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In Vaclav Lena Haley Tanner Has Created Two Unforgettable Young Protagonists Who Evoke The Joy, The Confusion, And The Passion Of Having A Profound, Everlasting Connection With Someone ElseVaclav And Lena Seem Destined For Each Other They Meet As Children In An ESL Class In Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Vaclav Is Precocious And Verbal Lena, Struggling With English, Takes Comfort In The Safety Of His Adoration, His Noisy, Loving Home, And The Care Of Rasia, His Big Hearted Mother Vaclav Imagines Their Story Unfolding Like A Fairy Tale Or The Perfect Illusion From His Treasured Magician S Almanac, But Among The Many Truths To Be Discovered In Haley Tanner S Wondrous Debut Is That Happily Ever After Is Never A Foregone ConclusionOne Day, Lena Does Not Show Up For School She Has Disappeared From Vaclav S And His Family S Lives As If By A Cruel Magic Trick For The Next Seven Years, Vaclav Says Goodnight To Lena Without Fail, Wondering If She Is Doing The Same Somewhere On The Eve Of Lena S Seventeenth Birthday He Finds OutHaley Tanner Has The Originality And Verve Of A Born Storyteller And The Boldness To Imagine A World In Which Love Can Overcome The Most Difficult Circumstances In Vaclav Lena She Has Created Two Unforgettable Young Protagonists Who Evoke The Joy, The Confusion, And The Passion Of Having A Profound, Everlasting Connection With Someone Else

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    Ecco un libro che non regaler mai al mio fidanzato.Se dovesse raccontarvelo lui, ve lo spiegherebbe cos E insomma, sta a sent La storia si svolge in America Ci son sti due regazzini, figli di immigrati russi che crescono assieme All inizio na cosa che pi puerile di cos nun se po sent , dopo un pochetto per , ce prendi gusto a sap che faranno, se si bucheranno, se s ammazzeranno, se la vita je sorrider Poi un bel giorno a ragazzetta mingherlina sparisce Epper nella quarta di copertina nun ce sta gi scritto che ritorna Perci sorpresa zero, gnente Evvabb , che famo Aspettemo che ritorni A tre quarti del libro arieccola, e a quel punto le solite menate dell a mai interrotto, che per nun je la fa a sbocci perch ci son degli ostacoli, e oddio quelle cose che a voi donnine ve piacciono da mor E allora tu pensi, ecco dove sta la svorta Adesso, alla fine E a te pare de vederla sta gnappetta della Tanner con quel faccino anni settanta e il posacenere sullo scrittoio che sta l a confezion sto finalone che te lo ricorderai pessempre E tu sei l , che aspetti, e aspetti Ma a un certo punto, cosa fa sta zozzona Alza lo sguardo all orologio da parete, e dice Sti cazzi, ma c il derby Roma Lazio Cos , si alza, pija il pacchetto de sigarette sul tavolo, e con la penna e pure male, scrive. E vissero felici e contenti A , ma tacci sua Sai che te dico Che se scoppia un incendio a casa, e questo libro se salva, il fuoco je lo appicco io Ecco, questo ci che direbbe lui.Io che sono ovviamente pi dolce e sensibile, carina e graziosa, piagnucolosa e lunatica, e via dicendo, dico invece che in effetti la trama manca di spessore, e che la delicatezza tipica dei rapporti tra bambini che solitamente tanto affascina, e che forse era l unico punto di forza di questo libro, andata a farsi benedire insieme al finale super precipitoso Cos , se scoppia un incendio a casa mia, e questo libro si salva, mi tocca pure aspettare che mio moroso finisca il suo fal , e mi ripassi l accendino.

