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This Is The Story Of A Writer And A Reader The Writer Is A Person The Reader Is A Rat They Share An Old House On Long Island, But Have Never Met Walter, The Rat, Would Love To Know Miss Pomeroy, The Writer Miss Pomeroy Is An Irritable Recluse And Has No Desire To Know ANYONE How These Two Lonely Creatures Discover One Another Is The Essence Of This Story

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    What a cute story I read this one aloud to my cats They loved it Walter is a rat who loves to read, living in the house of an old lady who writes children s books Will Walter and Miss Pomeroy ever be friends I hated for the story to end It was so descriptive, a gentle story, and Donna Diamond s soft gray illustrations perfectly matched the mood As Walter himself pointed out, you don t often see stories where rats are depicted in a positive light Recommended for all readers, human and rodent

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    Thanks to my Goodreads friend Krista s cats, I read this book The cats enjoyed it so I figured it must be a good book.This book is so charming that I as I was reading there were times I could barely stand it It was very amusing and also extremely lovely and it definitely got to me emotionally I ached for and felt affection for both the main characters.This is a very text heavy long story picture book I d call it an illustrated novella than a picture book.The story is continually and unexpectedly funny, very funny in parts There is one somewhat gruesome reference that managed to be funny too Walter, had committed only one crime In a moment of hunger and confusion he had eaten two of his offspring, but he had been only eight months old at the time a young, impetuous rat and he had never done it again I also enjoyed how the author bio information is one of Miss Pomeroy s children s books about mice was no longer accurate It made me think about the validity of those author bios on book covers I loved the book within the book which is also titled Walter The Story of a Rat and how it comes to be written.I loved Walter a lonely rat who can read, and write and Miss Pomeroy a solitary children s books author , but I m afraid this book won t win me over to rats in the house I have had them in my apartment building, luckily never right in my unit except long ago under the cabinet covered kitchen sink any than Charlotte s Web reduced my fear of spiders But Walter, and Miss Pomeroy too, are heroes in this book.I enjoyed all the references, made by Walter, to many books, mostly those written for adults in the first 2 3 of the book and then to children s books in the latter 1 3 of the book.The illustrations are beautifully fitting in gray tone There are not illustrations on every page and on the pages that have them, they are relatively small and take up much less room than the text story But the pictures that are there greatly enhance the story.And, in the end, I really think this is a book for young adults and adults It s fun to be familiar with all Walter s quotes from various books, books that most kids won t know until they re adolescents or adults.Extra credit for this unusual story of a friendship between a rat and a woman seem nothing but amiable and sweet, and not at all disgusting.Oh, quite a bit of accurate information about rats is included too, though not the ability to read write parts, obviously.

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    This is a lovely little book, that is very hard to categorize It is short and has a literate rat as a main character, but it is certainly not a children s book Recommended for misanthropes and those with lonely artistic hearts.

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    I ordered this book from my library after reading about the author passing this past February I had never come across her work not being a fan of YA problem fiction this book, though, I like books about books.

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    The title doesn t do justice to this fine book Walter is a rat who loves to read and lives with a children s author.

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    This is a wonderful story of an unlikely friendship between a rat and a human As a children s story, it s a nice account of an elderly rat finding a home with an elderly woman, and it s cute because Walter breaks the stereotypes that humans have about rats Walter loves to read and was born with the ability to when no other rat around him was It s a fun story, but as an adult reading it, I see that there s so much than the surface It s a story about breaking barriers and not allowing misconceptions and preconceived notions to get into the way of love and friendship People are different, and they re allowed to be Walter and Miss Pomeroy don t try to change each other They try to make each other better and accept each other for who they are rather than for what they are There are many life lessons in this small book that both children and adults can appreciate.I highly recommend this book to children and therefore to parents but also to anybody who enjoys stories of unconventional friendships.My only complaint about the book is that the ending was somewhat abrupt and anticlimactic But it was also beautiful, so I can overlook that.

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    This lovely children s chapter book is about an elderly rat who lives in the home of a writer of children s books He is intrigued by Miss Pomeroy and her loneliness, but is also hurt because she writes a series of books about heroic mice, with nary a rat to be found Walter sat on Miss Pomeroy s ladder studying these books, and he did not know whether to laugh or cry He felt betrayed for why had Miss Pomeroy chosen to write about mice when she could have just as easily chosen rats How could she not have known that rats are interesting than mice, intelligent, and adaptable To put it bluntly, how could she not have known that rats are magnificent Walter wants to make contact with Miss Pomeroy, so that he can ask her about why she has neglected rats so in truth, he s rather angry , but he doesn t want to come right out and ask her first thing, so he writes her his first note My name is Walter I live here, too. And the pair embark on what turns into a wonderful friendship The drawings, by Donna Diamond, are great she clearly has a pet rat or has spent a lot of time with one, because all the poses are wonderfully ratty.

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    What a wonderful, wonderful book Walter is a very literary rodent, much given to the apropos snippet of poetry When he busted out My candle burns at both ends I whooped with laughter The central conceit works so well here Walter lives with an author and is dismayed to learn that her books are about mice The story of the odd and awkward relationship between the woman and the rat is both poignant and amusing The illustrations resonate at the exact same frequency as the prose Highly recommended My thanks to Lisa Vegan for her review, which led me to this book I d never have found it otherwise.

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    This book is often described as a children s book, however, whilst this is one description it vastly underestimates its depth and pathos It is outstanding as an adult book both in physical quality and content Both the child and adult within you may enjoy this at the same time Unforgettable on the first and every subsequent reading.

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    I loved this book It s a beautifully told story about the friendship between a lonely writer and a lonely rat It s funny and poignant with great illustrations and really good writing just an all around wonderful tale I just bought a copy to give to a friend I think I ll buy one for myself, too.