one listed in their catalogue, it just magically ha appeared on their shelves.It s volume one of Paul Dini s run on Zatanna, DC s Mistress of Magic, one of my favorite characters So how does volume one stack up against volume two For starters, there s pandering fanboy art and less charm and those little quirky character moments that Dini incorporated into Volume 2 That said, this one includes two solid tales one featuring Dale Colton and serial killer turned demon, Brother Night Creepiest villain sidekick ever A little kid named Teddy, who has a box full of giant bugs Hey mister, one to take a look at my box And before you can say, Go away kid, you bother me , you re bug chow Aw shucks The second story involves the Demon of Avarice, a huge red devil with tasseled sweaty man boobs Here Zatanna teams up with her cousin and novice magician, Zachary.When Zatanna casts a spell, she says the words backwards eg Nailliv daeh edolpxe , which can be challenging reading, but if you can overcome this minor inconvenience, I would wholeheartedly recommend this series.Sadly the only spell not included in either volume was Rewop lrig kcub dekan I have no idea what the hell that means either.

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    World famous stage magician and Justice League member Zatanna faces Brother Night, Fuseli the Nightmare, the ghost of her pop Zatara, and a demon lord from hell, Mammon, in The Mistress of Magic Mage on I love Paul Dini but wasn t impressed with this less than magical Zatanna book Every issue is a villain of the week with Zatanna going up against whoever, struggling briefly before beating them with backwards talking magic It never feels like she s really challenged and the stories play out too formulaically to be remotely engaging Also, reading words backwards how Zatanna casts her spells is yllaer, yllaer gniyonna Stephane Roux and Chad Hardin s art is fine, as is Zatanna s characterisation Dini knows how to write her perfectly, probably because his wife is her real world equivalent but the stories in The Mistress of Magic failed to entertain Very rote and unremarkable comics gnitnioppasid ffuts, luaP iniD

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    Bullet Review I actually rather liked this The first story is better Zach, the whiney cousin was obnoxious and BLECH in the second buy both were much better than I expect Something with magic could have been oh so cheesy and goofy, but I thought Dini and crew did well.

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    Pretty decent So I ve been interested in Zatanna recently, so I thought i d read up a little on her This volume can be split right down the middle, into two stories First one has what I guess is a Zatanna Villain, called Brother Night hes this mob boss in hell, who wants to come into Vegas, and claim territory over other gangs well okay At the same time, a detective helps Zatanna on this case, and oddly enough he looks exactly, like Bigby from Fables, and Zatanna looks like Snow, when shes not wearing her usual outfit, CONCIDENCE I liked the first story, and Brother Night is a good villain, and he s always smiling amd has scars, so he kinds reminds me of the joker The Second story is about some Demon lord who wants Zatanna s soul, its not too exciting I still liked it, but not as much as the first story It was also interesting to see Zatanna operate, and to see how she deals dishes out justice Overall a nice read

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    How odd, I really liked the 2nd Volume of this series, yet this was just boring and lame Maybe it took that long to get into writing it well, but that s odd since Paul Dini is usually reliable However I just couldn t get over that everything was a simple matter of she can use spells for everything, all she has to do is figure out how not to get gagged Also a little overly sexual in the imagery department, plus not enough good supporting characters no Batman appearances.Not really all that interesting Skip it.

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    I love the character Zatanna and had been wanting to read this for a while I m not sure whether I ve ever read anything by Paul Dini before, but I ve definitely heard the name and I know who he is This volume collects the first 6 issues of Zatanna and it has 2 different story arcs that last 3 issues each.In the first story Dini creates a new villain called Brother Night that is both a ganster and mystically powered being He made a deal with some demons that granted him mystical powers in order to serve them on Earth He already has the magic side of the criminal element in San Francisco under his thumb, but now he wants control of the human criminal organizations as well After brother night and his flunkies kill some major players in San Francisco s organized crime families, a policeman working the case calls Zatanna in Vixen, Black Canary, and Zatara, who is Zatanna s father, all make appearances I thought this was a little bit better of a story than the second arc In that next arc, Zatanna is set to perform at new hotel in Las Vegas for a week When she first arrives, she runs into the Royal Flush gang After capturing them, she returns the money they stole to the owner of the hotel where she is to perform They have a conversation about the hotel owner s father had once employed Zatanna s dad and there is some flirting going on Zatanna goes to get some sleep, but her cousin Zachary has thrown a party in her hotel room After that, some demons show up The story was ok but seemed a little silly in places Between the 2 stories, I give Paul Dini 3.5 stars for his writing.The series is drawn by Stephanie Roux for the first story arc Her art is inconsistent Zatanna will look great in a close up in one panel, but have a different shaped nose in the next The mouth of the main character looks different in certain panels too Roux at her best in really good, but unfortunately, she doesn t keep that quality of work throughout Her art is nicely detailed and has nice scenery in both the fore and backgrounds The demon Fuseli looks the best of all the characters I give her art 3 stars If all the art looked like her best panels, it would ve gotten 4 stars, but the uneven quality of the art hurt her score.The first 2 issues of the 2nd arc are drawn by Chad Hardin His Zatanna looks a little better than Roux s and she looks that good throughout his 2 issues I really liked his version of the Royal Flush gang too He matched them to the Rat Pack impersonators you d see in Vegas I loved the 3 female demons he drew I love both forms they take The environment also has lots of detail as do the clothing in his art The final issue is drawn by Jesus Saiz His art is consistent, but not as good of quality as Hardin s art It s not even as good as Roux s art when she is at her best, but it is better than Roux s worst art Combining Hardin s and Saiz s scores their art ends up getting 4 stars That 4 star score averaged with Roux s 3 star score gives the book a 3.5 star overall art score.Art and writing both receiving 3.5 star scores make this one easy to average The book gets a 3.5 star total score That is just a little south of the average rating for this site I guess, since I m such a huge fan of Zatanna, I was expecting a little bit from this book If both the art and writing had been just a tiny bit better, I d end up owning my own copy of this series, but as is, I m glad I finally read, but I won t be seeking it out to buy.