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    Wow Where do I begin I was born in the former Soviet Union and grew up in Brooklyn, albeit not on Brighton Beach, but then neither did Vaclav and Lena That area is called Sheepshead Bay, but it almost seems that the author couldn t resist throwing in yet another cliche of the Russian immigrant experience The book is full of them a vodka swilling father, an obese wart covered mother, chain smoking strippers, greasy borscht, tea and Russian television I was half expecting a balalaika playing bear to headline the side show.Vaclav s family s decision to converse in English didn t ring true Not at all Most Russian immigrants believe in preserving the native language at all cost, even if it means sending an American born child to kindergarten without speaking a word of English The general belief is that the child will learn a new language quickly and easily, but will forget Russian, and will regret it later Vaclav came to the US at the age of four, went to school, spoke English at home and still takes ESL classes and speaks with a heavy accent at the age of nine Hmm Rasia is not a Russian name Raisa is, as in Raisa Gorbachev I was very moved by her love for the children, actually had a lump in my throat reading about Rasia watching her son and Lena walk away from her on Coney Island, but kept tripping over the name.I understand that it s hard for me to be impartial, because I know so much about the Russian immigrant community of Brooklyn, but that s precisely the reason why I wanted to read this book and was so eager to like it Too bad that didn t happen.

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    I think this is the kind of book that people critics who know nothing about Russia, Russian culture or Russian immigrant communities in the United States will absolutely love, and that people who know anything about those subjects will approach with a critical eye Because I really WANTED to like this book, but I kept trying to figure out why Ms Tanner wrote about something she was clearly so unfamiliar with soooooo many cliches about Russian immigrants, sooooo many things that just didn t ring true, such as, for example, Vaclav s name, which is in no way a Russian name And her explanation for it being a long ago Polish ancestor ALSO didn t ring true, because, well, Vaclav is a CZECH name primarily So that took me out of the story already That was just the beginning On the other hand, there were passages of great power and beauty in the novel, and I will definitely read of Ms Tanner s work because I think she s a talented writer I just wish she d been a little bit less anxious to appropriate other people s cultural backgrounds so superficially.

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    Read This Review More Like It On Ageless Pages Reviews This was a magical experience for me one that was completely charming but not without depth or darker themes It s a light and breezy read with an innocent tone for the most part a sadly short ish book that can easily be completed in a day but be warned this novel about young love made my bitter old heart grow three sizes when I finished it Vaclav Lena is, at the heart of everything, a novel really all about love Love between friends, lovers, parents Haley Tanner made sure all types are shown from the various ups and downs of lives of the two main characters, and through the cast of big hearted and small vocabularied Rasia, to the whimsical and adorable young Vaclav, to the remote but alluring Lena.I mainly love this novel based on the strength of the complicated, endearing, realistic and lovable main characters, the eponymous Lena and Vaclav Yes, there are several issues first brought to light by minds brighter than mine Vaclav is not a Russian name, the iffy speech patterns, Rasia her husband Oleg could be viewed as a sad stereotype of Russian emigres but my overwhelming appreciation and love for these two made the rest worth it I am not blind to the faults that will surely turn others off completely but for me this was always about the two kids and the rest was just atmosphere or set pieces Rasia is the most important secondary character but outside of one crucial act that changes everything, the reader s attention remains wholly on the would be magician and his beautiful assistant.Haley Tanner is a good storyteller, especially for a debut novel I was hooked on this tale from the first chapter The early sweetness of the beginning chapters really captured the feeling, the hope essential to both Vaclav and Rasia s and their hopes for life in America The author s gift for descriptive, detailed prose sets all the scenes with atmosphere