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4 stars When I first bought this, I just didn t get into it so I pushed it to one side or in this case, archived it on my kindle and forgot I had it I finally got around to reading Over the Edge the second story of this series and thought maybe I couldn t get into this one was because you needed to read them in order While you probably should read them in order, this could of been a stand alone by itself I m sure it will all tie together in the next two novels You meet Keenan and Eric briefly in the previous novel , and I m eager to see how it all does I really want to knowabout Jean Luc and Aiden and the professor I already picked up the next book and can t wait to read it. Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M M, Vampires Eric Is A Young Human Psychic, Struggling To Make Ends Meet And Achieve His Dream Of Becoming A Famous Painter His Life Changes Completely When He Meets Keenan, AYear Old Vampire Before They Know It, The Two Fall In Love But Eric Has To Overcome The Trauma Of His Past, And Keenan Needs To Learn How To Love To Complicate Things Even Further, A Mysterious Traitor Attacks Keenan S City, Threatening To Tear Their Fragile Relationship Apart Keenan And Eric Have To Resort To Stolen Moments Of Passion, While An Enemy Masquerading As A Friend Watches From The Shadows, Waiting To Strike Thrown Into A World He Doesn T Understand, Eric Becomes An Unwilling Participant In A Crazy Game Of Cat And Mouse Will Keenan Succeed In Finding The Traitor Before It Is Too Late, Or Will Eric Pay The Ultimate Price For Loving A Vampire A Siren Erotic Romance I really enjoyed the world building and fantastic characters from the first two books in the Kaldor series, so I was a little surprised that this book would be focusing on entirely new characters It took me a little longer to get into the story because of it but they were no less interesting to read about Even though these characters were mentioned in book 2, the timeline for this story wasof a prequel and started with how Keenan and Eric first met, so we got to see their journey and what events shaped them into the people they were in book 2 And it was quite a change Eric went from being a fragile and extremely weepy young man to aconfident and powerful psychic While vampire Keenan was still as arrogant as the impression we got in book 2, it was obvious he too had changed by falling in love with Eric He wanted to keep Eric safe and happythan anything, which was unusual for him Vampire Cassandra was initially very bitchy which was not the impression I had of her in book 2 so I m glad she was able to get past her differences with Eric even though I m still not sure what exactly caused her initial change of heart I loved the incubi brothers Giovanni and Lucca, and the shifters Jacob and Elis even though prickly added some nice testosterone to the mix But Jean Luc and the other sidhe were what captured my interest and I really want to know what s in store for them I ll definitely be reading part 2 of book 3 to see how some of these plots are resolved and of course because other beloved characters from the first two books will be returning Male pregnancies Need I say The writing was very good for parts 12 I only saw 2 editing mistakes while reading them and the characters were just wonderful The only problem for me, and I don t know if this is the case for anyone else but I m going to say it, is that with all the pregnancies thrown around in this series I was expecting something to happen with Eric and Keenan I got the the last page of it part two and was like, wait shakes iPad there has to bearound here someplace. this one was better than most of the below mentioned serials typical Scarlet Hyacinth serial romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical Scarlet Hyacinth imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all serials by UNLESS motivated otherwise by markedly good bad writing Scarlet Hyacinthjoyee flynnsunny daylynn hagenstormy glenncarol lynnegabrielle evansi d apologize, but i m not sorry. As in the first two books of the series, there are inconsistencies in the characters development but on the whole, I had a good time Keenan and Eric s story answers to a question I asked myself in the 2th, about Gabriel s mother3.5 stars I bailed on page 192 The deities know how I lasted that long.cause I sure don t. I love this series It s one of my favorites I reread 1 2 prior to reading this one The writing is good, very descriptive and I like the way the partners get together and go thru so many trials This one had some really funny moments with untimely interruptions They made me laugh Well done and looking forward to the next one in the series. Reveiw to come.