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    My first review got sucked into the Review Twilight Zone, so here we go again.Zatanna is an interesting mix of showmanship, jocular affability and incredible magical aptitude Her costume is a shirtwaist and tails, with a top hat, and she brandishes a magical wand Her enemies tend to underestimate her abilities, big time She s than capable of taking on the practitioners of the darkest of magics, as evidenced in the story arcs of this book.This book was an improbably successful mix of a light hearted vibe and kooky magic tricks and a glimpse into the world in which sorcerers practice dark arts and demons trade power for souls It shouldn t have worked, but it did I think it s because Zatanna successfully straddles that line of fun loving, cheerful stage magician and truly talented wizard who uses her skills to protect humans from the world of evil sorcery that she is familiar with through past battles and a heartbreaking loss.I am watching Young Justice on Netflix fantastic show, by the way , and Zatanna was on an episode I watched today, and it was serendipity that I had read this around the same time I think she s a cool character with a skillset that is distinctive compared to some of the famous DC Comics heroes I found Justice League Dark at my library, where she teams with other sorcerers and wizards to combat dark magic, and I m looking forward to reading Zatanna graphic novel content.I d recommend this to readers who aren t too squeamish about sorcery and magical content One of the baddies is really, really bad, and some folks die in terrible ways due to evil magic, so not for the faint of heart.

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    When I was just making my way into the early teen years of my life, Batman The Animated Series was on the air And I couldn t get enough of it Being a comic book super geek, i would watch it after school because I never did my homework, never studied and still pulled A s across the board I couldn t wait to watch and and Reruns, episodes I d seen 10 times already It didn t matter And that s because of the writing The writing was brilliant Thanks to Paul Dini.And now, with the Matt Wagner Madame Xanadu book cancelled, I had to find somewhere to turn I needed a smart book with a strong female lead, deceptively simple art, and magic What do I find but Paul Dini, childhood hero and fabulous DC writer taking on one of my pubescent fantasies I like stockings and top hats in the form of a solo Zatanna book It s not a blockbuster in the way that books like Superman It isn t as dark as Batman But it isn t as slow as Green Arrow or as confusing as any of The Flash books What it has is smarts It s a whip smart book with punchy dialogue, an awkward but strong female lead, and great art And these days most people want flashy blockbuster books with crossovers and deaths and resurrections and the big league power hitters But here in Zatanna you get quirky, sometimes whimsical, solid storytelling and great, uncomplicated art that is, as I said, deceptively simplistic.

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    I like Zatanna very much, and would have added a star if I liked the art on this one The story was good intricate enough to hold interest, but simple enough to entertain.I have two issues with Zatanna First of all, she s insanely powerful Someone who can repair walls or heal wounds with a word, who can change weather and throw elements around, who can write her spells when her mouth won t work, and who has supreme mental strength in the face of mind control or poisonshe s practically unstoppable Given that even the most powerful heroes can t do much against magic, I m thinking she could take out even the strongest of the JLA So why does she spend most of her time pulling rabbits out of hats Seems she should be called on a lot .Also I read in another Zatanna comic that she has to carefully memorize the phrasing of her spells And yet, she seems to throw out whatever comes to mind Let s put aside the distraction of my having to read backwards Do you think she just happened to memorize the spell for Mystic blast destroy effigies Because I don t If Zatanna can throw out whatever spell she thinks of, she s even MORE powerful She doesn t need a day job Throw some work her way, would you

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    Paul Dini Yes please I will be honest I read this simply because it was written by Paul Dini and the issues were on sale at Comixology I like Zatanna, well I like her when she shows up in JL and JLD and Young Justice, I ve never really read any of her other books but I knew enough to know what I was getting into, so how was Dini s take on her World I will first say that the art is nice, the covers are gorgeous and the splash pages in the dream realm are beautiful However, I found that the coloring to be a bit bland and on the boring side, I think color and shading would have made the book pop The world building here is minimal, a lot of things are assumed known to the reader and a lot of the side characters, locations and even how magic works in the world is also not explained This is ok for me cause I know enough of her from reading Justice League Dark and other books, but I can imagine a new reader scratching their heads It s not terrible as Dini knows how to tell a story and there is just enough world building to serve his story, just a minor gripe.Story There are actually 2 tales here in the 6 issues and I must say they feel very cartoony What I mean is they are paced very much like a 3 episode arc and it reads wonderfully In this day and age when most writers write for the trade it s nice to have these shorter tales, fast, fun and direct The writing is paced well, the dialog is smooth, the style and tone is light and very Zatanna I did however see that with the shortened storylines charactere development is on the lighter side, I m not saying it s not there, but just lighter I liked the stories, they were not super creative or memorable, but they were fun and very well executed.Characters Fun characters, Zatanna of course gets the bulk of development and story but Zach and others also get a sizable chunk They are fun characters to read, but because of the time constraints of the books there was not really any deep character development The side characters were merely there to support the story Add to that because the world building was very light, a lot of the characters that inhabit Zee s world do not really get a lot of explanation or introduction, they are just there, unless they need to serve the story This is the book s weakest area After 6 issues I don t really know much about Zee and her personality is fairly basic and surface Shame.I liked the book, it was a fun read, but ultimately not something memorable and something I will reread Zee has a lightness to her character that I think is sometimes missing in the DCU Onward to the next book