and feeling For me, this was a beautiful, emotional and lovely read a book with a lot of heart and promise I was vastly impressed with the author and only the quibbles mentioned earlier why must all ex pat Russians drop pronouns and articles kept this from being perfect Even so, 5 stars because of how beautiful Tanner s writing often was, and for my immense love for Lena and Vaclac, especially Vaclav Wonderful.Favorite quotes skip for slight SPOILERS view spoiler Lena is like an egg hitting the floor, she comes apart everywhere Of course they were with each other the whole time Even when they weren t looking, they never had to check She was always there he was always there Outside her bedroom, somewhere in the darkness, like the moon Vaclav has said goodnight to Lena every night since the night she went away Out loud In a whisper He filled the words with all his love and care and worry for Lena and launched them out to her, and like homing pigeons, he trusted them to find her What have you been up to She smiles it is so strange to ask him what he has been up to Like meeting the president and saying, Hey, how are you doing Same, thing, he says, meaning still magic, still trying to take care of you with my mind, still trying to control events using supernatural powers Lena s real mom, Emily, knew that this was not the truth, but she also knew that Vaclav was not lying Vaclav knew that he was telling the truth Lena knew that it was a lie, but she loved it and believed it, like a fairy tale, like a song, like a bedtime story, like a magic trick She loved Vaclav until it became the truth and so it was hide spoiler

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    To be honest I was expecting to give this a two most of the way through, but in the end I decided it was a decent story despite some distracting flaws I was appreciative of the fact that the central mystery was solved in the end as opposed to being left unsolved, and that the discovery of the explanation was natural and believable.Vaclav and Lena are two children of Russian immigrants, aged nine or ten when the story opens Vaclav comes from an intact if not entirely happy home with a big hearted mother Lena s parentage is uncertain and she lives with an apparently neglectful aunt Vaclav s mother, Rasia, sees herself as a surrogate mother figure to Lena, physically at least, providing Lena with a place to go after school and suppers Vaclav, for his part, is smitten with Lena and sees her as the invaluable assistant to his much dreamed about future magic act After Lena abruptly disappears, the story skips ahead to Lena and Vaclav at age seventeen, separate and then reunited.What really irritated me as I was reading was the sense that the entire story was written in ESL not just dialogue, but inner thoughts and even description This was even worse than A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian in that way When we meet Vaclav and Lena, they have each been in America for five years but their English is halting and apparently accented and they are still taking ESL classes I can t speak for everyone, but I moved to a foreign country with a five year old and we consistently spoke our native language at home unlike Vaclav whose mother makes a point of speaking English to him in the house After one year, my child spoke flawless unaccented Hebrew after another year, she actually preferred Hebrew to English She certainly did not need Hebrew as a second language classes five years later I can believe that Lena had some struggles given her deprived upbringing, but why would Vaclav s English suffer Additionally, why would Vaclav and Lena speak stilted English to each other if they both prefer Russian But worse why would Rasia s inner monologue be less than fluent Did she even force herself to think in broken English rather than Russian And it got really annoying with the descriptions The first three quarters of the book felt like I was reading Dick and Jane.Another reviewer complained that the depiction of Russian immigrants was stereotypical and not true to life I don t know enough Russian immigrants to judge, but the unnecessary ESL leads me to suspect this is the case It definitely felt like the author was overeager to show me just how Russian her characters were as opposed to simply having that be in the background.I grumbled about this most of the way through the book, finding it annoying and distracting, but was moved in spite of myself by some insightful moments and an interesting twist toward the end So I decided to be generous rather than picky and give this three stars It was a quick read in any case, and I could see a less picky person appreciating it than I did.

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    3.5 Stars rounded up to 4 simply because the narrator was that goodI listened to this on audio and from the very first disc, I was hooked The narrator did a phenomal job of translating a young kinship between Russian Americans Vaclav and Lena become fast friends as they meet in Brighton Beach, a Russian community within Brooklyn They are in ESL classes together learning English, and quickly form a connection while still understanding the world around them Vaclav aspires to be the next Harry Houdini, and fantasizes about Lena becoming his beautiful assistant The innocence conveyed was perfect All of a sudden Lena vanishes into thin air pardon the pun and Vaclav can t bring himself to let her goThe only problem I had view spoiler with this one was how easy it was for Lena to pick up the phone to call Vaclav I mean, couldn t she do that seven years sooner hide spoiler

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    3.5E poi dicono che i titoli non sono importanti Parliamo del titolo originale Vaclav e Lena e mettiamolo a confronto con Cose da salvare in caso di incendio e cosa viene fuori semplice, io un libro chiamato Vaclav e Lena non lo avrei mai letto La versione inglese di questo libro titolo e copertina danno un messaggio completamente diverso rispetto a quella italiana Appena preso in mano in libro inglese si pensa che sia un libro che si basa su una storia d a, ricorda anche un p il circo e quindi gli spettacoli di magia e insomma abbiamo inquadrato bene il libro Prendiamo la versione italiana il titolo suggerisce qualcosa che con il libro vero e proprio non c entra assolutamente niente Cosa sono queste cose da salvare in caso di incendio Ho finito il libro e non lo so ancora L unica volta in cui il titolo viene citato all inizio del libro, quando Vaclav deve fare un tema su cosa salvare in caso di incendio e poi basta l argomento non verr fuori mai pi in tutto il libro Davvero quello era il fattore predominante del libro secondo il traduttore o forse aveva solo capito che avrebbe attirato pi lettori vecchia volpe.Il libro in s non male, diciamo che non decolla mai e che le cose sono un p troppo facili da prevedere Lena una bambina ad inizio libro ma i lettori no, perci tutte le informazioni che le da la nonna lei non le comprendere ma io le avevo capito fin troppo bene La storia d a con Vaclav era inevitabile e la madre di lui adorabile , quasi troppo scontata ma infondo era la motivazione del libro niente a che vedere con gli incendi insomma La vera mamma di Lena, Emily, sapeva che questa non era la verit , ma sapeva anche che Vaclav non stava mentendo Vaclav sapeva di dire la verit Lena sapeva che era una bugia, ma le piacevatanto e ci credette, come se fosse stata una favola, una canzone, una storia della buona notte, un trucco di magia Am Vaclav finch divent verit , e verit fu

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    I m a Russian immigrant, so when I heard about this book, I ran out and bought it What a major and ignorant disappointment this book proved to be This in no way speaks to the Russian immigrant experience I particularly hated the parts that talked about the difficulties with learning English While it is indeed hard for older people, children learn languages fast I remember learning English in about two months at the age of six It wasn t that hard I know many writers want to move beyond the old adage of write what you know, but if you don t know about something please at least try to research it.Even the name Vaclav is about as Russian as the name Jennifer is Persian.Tanner is a good writer, but this book is simply ludicrous VERY DISAPPOINTING VERY IGNORANT

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    Haley Tanner definitely shows some real potential here, as she has written with a lot of insight as well as prose that is beautiful at times, with the power to evoke great emotion, while painting a picturesque world for the two young protagonists I really felt their lostness, both figuratively and literally, emotionally and physically Even minor characters were well developed The mother, Raisa, was, admittedly, a caricature, but I loved her for it nevertheless The entire story was whimsical, magical Also really about stage magic, as this is Vaclav s thing He will perform on Coney Island, like his idol David Copperfield Which I fully appreciated However, and this is a big however, it seems that she did not do her research At all Pretty much everything is her having played with a lot of clich s regarding The Russian Immigrant Community in Brooklyn i.e the names, the general culture, the food, how they chose and or found themselves adapting to their lives in New York City, which was far from easy Also, at the end of the love story, it was a little anticlimactic I felt like several things were left unexplained in order for Tanner to end her fairy tale with the happily ever after So, from a technical, academic, writer s view I would say that Tanner did not do this correctly The logical, academic side of me says this, because it would have been easy enough with some extra commitment of research This could have been a perfected novel The romantic at heart in me, alas, cannot do anything but cherish this book for what it is anyway, an imaginative, magical, whirlwind, whimsical fiction that manages to win my heart yet also focus on some darker issues hardships with immigration, language barriers, unrequited love, loneliness, teasing, child abuse, drugs, prostitution, etcetera Not to mention some relationship, friendship, lifetime, advice, insights, Tanner expressed in lyrical rhyme almost that I really loved, for example When there is someone who is your destiny, someone who you love than any other person, sometimes you push them and pull on them and feel like hurting them Fighting is something that happens when there is someone who is your only other person in the world, someone you have no choice about Vaclav thinks about how sometimes, even when it is cold outside, you might feel warm because you have people or thoughts of people that warm you up like a fire, or make you feel that you are an Eskimo who is not really bothered by extreme cold, even if you feel the extreme cold Other times you might feel that everything in the whole world is cold for a reason, and that it is cold for only you, and you can see all the other people with fires to warm them up and you feel that you will be cold forever Sometimes you can feel cold like that even in the summertime The above is a perfect example of the vernacular used by Tanner that is so unique she delves right into the childlike mind, but the narration is from outside Not sure I can eloquently word it any better than that it is as if the language is so simple, but deeply complex at the same time Sometimes, like here, it worked Other times it did not, at all Like when they were older, it no longer represented who they were any Tanner probably would have served her characters best by changing their voices as they themselves did The narrator seemed to be a character themselves read about this in Haley Tanner s interview with understandably matched contemporary Tea Obreht, author of a magical realism favorite of mine, The Tiger s Wife , evident most in the cleverly worded chapter titles, which foreshadowed sometimes, other times were simply cute, still other meant something significant for the reader to decipher All of these quite unique approaches to writing the novel were, well, novel hahahaha Although I admit they did not entirely work, they did add to the overall transporting, whimsical, magical universe she created here Another thought is taking shape in his mind Maybe this is how it always is Maybe somebody always wants Maybe everyone has a time when they realize that they ve been accidentally lying when they say I love you, I miss you, you re pretty, you re the prettiest one, I never want you to leave Maybe this time ends and it all becomes true again, as true as you ever thought it was Maybe this time does not end If this time ends, it would be a smart decision to wait it out If it does not end, then perhaps you should not wait, and you should find another person to whom you can say these things without lying But perhaps it always happens no matter which girl or boy you are trying to love, in which care you might as well stay where you are, because you would repeat the same process with anyone else Most people do not really mean their smiles, most of the time For most people, their smiles are a lie, a trick, or a promise Vaclav s smile is just a smile, and he always means it He knows that soon the day will move into a new time, and the time before not knowing anything, will be gone, and he will know something There is no going back once you know something, because from then on, you always know it Some others I have to add here Lena is sure that other people don t have many selves She is terrified that she doesn t have a core self, an essential Lena She feels that she used to but that she lost it along the way, that at some point it became buried, suffocated, and died, because when she looks beneath the chattering of the selves, nothing is there Maybe the fractured feeling is taking hold because something is dead inside her, or missing To For Vaclav it is exactly right and wonderful, and for all the poetry and song and painting and verse dedicated to it, underrated The feeling, in fact, is so wonderful that Vaclav can feel himself in his body like he never has before it is impossible to think, to step outside of pure physical wonder all he feels is all he feels, and Lena, Lena is another planet, and he is a star shooting through the cold, black sky He cradles her head in his hand, and he loves her so much he would shield her from a meteorite with his body To the shining moment of a magical happily ever after Lena s real mom, Emily, knew that this was not the truth, but she also knew that Vaclav was not lying.Vaclav knew that he was telling the truth Lena knew that it was a lie, but she loved it and believed it, like a fairy tale, like a song, like a bedtime story, like a magic trick She loved Vaclav until it became the truth and so it was But the very favorite passage for me was when Vaclav was explaining division for Lena What is goes into asks Lena It is how many twos are in six hundred twenty seven, says Vaclav One, says Lena, indicating the 2 in 627 No, it is like this You are one I am one Together we are two, yes Together we are VacLena, one thing, but taking up two spaces, two chairs, Vaclav says, formulating in his mind, finally, how he will show her If there were six hundred twenty seven chairs, how many VacLenas could sit Remember, each VacLena needs two chairs and they cannot be split up Why not asks Lena Because, says Vaclav, then there is the remainder, which is the next thing What is remainder asks Lena It is when we split up VacLena, if there is maybe only one chair left, then there is only Vaclav or only Lena And this cannot be, says Lena That was very good English, Lena, Vaclav says Together we are VacLena, one Now How long could I hate all the other things that were not done correctly in the novel after such a beautiful passage .

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    I wasn t sure I was going to read this book I thought it was a young adult book In some ways it is it deals with young adults and their search for what will determine their future choices in life Having completed the book I feel the primary audience is not just young adults Maybe this is one of those special books that can be read by everyone It surprised me The topics covered expanded as the novel continued And I loved the ending, when I read it It tied in perfectly with other themes presented earlier in the novel However, with further consideration, I realize I cannot see this as a viable or good ending I believe it is the reader s attitude to the ending that will determine if they give this book three or four stars I chose three. I actually recommend reading this book just to ponder the question of whether the denouement was good or bad I am not quite sure what I think Below follows some of my thoughts as I read the book This book is special because it speaks in very simple, ordinary words of our emotions how mothers feel for their children when they are young and as they grow older, how teenagers feel when they first experience infatuation, sex and love The lines are so simple and yet so true It is also perceptively expresses a son s deep love and understanding for his mother It is the simplicity of the language that is remarkable.I love the simplicity of the lines I love their directness But at the same time I often find myself wondering who this book is written for Is it a coming of age novel written for young adults or is it for adults reminiscing about their years raising kids I believe it is for the latter, but I am unsure One minor criticism I have is that I believe children today are a bit adult and world wise than they are portrayed in these pages The lines are cute, perceptive and most often true, even if the kids seem excessively na ve at times Lena and Vaclav were born in the early 1990s.This book is about having family, but at the same time it is about not having a family Vaclav and Lena are both children of immigrant Russians The book is about their relationship Vaclav has a family, but Lena is an orphan, an orphan in a country, where she has no one, cannot speak the language and has not been caught up and cared for by the proper childcare authorities or anyone else until and then wait and see what happens Lena s parents are gone She lived with an old woman called her babushka, but it is not clear that this woman really was her grandmother No one had introduced English to this small child of five Vaclav and Lena live in Brooklyn When Lena s babushka dies, under grisly circumstances in the bathtub, the authorities step in An aunt is dug up, but this aunt is only interested in the childcare stipend The authorities decide the child is best placed with her aunt This small child had in two days time come to feel comfortable, safe and somewhat secure with her room and a few adults Anna and Toast Again she was moved Lena was starting to miss Anna, and even Toast.What is there for a Lena type person to do in this situation What is there to do when you are a person who is young and small When you own only the clothes you are wearing and the one barrette clipped into your hair, which is always sliding out of place and getting stuck in the knots behind your ears When you do not have a phone or any phone numbers to call Even if you thought that someone like Anna, might be able to help you and make you feel better, even if that might be true, how would you even begin to think about how to make a plan to get out of the situation you are in, which is making you feel very, very bad Even if you start to feel, in your aunt s car, that you would like to be anywhere else in the world, that you do not want to go where you are going, what can you do page 199 Lena s world is depicted perceptively, honestly and in very simple terms.Do not worry What I am telling you is not a spoiler Or is the book about the sloppiness of childcare authorities Wouldn t someone check out the aunt s housing and who she was as a person Read the book to find out Actually the events are complicated than one might think So the book is about family relationships, about orphans, about childcare services It is a coming of age novel It can be read and enjoyed by one of any age It is also about dreams and hopes and magic In addition it closes with a wonderful message, but a message I would have difficulty following The reading experience is enjoyable from start to finish And the end Read the book to find out where you stand Does the book deserve four stars anyway One never really knows what will happen after the pages close Ughh, I cannot decide between three and four stars My ending would be so boring.